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  1. Schneewolf


    still spots open in pts mummy if yar tired of playing alone join us veterans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGyPuey-1Jw
  2. pts.clants.nl teamspeak 

    1. Marynsar


      thanks will come online as soon as I can (currently out of town)...

  3. Schneewolf

    [PTS] is looking for active players

    come too ts anytime u can pester him..then pts.clants.nl
  4. Schneewolf


    what part of games before is beyond u..?
  5. Schneewolf


    another bump... hope esl will pop soon.. then we can mummy them again;)
  6. Schneewolf

    [PTS] is looking for active players

    lol..... igor.. ya nab.. expanded too 40 so as off now 8 spots open 4 veteran gamers... and wannabee unicums.. then time too fill our old time backup MUMMY so 50 spots too be filled in total ladies.!!!!
  7. Schneewolf

    Dutch captain looking for a clan

    aangezien je wat ouder bent wij zijn een 25 + clan maar onze specs zijn nog wat hoog voor je maar kom rustig langs.. als je wat wil gamen.. pts.clants.nl 4 team speak
  8. Schneewolf

    [PTS] is looking for active players

    [PTS] Pirates Community reopened MuMMy of old. 30 free spots and 10 in PTS.. come and pick them spots lads
  9. Schneewolf

    [PTS] is looking for active players

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teKGPxr86ME Harbour is up.. still looking for active veterans.
  10. Schneewolf


    ok clan harbours are up come grind some oil with us...
  11. Schneewolf


    hurray .. a new flag too the pirates..;) old school ..
  12. Schneewolf


    as usual u missed a part. ksssst crawl back under your stone
  13. Schneewolf

    Clan extension limit

  14. Schneewolf


    we do make exceptions but considering our average age... and long time community its fine at 25 ish min... lot of us where in wot and met 9 years ago or played games before...!!!!
  15. Schneewolf

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - New Effects

    Yup totler type animations... we doing anime world of warships? looks awfull... the explosions .. fireballs like in a 1978 GTS frigging game ..u must be kidding right..or we going more and more fantasy frigging arp again..yuk... from all of us..