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  1. Tjalmann

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    Well since you can now Buy access anyone can get in if they want to use 15 bucks. Perhaps to many got access through this and now server is overloaded. But im sure devs are on top of it trying to fix it. I see it as a good stress test
  2. Ive played both sides. And yes a good manual torp bomb can be nearly impossible to evade being hit at all but you can still manage to turn a bit so only 3 out of 5 torps hit you. Cv tbs does not do as much dmg as a DD and thus needs to make a lot more hits to do the same dmg. Indenpendance torp dmg 3.4k Saipan 3.8k DD T5 jim 11.2 k So even if you take a full salvo from a wing of tbs. its still less dmg than 2 torps from a DD. Regarding the AA if the BB was sailing alone he was not doing it right, get a Cruiser to follow you and with thier ability they cab mess up the aim so it goes from 3 garanteed hits down to 1 due to spread being messed up.
  3. Tjalmann

    Handbrake on Mogami

    I think it must be my viking blood that caused Aegir to take his ship.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%86gir
  4. Tjalmann

    Handbrake on Mogami

    I dont how how to say this.. so ill try with a picture.. I was in my pepsicola ship and one o one with this mogami, Suddenly from full speed he stops in less than 1 cm and looks like hes surfing.. link if imgur does not work with forum. http://i.imgur.com/Vx9XusO.png
  5. Tjalmann

    300 MB Patch

    So today we gotten a 300 mb patch. would the devs mind telling what bugs / Balanges have been performed? Thanks.
  6. Tjalmann

    Missing cvs on US

    After looking around and so i seem to have lost a cute little CV called the Bogue. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bogue-class_escort_carrier It was in service in 1942 to 44 but more as a escort carrier but still i think it should be in the game as a low tier CV or could it be as it will be under Royal Navy, as both Royal navy and us navy used this ship And the same with the YorkTown class. I think this would be a good step between lexy and essex http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yorktown-class_aircraft_carrier but then the problem of the Wasp, There was only one of them unfortunate. but it was a nice ship. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Wasp_%28CV-7%29 lastly but not least my favorite Carrier. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midway-class_aircraft_carrier But the problem of the Midway it was not Commissioned before 10th September 1945 and thus getting into the game is unlikely as the war was over at that time. I love how the current Carriers feel to sail and row around. but this is just suggestions.
  7. Tjalmann

    800 Mb update

    On a manual drop i tend to loose more planes than auto. But im also guaranteed to at least do twice the dmg pr flight.
  8. Tjalmann

    800 Mb update

    Hi guys. Ive checked news blog and forum. but theres no note stating what the 800 mb update this morning was for. It would be nice if you wrote "Update xxxxxx changelog" Keep up the good work
  9. Tjalmann

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    Ive played all ships. and here is what i feel BBS take time to learn the ranges / How much to lead. They are Fine for speed as long you get past the t1 bb as it is really a dreadnaought. My Moygi did 31 knots almost same with my kongo. Kongo's AA is OK but not amazing, rarely when im on my Indy(t5 CV) that i manage to make a good 5 hit torp bombing without loosing 1-2 bombers (Keep in mind BBS take more than 5 torps) About damage, and so. BB's High explosive rounds need to be sligtly more effiective against low armoured ships, (DD and CL's) AP needs reduced dmg when you shoot at DDS or CL as you WILL over penetrate always (done 12k crits on dds with AP) Please note this is taken from other games to spice things up But again game is only beta there is balance to come, More factions with each thier own play style due to bonuses (RN got better armor, KM got 2nd best range and 2nd best armor, US got Accurate gunners and fast ships and JN got range and shell dmg) Ps Im a viking so all rights to raid and pillage the English language are granted.
  10. Tjalmann

    Crash on startup

    Hi guys. Let me put up the steps before first error happens. launch shortcut to launcher. Launcher starts and shows news. Presses Play screens flicker once due to going into full screen. Game crashes and i get "World of warships.exe has stopped working" Steps ive done to troubleshoot so far. Reinstall of game. Update of all drivers i could think of. Reboot of the PC. The game crashes on me in middle of a game and after that i cant get in anymore. Any suggestions?
  11. Tjalmann

    Tjalmanns videos so far on WOWS

    Hi guys. here is 2 videos i have made so far on WOWS. they cover cleveland and Shinokaze, Soon i will also put up some BB and CV play. i Thank the devs every battle for making an awesome game like this.
  12. Tjalmann

    How to get invite code

    Cannot waite untill i can get in in and cause some damage.
  13. Tjalmann

    Closed Beta Gameplay Videos - Compilation Thread

    cant waite untill i get into the Beta and can start making content on this wonderful game. Devs keep up the good work