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  1. cjo1964

    0.4.0 advanced fire training

    I noticed that at range whilst playing the recent public test that the guns were less accurate, so got that to look forward to on this update I expect.
  2. cjo1964

    open beta test No Premium ships in Port

    You say that Ducat, but this is a gross underestimation from the group as to how many players wanted to get into the test. You think you lot would have learnt a thing or two from the Tanks Beta or even the Warplanes one. What i can see happening is players getting in and leaving themselves logged in so as they dont have to queue again and this would prevent others from getting in.
  3. They have Sonar and Radar on Warships nowadays you know so this detection thing about torps is perfectly valid.
  4. cjo1964

    open beta test No Premium ships in Port

    This test is ridiculous......cant even get into the server ? Over 600 in line to get in ! Update:- It says the wait is "a few minutes"......really ? Disconnecting.........not prepared to wait in line for half an hour.........good luck to anyone that manages to get in. Bye.
  5. cjo1964

    World of torpedos....

    Personally, I use the Cruisers to scout as they are fast and can release Torps on a broadside when close enough.....works well for me unless you get hit by a well placed battleship volley...lol.
  6. Hi All. I purchased one of these packages on sale to access the closed Beta and it gave me Gold, credits and 3 Premium ships. Now I have 10 ships in total and about 3 million credits and about 500 gold left. Can anyone please tell me what happens to my ships/credits/gold when the game opens up to the general public ? I do believe that experience will get reset to zero ? What about all the development that has been done on the ships ?....Will this reset to zero and money refunded that was spent on them to get them to that stage ? Its not too clear where you stand when you purchase these packages, what will happen. Anyone else bought these packages to gain access that didnt get a Beta invite key ?
  7. cjo1964

    Is everything allright with 15in Warspite guns?

    Thanks for the info as I was thinking of buying it.....will hold off for a while i think. Neilh.........they will nerf most things in the game as its NOT a simulator, so you looking for realism, your in the wrong game, i think. They will try to balance things, but no ship is going to have 100% accurate stats or the game will be unplayable.
  8. cjo1964

    Welcome to the Newcomers' Section!

    Am downloading it now after buying a premium package to be able to access the game. Now, how do I park my T34 on top of my cruiser ? :o)