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  1. ChroTal

    O-P-C clan recruiting - Balkanski klan

    Hey guys, you may wanna get your clan member KnightObilic under control, he is not reflecting well on your clan tag... He is accused me of cheating after dying to my torps and then insulted me consecutively, even after I send him a nice message after the battle to explain him everything was in order... 24h later he is still in rage mode, insulting and wasting WG supports' time. See for yourself in my replay, right at the end of the battle. And his reaction to a simple explanation of Chung Mu reload and skills+module+adrenaline rush while at <5% HP you can see in the screenshot of the above link. Dobro? Ok, lets enjoy this game then!
  2. We still have slots open for the right people!
  3. ChroTal

    Looking for a clan

    Spamming your inbox like there is no tomorrow! ;-)
  4. ChroTal

    Long-time player looking for a competitive clan

    Hi Panzerblitz, wir sind ein Clan im Aufbau, bei uns geht es mehr um Division Play, jeden Abend und auch mal am Nachmittag. Unsere Spieler sind alle sehr spielerfahren und siegorientiert (Winrate ~57%). Gesprochen wird Englisch, aber wir haben auch 4 Deutsche. Im Teamspeak geht es sehr lustig zu, auf jeden Fall fühlst du dich da wohl wenn du charakterlich rein passen solltest. Clanwars machen wir derzeit nicht, sobald wir um 20 Leute haben können wir das evtl probieren. WoT Clanwars hat uns etwas abstumpfen lassen und irgendwie haben die meisten darauf wenig Lust. Vielleicht schaust du mal in unseren Forumsthread und meldest dich. LG, Chro
  5. ChroTal

    New player searching for a small group

    Well I gotta be honest, you really lack the experience/ships to join any "serious" clan, as clans have unfortunately limited slots in this game. However, if you manage to get up to tier 4 and higher, feel free to get on our Teamspeak to Division up for fun... this is usually a good way to get to know each other anyway and a prerequisite to join our bunch. Check us out:
  6. ChroTal

    Looking for a clan

    We are looking for all rounders with social skills. We are quite active on TS and a funny bunch. Check us out, our general skill level is in line with yours: F1GHT
  7. ChroTal

    [CLOSED] Experienced player looking for a new clan

    If you are looking for a cozy clan with not too many people, but people that like to TALK, then you will be happy with us. Wearen't even half bad either statwise... Check out F1GHT
  8. ChroTal

    Player with no life looking for a clan

    Hey, you might just fit in with our bunch. We predominantly division up for teamplay, so no big clan hassle. Check us out. Over and out.
  9. ChroTal

    Active player looking for a chill clan

    Hi Klovaneer, you are looking for CB, but we are not active in CB (yet). If you are looking for a casual clan with decent players (clan average ~57%) to have chill Divisions and hang out on TS you are right with us. Our age is averaging in the 30ies... no ponies only occasional chat rage by our single clan-tourrette guy ;-) Check out F1GHT and contact me if you are interested. Cya around, Chro
  10. ChroTal

    Looking for Finnish / English clan

    Hi mate, F1GHT is a clan for all nations. No Finnish yet, but plenty scandinavians ;-) We are not stat obsessed, but we are looking for players of similar skill to be successful in the game. There is no attendance requirements, currently you can enjoy daily casual randoms with English spoken teammates on our own TS. Apply ingame if interested!