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  1. Max amount of BBs in a team

    BB shall not pass..damn never too much BB in game
  2. Unfair team battles?

    Wut advantage we have? Playing RU cruisers....ye it's pretty cool when whole team hunt you like they saw ghost. And that's not only with RU CA, any ship which go on live server for testing purpose is more like dead man walking then any advantage.
  3. new emotes

    Yay new emoticons
  4. Datamined 0.5.2 Patch info

    doom day
  5. How to trick the matchmaker

    Only 50 euros...lemmie send 100
  6. do nothing, get points. slay and be the unsung hero

    You finish mission probably reward for same is XP ;) Erm nope it's x3 for 1st battle.
  7. New gameplay modes

    So enemy BB kill team BB while my team BB trying to destroy ground position...who win then?
  8. Map borders need rework

    Block Quote Added a change that will substantially simplify aiming at a ship moving over the border of the map (“kiting”) Let's wait a bit after feedback and stats...
  9. Welcome to World of Tirpitz

    after few days and that will calm down...
  10. Feedback after 10 rounds with Tirpitz

    Since when Cleve have torps
  11. Best credit grinder.

    Wyoming for meh if you wonna play low tier. That troll guns are just kboom everywhere. NM is also cool Omaha is also kewl
  12. Premium Ships Information

    No that's Bismarck It's pure original from shop
  13. Premium Ships Information

  14. Tirpitz Cry Wall

    Tirpitz is accurate pretty enought didnt have too much problems to hit cruiser on 20km. It's not superlaserprecise but still good enought if you are avarage skilled player.