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  1. Are test ships (Graf Zeppelin Test 1) excluded for battle archivments? I had a battle where I sunk a ship after being sunk myself which was my 5th kill. I should have gotten both "Its just a flesh wound" and "Kraken"
  2. Well, the better deserved to win. I see no problem here? Its not about RNG. It would if the DD would have survived with 1 hp or your BB got blown up by a detonation.
  3. Hydro versus Def AA?

    Depends also on your captain skills. If you already have vigilance it buffs your hydro-range (I think it affects both ship/torpedo sonar range). If you already have advanced firing training, it gives a huge boost to your defAA.
  4. But one problem that we have atm is that we have too few different CVs. tier7 is probably the best because you have 4 different ships you can face in battle, followed with tier8 (the Zeppelin is not really played atm.) On all other tiers you have 2 options what you are will face in battle.
  5. CV stats ( Hakuryu vs Miway ) in randoms

    That all sounds good and easy. But you have to be alot better than a Midway player if you want to win against him. I found the situation on t9 fairer, cause the Essex has weaker fighters. Lets see how it turns out if the Midway get her t9 fighters.
  6. Its still a teamgame. A good CV can help you to win a game, but never does on his own. Even a good CV player cant win against a good team. Stay together, cover your BBs with your cruisers and voila, even the best CV hasnt got a chance. But people dont want to hear that.
  7. Roma does not live up to the hype

    Isnt that exactly what people like littlewhitemouse told us? I like mine and it behaves as expected.
  8. HSF in tha shop!

    Roma price is in line with other tier8 premBBs.
  9. HSF Harekaze camo price

    Couldnt it be a reward for the HSF collection? We will see later when the server is up, announcement should come today too about the collection.
  10. Gascogn French Beauty on the horizon

    If they follow how they did it with the UK, the one more traditional in design (Gascogn) will be the silver ship and the one different in design and playstyle the premium (Richelieu), just like the did with Nelson (frontgun only) and King George V (AB-Y or whatever it is called). As far as I know the Dunkquere and the Richelieu are the only frontgun ships in the tech tree atm, would make sense to make Richeleu premium then?
  11. I just quote Eurobeat/Yuro form his newest video (below in the comments) Normally he knows the game quite good. (and ofc the video)
  12. New unique (French) commander on the way

    And again expert marksman. Dont get me wrong, faster turrets are always nice, but whats unique if every unique captain gets this? (except Yamamoto, at least he is really unique at the moment)
  13. My plan is to make a detonation with a torpedo on a full health tier 10 BB in 3 different games. I just dont know what I have to sacrifice to the RNGods to get this.
  14. Duke of York Campaing impossible

    Hey, just finish the DoY campaign so you can start the New Year Raid. Or pay money for it...