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  1. Silverlegion

    New record in WOWS?

    Mate I got 8 kills in my yubari ! My post is in the greatest achievments thread ;) Well done though
  2. Silverlegion

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    This will be my best game for a long time I think,
  3. Silverlegion

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Well then I am out done sir and on a defeat ! I tip my hat to your achievement !
  4. Silverlegion

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    What's my greatest achievement today ? Well I'll show you, cracking game in my Yubari !
  5. Silverlegion

    Desync issues

    Hey I put up a separate thread wit ha possible solution for those still suffering with desync. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/18005-possible-solution-for-those-with-desync-amd/ Have a look, hope it helps !
  6. Hello Captains, I come to you after been in touch with Tech support regarding my progressive Desync issues. For those that do not know Desync is a problem where the client and the server loose their synchronization with each other, the client shows one thing and the server shows another causing ships to appear behind their actual position, rudder control to respond slow etc. The cause of this is a bug with AMD processors, so this will only help those that have one. If this sounds like something you are suffering with here are some Possible solutions for you. ( these were suggested from support ) 1.A possible workaround that may improve performance would be to make sure that you set the WoWS process core affinity to just one core. ( This did not work for me it made no change to my desync and made the performance of my game abysmal ) 2.Make sure there are no Over clocking, Power saving or any settings that may influence the processor (For me I am using a Gigabyte motherboard, there are some utilities that come with the motherboard and I installed them, one of these was a power saving utility, the other was called Easy Tune. this program is for easy overclocking on the processor, removing this program has solved my desync issues) I really hope this helps anyone, new or old, who is having any difficulty playing the game due to Desync problems, obviously if this does not help then go to the support page and open a ticket. If you have an AMD processor the bug is known and they assured me they are working to fix it. Thanks for you time, Silverlegion
  7. Silverlegion

    Yubari AA nerfed?

    There is nothing better than having two Yubari's in formation covering a friendly ship with AA, nothing is getting through that with out getting bruised up !
  8. Silverlegion

    Help with Desync (pingplotter)

    Thanks for your reply, i've never used ping plotter before so im not sure how it works over all I'll get in touch with support
  9. Silverlegion

    Help with Desync (pingplotter)

    Hello everyone (click on the images to enlarge) I have been plagued with desync issues for a while now and i decided to get pingplotter installed and have a look at what is going on but I don't really have much experience in reading it. So here is a screenshot of prior to going ingame to me this says i have minor packet loss on my end and their end ? However during my game session I got this reading, This now says i have a lot more packet loss on my end than theirs ? So any help in understanding what is going on would be really appreciated, Cheers Silverlegion
  10. Silverlegion

    4.0.1 what will come thıs update?

    Still no fixes on the desync issues, damn it.
  11. Silverlegion

    Desync issues

    I have added an additional question asking for you location, this should hopefully help locate areas that maybe experiencing this worse than others. Last night I had a baaaad desync, by the end of the night ships were 3 ship lengths out in front instead of their displayed position, crazy stuff !
  12. Silverlegion

    Desync issues

    Hey there everyone ! I have still been plagued with the desync issues, though where I used to get it at the very start of every battle, now it progressively gets worse as the game goes on which is an improvement of sorts What I am askign really is how many suffer from this issue to bring an idea of how badly it is affecting the community and if there was any way you may have suffered from it and solved it somehow to share with the community. Thanks for your time guys I'll see you out there !
  13. Silverlegion

    Loading times finally fixed? corse not. But its not all bad

    My loading times have improved as well though I still get lag issues where ships are a couple meters behind where they actually are. Makes hitting them a lot harder !
  14. Silverlegion

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Some impressive stats here gents ! My achievement was managing to score 4 hits with major desync issues, I was having to aim 2 ships lengths in front... I wanted to cry.
  15. Silverlegion

    Unknown game lag - Anyone offer an explanation?

    I have just recently got this problem too, and it plagues me every game. I have reinstalled the game in the hope it would help but nope. I hope it is resolved soon as I really wanna carry on testing and playing !