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  1. Sculan

    [How to:] Play around RADAR

    Teamplay aspect of radar? We got radar because there is NO teamplay in random. If you had teamplay and a well made up match then you had your teams own DDs screening for you in a proper distance and even the BB in the first line woukd have plenty of time to evade those "evil one-shot kill torpedoes". I can't understand why everyone is talking this *** about DD torpedos being too strong? BB players say AP is fine against DD because if they get so close and get spotted, they should get punished. I say, if my DD gets closer than 7 km unspotted to a BB he deserves being killed with one torp wall because his team (or himself if he plays solo warrior) failed really hard. We need more teamplay in that game and then the need for radar vanishes instantly - but that requires skill of the playerbase and the casual player too... The guide in my point of view only says stay out of radar range, which means staying away at least 11 - 12 km from the enemy fleet and shooting useless torpedo walls scoring 1 maybe 2 hits against those straight line BB drivers. Otherwise you can hop from island to island looking for cover and earn... yeah, a big fat negative credit score at the end of the match. This guide does nothing to improve the now broken DD gameplay, it just tries to justify the presence of radar because it is easier to play instead of really trying some teamplay in random and setting up a proper screen in front of your fleet...
  2. Sculan

    Ultimate frontier ruined

    Don't know what they changed... but I think they also modified the damage of the bots. Examples from my side... - Our Lyon BB at 80 % health ramming the New Orleans Bot at 70 % healh => BB dies, New Orleans survives with 20 % health (no flags visible on New Orleans) - I duelled with a Mahan in my Atlanta: I scored more than 50 penetrating HE hits... 0 fires, 0 incaps, DD at 10 %... Mahan shoots me in one salvo an starts 3 fires, destroys a turret and torp launcher permanently and each shell does 1,4 k dmg. Also it feels like your shells does a below average amount of damage... Myoko Volley on broadside Cleveland for 8 penetrating HE shells and total 1 k damage? Com'on...
  3. Sculan

    CV's need their own game

    Totally OP and King over everything else? That's correct, yes, but only because there is not a single piece of teamplay involved in Random mode anymore. If BBs and Cruisers would team up like "real" then a CV player stands no chance. 2 well placed cruisers around a team's BBs can deny almost any air strike. Ever tried to attack BBs shielded by DM or Des Moines? Your planes will melt away before any orderly drop... This game has a simple problem, no teamplay. Good teamplay can mitigate almost everything, only problem is, that this game does not enforce it with all those yolo-Bismarcks and other BBs going solo and then wonder why they get sunk by a single air strike... but that doesn't make CVs overpowered. Also winrates really don't tell anything and most top CV players made up their stats in older times of that game, when there was no mirror matching and you could stomp a T VII CV with your IX CV on a regular basis.
  4. And this is a game breaker - at least for me. If I manage to sneak by a whole enemy team and get to their most vital unit then also a DD should be realiably doing damage to that CV at least those lowest damage HE rolls. Otherwise those game mechanics are broken. But this is just one point. Most of the time those german 128 mm guns don't deal enough damage (if i remember correctly most shells do 217 dmg) even to other DDs. This paired with their bad turning radius and rudder shift time makes them bad against any gun boat DD (e.g. Benson). The AAW-capabilities are nothing worth talking about (until Z-46). So to sum it all up the german DDs are mediocre at best and only useful if your forces are superior. Any other DD will just burn you down, outturn you, outspot you or outtorp you (on the same Tier). Those 150 mm are turning so slowly and pair a slow reload so you can't really use them in DD CQB... For me that line over all is a worthless grind because you don't get any ship that packs "a real punch"...
  5. Sold all my German DDs after a match today... I managed to sneak by the whole enemy team and torp their sitting CV at their start (T IX Taiho). After 8 Torp hits, he was at 12000 hp left so I started firing with the 128 mm to finish him. What happend? He just turned away and ran. All my HE shots "bounced" on his flight deck... 80 hits, 1 fire, 1000 k dmg total... so I switched to AP... same result despite one time I penned his broadside for 990 dmg... then I got nuked by his complete Air Group... Really Wargaming? A T VIII DD which can't finish of a CV with his guns? Meanwhile being so slow that even that CV can keep distance from you? With a bad rudder shift time, so his Air Group can nuke you? That showed me how useless those German DD line is at the moment...
  6. Well, I just hit an Atlanta broadside with 5 Mahan-Torps for a total 12000 (!) dmg, so Mahan is not better than Farragut in my opinion. Mahan as Farragut C-Hull is worthless even with AA-defensive fire - it doesn't kill planes in the matches it gets reliably. Only thing it is usefull is shredding Koenigsberg with AP from broadside. Only 10 k EXP left on Mahan to grind before going to Benson finally...
  7. Sculan

    Weather , your veiws.

    In my opinion that "weather system" is just another useless feature. It looks good, but it really imbalances the game by adding another "random element" you can't control. It takes that game another step from competing "skills" to "which team got the most of luck". There would have been major other points to be adressed with that update like improving the gameplay with new matchmodes or rebalances. All I noticed are changes that imo are not documented. For example now my Fubuki with it's three turrets which prepatch could deal reliable damage to another DD scores amounts of 0 dmg HE hits on even T VI oder T VII DDs I'm not willing to accept (last round it was 26 hits on a Mahan which all penned it according to post battle statistics but only dealed 5000 dmg in total). Meanwhile my Kirov started citadelling other cruisers long-range on any aspect (19 citadels last round long-range 15 km+ and I didn't shoot K or N-bergs). Also I'm not noticing an effect of that new "packing system". Despite I did a clean reinstall on an high-end machine I just feels somehow "laggier" than before (despite same FPS and Ping). Also the weather effects for me are not documented clearly enough. Pre-Patch you always knew spotting ranges for enemy ships now it also depends on randomness. That "new" fire in your binocular disturbs the usability of the scope mode and so on...
  8. Hello everyone, I got a question regarding the upgraded Lexington Fighters. I got Lexington recently and struggle with the fighter strafe. The last two rounds I was matched up against a Lexington. Both of us used the AS-setup. So before engagement I managed to strafe the enemies fighter squads with 2 of my squads. The enemy's squads both lost 1-2 planes. Afterwards they engaged mine at full health. Both times my planes lost to 0 only killing one or two of the enemies planes. They got killed even before running out of ammo. On the team comparison before the matched, both those Lexingtons had a worse or equal aircraft rating than mine. So is this just a bug or do I have a wrong understanding of how strafing fighters work? I use the Corsair fighters with Upgrade 1 and 2 (the one which gives survivability and effectivness). Regards
  9. Hello, I've got a simple question. Last round with Tirpitz I did not sustain any damage. But after the battle I noticed, that I've been charged 14000 credits for repairs. How does that come from? Best Regards