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  1. Just had game in St.Louis with +2 MM. What am I supposed to do when engagements happen at ranges you can't reach and as soon as you try to close in with your miserable speed everybody decides to target you because you're closest enemy. Trying to sneak around islands makes you free kill for invisible DDs waiting in ambush. So either I hang around bigger ships never being able to shoot anything or bum rush and hope I can do some damage before getting blown out? Not that St.Louis can outmaneuver anything,
  2. sam_

    WTF have they done to BBs accuracy?

    It's idiotic. Under 4km range and 2 shots from effing double gun turret one goes under and other over. Not to mention when you hit it's a dice roll whether you do 300 spall damage or 3k or citadel pen. It's like rolling 4 dices.... first if you hit or not, second if you pen or don't, third if you spall or not, fourth if you citadel or not.
  3. sam_

    St. Louis Cruiser .... just OP

    WoWS is full arcade game, it's not balanced around historical facts. St.Louis is fine, Kawachi is bad, that's it.
  4. sam_

    St. Louis Cruiser .... just OP

    St. Louis isn't OP, Kawachi is really bad. Most ships can kite St.Louis.
  5. sam_

    Impossible to win a game.

    Well, the low tier (1-2) meta is ridiculous, first one to get spotted gets focused by the lemming train and most likely dies without getting to fire more than couple of salvos. Hanging back and using your teammates as meat shields sadly is often the most profitable way to play for average player.
  6. sam_

    1st game after update

    Lag is an issue, 150ms ping but lag meter flashes red and ships warp and cannons take second to fire after clicking the mouse button.
  7. sam_

    Phlys thoughts on whats wrong with the game

    BBs are essentially suffering the WoT arty syndrome. To balance for huge damage you are inaccurate. Even if you do everything right, the results are never guaranteed. Sometimes you get massive damage, most of the time you do little damage and sometimes you just miss completely. This is simply frustrating for both ends. You are going to remember that one time in 200 matches when BB salvo from 20km wrecked your CA while you were maneuvering, but you won't remember those 1000 salvos that missed you. Of course it evens out over many matches, but it's far too frustrating when you have one of those games you just can't land any decent hits no matter how well you aim. IMO the better approach would be to make BBs more accurate so actual gunnery skills weigh a lot more than hand of Stalin guiding the shells to citadel, and compensate by lowering damage.
  8. sam_

    HE ammo - far too effective

    Dunno, but at lower tiers CAs firing HE seem to counter BBs rather well. CA can evade shots rather easily, and they can easily adjust their aim with short reload time. Spamming HE sets anything on fire on top of dealing nice damage every volley. Additionally, you often knock out turrets,.thus significantly reducing the firepower of your enemy.
  9. Having most fun with CAs even in world of battleships... Rapid firing flamethrowers and maneuverability that guarantees battleships won't be hitting you 10km+.
  10. sam_

    Huge problems with Aircraft carriers

    Bumping for justice. First random game in my Langley was 2x Langleys for our team vs Langley and Bogue. Scored one fighter kill in whole match, my torpedo bombers got shredded in seconds and I had no way to protect them. Bogue's two fighter squadrons easily outmatched three Langley fighter squadrons. I was basically useless the whole match, except the little scouting I could do before enemy fighters caught up to mine. Great game design.
  11. sam_

    What happened to DD's?

    Nicholas at tier 5 feels particularly shitty, often you get into uptiered battles facing tons of higher tier BBs. In those games 5.5km torps are mostly useless outside suicide runs. All that is left is jousting at max range and hope they can't hit you or ignore you.
  12. sam_

    Lag of Death

    Stable ping 60-70ms, but the lamp flashes and occasionally the ships stop for a second and then warp a ship length to their correct position.
  13. Nope, it's not pay to win. At all. Pay to win means you can get clear advantage that is unobtainable by non paying players. Average joe can easily afford to shoot "gold" everytime he needs to (except some troll tanks like PzJ). There's is zero reason to shoot premium all the time, like half of the vehicles in WoT have low armor for their tier anyway. Premium ammo credit cost is very reasonable, if you damage same or higher tier vehicle it costs barely anything.
  14. Like it or not, people actually want to get paid for their work. WoT f2p model is perhaps one of the best in the whole game industry. Using money doesn't give you any advantage in combat (after the premium ammo consumables for credits change), the main benefit is you can progress faster. Even then you can decide to pay a lot and convert free xp or spend less and play with premium account and/or premium vehicles. Technically you can play the game never spending any money and achieve just as much - but it means you either have to be really, really good or spend huge amounts of time grinding silver with lower tier vehicles. This also helps keep the lower tier matches populated.
  15. sam_

    Stats for WoWs

    So you come to English forum section to post link in Polish... Yeah.