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  1. Leider sind deine Anforderungen fuer uns zu hoch.
  2. Alteisen

    Ich/wir suchen neuen Heimathafen!

    Hi Der Werbespruch : Falls es dir interessiert, schreibt unsere Rekrutierers ingame an.
  3. Alteisen

    Clan Brawl

    Early April fools
  4. Seems the steel compensation is broken.
  5. Alteisen

    Servers Unstable Today ?

    Just had two battles in a row that had no battle result. Maybe invest in better servers instead of new games
  6. Alteisen

    WOWSHOW. No chance you'll repeat this!

    At the moment I'd we tempted to upload some replays of Destroyers with severely deficient AA armaments like Kagero and Z-23 get smashed consistently by air planes and title it "Fun and Engaging".
  7. Alteisen

    PEF guns really suck, cant overmatch BB armour

    Played the ranked mostly with PEF, I think the guns are underwhelming, but I don't necessarily think that they need a buff. Instead I'd love to see a secondary buff to 10km, as that should help to offset the gun weaknesses and give it a distinct niche.
  8. Alteisen

    PE Friedrich 350mm Mystery

    Been using the PEF in ranked and so far, citadels do damage. What does happen alot are zero damage penetrations, I guess that due to the shell arcs at longer distances they tend to hit the modules at the top of the ships. Btw replays are automatically enabled since a recent patch so you will have the 25 games saved.
  9. Alteisen

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    20 Megaboxes Kii, Roma, Prinz Eugen, Haida and Monaghan 4k doublons 12.5k coal flags and camo. It's disappointing that premium time is not included this year.
  10. More like the opposite. I yolo all the time and wonder how I ended up +59%. Iny experience, people hide or deny stats due to having "mediocre" stats on their profile. People with good stats, in their own interest, don't hide stats because other people who have nothing to hide will often frown on it... E.g see example in this thread.
  11. Alteisen

    Russian Cruiser Trailer

    Every time I see Profintern, I wonder whether they named it like that because the nickname is going to be Profit, not Profi...
  12. Alteisen

    POLL: Which ships are you waiting for the most?

    Based on the gun placements, the faster, the better.
  13. Alteisen

    What is the worst premium ship in the game?

    The problem with the Tirpitz comparison is that it has better averages stats than NC.
  14. Alteisen

    POLL: Which ships are you waiting for the most?

    Waiting for "Kleindeutschland" H41.
  15. Alteisen

    Who is the best ISP for gaming in your opinion.

    I'd suggest a leased line for best possible ping. If you use virgin or openreach, your speed depends on local conditions which can be no good. Or move next to the datacentre where the server is hosted