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  1. I can tell you that match monitor just makes you more depressed before the battle even stars properly. The amount of t9 premium ships in Silver sailed by veteran captains of ten thousands of (lost) battles/newbies of a few hundred battles doesn't leave much surprises when you wonder why your team doesn't have a single cap and a lemming train is formed behind a mountain.
  2. The table shows a list of the true dps of each ship can output if a CV does circles around you within 2 km of your ship. In practice ships like the Austin or Salem can be more effective then indicated because they don't have any short range AA guns which can account for a significant part of the total dps. In short, the combined number that WG gives for the AA may not be that useful.
  3. Alteisen

    Incomparable out of NDA

    It's quite the fun ship to play, utterly toxic for cruisers though. Putting it behind Steel will mean that there won't be too many out there so another Thunderer situation is avoided but WG probably should avoid creating ships that have the biggest guns and crazily low detection ranges.
  4. Alteisen

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    How are combat flag and camo credit bonuses calculated in 0.10.7? examples old (battle performance) + (battle performance x combat flag multiplier) + (battle performance x camo multiplier) new "A" ((battle performance) + (battle performance x combat flag multiplier) + (battle performance x camo multiplier) + (battle performance x perma mission) or "B" ((battle performance) + (battle performance x perma mission) + ((battle performance + (battle performance x perma mission)) x combat flag multiplier) + ((battle performance + (battle performance x perma mission)) x camo multiplier) "A" would be a nerf whereas "B" would be the same as before.
  5. I imagine Imperial Russia and the successor state/s didn't exactly have time to worry about "modern" ship designs considering what happened after Germany won the Eastern front in WW1.
  6. Joined too late to see the ship lineup. Is it me or does the T10 look like it has GZ hull secondaries?
  7. In bronze, talking to the team often felt like talking to a brickwall. Being good does help significantly because you can skip the talking part and carry your team to victory or at least die trying.
  8. Alteisen

    Z-31. Not as bad as all that?

    It's an ok ship, surprising sturdy against DDs that can't pen your midsection with HE. It kind of balances out the terrible DPM and with the improved dispersions, the damage you cause isn't too bad. I'd say it's the playstyle that isn't suited for ranked. The maps are tiny and there's huge pressure on the DDs to deal with each other asap. With the crap HE dpm, it simply isn't going to quick. Most of your fellow BB players are terrible and can't be counted on.
  9. Alteisen

    Ranked Battles are Rigged 100%

    More like quality entertainment I firmly believe OP rigs his matches by being in them...
  10. Alteisen

    Ranked Season 3 Stats

    I'm surprised that the California ended last of all T7 BBs. It really didn't feel like it was such a bad ship with the small maps.
  11. Alteisen

    Web Campaign: Bismarck's Last Battle

    I missed that part when reading the website, just logged into the game and saw the german ships part.
  12. Alteisen

    Web Campaign: Bismarck's Last Battle

    Wow that's some pretty high ship requirements. You're locking out everyone who doesn't have Prinz Eugen, Ark Royal and Cossack. Nachi all over again?
  13. Alteisen

    Z 31, the floating turd

    Almost finished grinding the xp for the T8. I didn't particularly like playing the Z-31 but I'd say it's a better experience than I had with the Skane. At least you get to annoy ships with your smoke and the guns are super accurate. The 25mm midsection makes it surprisingly sturdy in destroyer duels, I've had a few T9 DD encounters and it traded HP quite well. The HE damage is pants, I only use it against DDs, bow in ships or Soviet BBs. I think it just needs a minor dpm buff or better HE shells.
  14. Alteisen

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    Do people actually buy captains with doubloons? Might aswell buy Jutland or Cunningham instead instead of dipping into the auction. I'll be throwing 150 mill at the coal though.
  15. I see that's the reason why there are so many bad Smolensks, Thunderers and Smalands.