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  1. Shireknight

    Purple ships are teamkillers right?

    Sounds a bit bizarre to me but ok no probs -cheers for the heads up
  2. Shireknight

    Purple ships are teamkillers right?

    Ah ok so if you can't shoot them why are they colouring them in in a blatant Purple colour then? lol
  3. Shireknight

    Purple ships are teamkillers right?

    The Purple ships are teamkillers right? because in my last battle as soon as my guns were loaded I fired a broadside into a Purple ship next to me and not only did I get an automated vocal message saying "Do not shoot allies" (so I immediately stopped) but at the end of the battle the screen said I had had money and XP deducted for damaging an allied ship In WOT we shoot TKer's on sight to get rid of them before they damage the team with no consequences is WOW not the same?
  4. Shireknight

    Why isn't the Tirpitz in the tech tree?

    I've been away for ages so totally missed the release of the Tirpitz and in fact only know they are around because I've seen a couple on the battlefield however why are they not shown on the tech tree? all the other nations have their premium ships displayed except for Germany, are there any other ships that have been released while I've been away that don't feature on the tech trees and if so where do we find the details for those?
  5. Shireknight

    Project R pearls

    Do you get 1 pearl for every battle you fight in addition to the goals?
  6. Shireknight

    WG Account unification

    I've been away for a while and on checking my WG account I notice that the amount of gold I have in my WOT and WOWP accounts are identical yet my WOW account still shows as Doubloons and is a different amount, are there still plans to unify the three games together so our gold/doubloons get combined or is WOW going to be run as a standalone game please?
  7. Shireknight

    Closed Beta Gameplay Videos - Compilation Thread

    Everyone else makes gameplay videos but me I made a video of the loading screen, why? .....................because the music just rocks (turn your volume up)
  8. Shireknight

    Queue times, lag and packet loss

    Yep same problems here, banana's is an accurate description
  9. Shireknight

    Possible for my Captain to earn experience instead of my ship?

    Ah ok thanks KptStryga and hey good to see a familiar name
  10. On elite and premium tanks in WOT you have the choice of your tank earning experience in battles or the crew earning it instead, is the same option in WOW because I brought a premium ship and I want the experience it earns to go direct to the captain rather than the ship but I can't find the option to tell my ship that I want to do that, is this possible?
  11. Shireknight

    How was your 1st Day New Beta Testers?

    Clocked up a couple of hours last night and what can I say the game's awesome Highlight for me was singlehandedly capturing an enemy base in my tier one cruiser, at one point in another battle I was very badly damaged and on fire so I charged at flank speed directly at an enemy ship in an attempt to take him down with me but another ship took me out while I was just yards away -had I made it that would have been epic so that's a goal for my next session. Negatives :- Repair system, I don't understand how it works yet but I'm sure it will become clearer over my next few gaming sessions.
  12. Shireknight

    Ye quick beginners guide to World of Warships

    Played for the first time last night, the game is fairly intuative but one thing I couldn't get my head around is how the repairs work, could you do a mini guide for repairs please
  13. Shireknight

    GO GO GO!

    Got accepted email about an hour or so after my application was submitted, now I have finish the rest of my shift before I can go home and play lol
  14. Shireknight

    GO GO GO!

    I've signed up and my application is being processed but because I'm at work and on my tablet I couldn't see the whole form properly so not sure if I missed anything -I guess I'll just have to wait and see Good luck everyone
  15. Shireknight

    PQ17 An Arctic Convoy Disaster

    I watched this on TV as well, it was very good and surprisingly Clarkson did a superb job of presenting the programme, normally all he does is just joke around but he was dead-pan serious in this programme.