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  1. So santas gift if you dont play clan battle your out of luck and same go if your not in a clan... i see a crap storm coming ahead.
  2. mafei

    Twilight Battle.

    Varg in this mode is pretty bad. 10km gun range and your spotted from 14 km. Its heal is only good when going ham and its has to rely on its secondary guns for dmg up close. The NC will eat you allive after your shield is gone and if not you have to catch up untill your in range with your guns. The bismark is a nice ship but ugh.. 10 km main battery range and shotgun mode accuracy. NOPE
  3. mafei

    Bug Reports

    Newport Scenaro game freezes after beeing sunk when switching cameras do once nothing do it a 2nd time the screen freezes and im forced to close the game. I cant even alt tab but task maneger still kinda works so i can force close it from there somehow. Screenshots kinda usless because screen freeze. The game sounds still work and the freez itself dosent cause a bugsplat window to pop up. Last patch never did happen. The bug dosent happen if you dont switch ships after beeing sunk but did it 2 times and the screen froze.