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  1. Alteisen

    Ich werde einem Clan beitreten....

    Hi Bist du ein neuer Spieler oder ein Reroll? Eigentlich ist es egal ob es ein Reroll ist oder nicht aber es wäre gut um zu sehen wie die T10 stats sind da meisten CB auf T10 gespielt wird.
  2. Alteisen

    Ich suche einen Clan

    Hi, Wir trainieren nicht, ansonsten sollte alles andere ok sein. Falls es du Interesse hast, sagt beseit und ich werde dir dann den discord link schicken..
  3. Alteisen

    XP nerf in operations (or a bug?)

    What's the current operation meta like? Is everyone trying to yolo to the first enemy ship in order to get top exp? I don't have any low tiers left to grind, else this would actually be worth considering.
  4. Alteisen


    For the generosity of given us a RNG container or by setting base xp requirements where you have to put a bit of effort in?
  5. Be glad they stopped doing kills by nations. That one was truly toxic. Either you were focused to hell and back because you played the right ship or you and everyone else tried to kill the same target.
  6. Alteisen

    Suche clan

    Hi, Hier ist die Klan-Werbung: Die meisten von uns haben das Spiel schon lange gespielt and haben daher schon sehr viel Erfahrungen die dir helfen koennte. Falls es dich interestiert, dann koennen wir uns ueber pn reden.
  7. Alteisen

    Suche aktiven und kompetitiven CW Clan

    Hi, Wir suchen gerade neue Mitglieder. Falls es dich interestiert, dann koennen wir uns ueber pn unterhalten.
  8. Alteisen

    The Kitakami returns!

    Actually, since you mentioned coop, this is the perfect ships to farm torpedo hits with.
  9. Alteisen

    The Kitakami returns!

    I don't know about you but I don't want to have 40 pieces of skillwall in supernarrow spread coming my way.
  10. Alteisen

    New USA Battleships announced!

    I'd be interested to see how these stats look like after a month or two when everyone brought out the Colorado from storage again and grinded the xp for Kansas.
  11. Alteisen

    Poll: Ranked Fun: Tier7 vs Tier8 Sprint

    I found T7's radar situation unacceptable due to radar being exclusive to premium ships. Being a DD was truly hell if a Belfast was played right with the worse thing being that you couldn't bring your own unless you bought one before WG realised they made a mistake or won the RNG lottery. Neither the Indianapolis or Atlanta are capable of doing what a Belfast is able to do. On the other hand, the situation in T8 ranked sprint couldn't be more different. Here I played solo BB and in the games it took me to ranked out, I saw maybe one or two times where radar made a difference. In all others, CV invalidated the stealth of DDs and cruisers. It kind of reminds me of the last CB season...
  12. Alteisen

    Odin doing well

    Vanguard at 46.3% So much potential held back by awful rear turret angles. The stats for Odin in random battles don't t look too bad either. It's seems that the community may have overreacted again, just like with Prinz Eitel Friedrich.
  13. Alteisen

    Shikishima Secondaries Question

    I tried it with AFT instead of CE and so far it's mostly just fireworks with the occasional fire. A full secondary build seems pointless since due to the fire angle, the bow citadel is exposed too much. It actually is good alarm for notifying you something is at your broadsides.
  14. I don't see anything wrong. You have 50% win rate in randoms, balanced like everything should be.
  15. Alteisen

    make Karma useful, suggestions please

    Actually matches my karma count if you count randoms only. I found that my karma increased significantly after playing a few ranked seasons. Even playing CV gets your karma, usually by providing fighter support over your allied ships, at least if they are aware that you did it.