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  1. I just get the feeling people dont like to loose their bombers...
  2. I am sad. Why? First: I like to have choices! Now, I am left with one instead of 2 (well, maybe 3, but stock was never good, 1 squadron less hurts alot) But not only for me, but now also for my enemy. If you see an US carrier you now ALWAYS know what a setup he uses, same is true for you, he will always know which sort of planes you have if playing US. Second: It wasnt that bad At least you could defend yourself, spot, clear the sky and burn some ships. Third: I hate strike loadouts with passion No spotting, no protection and most just yolo into next best AA-ship-bubbel in the whole match. I find it much harder to outplay your opponent with strike loadouts. For, everytime I saw one used I thought: free bombing for me + alot of easy plane kills. Problem most of the time is not the setup or a ship but the player.
  3. Moskva HE buff

    Not every ship is good in everything. Where the Moskva shines is it laser guides shells. She can reliable hit zig zagging targets at quite a distance where others (I look at you Des Moins) struggle to hit a a broadside sailing BB. That means also she is good at punishing cruisers that show broadside (or not) with her AP.
  4. BBalans BBrigade needs your help

    I have an easy solution for BB overpopulation: remove such iconic ships like Yamato, Bismarck, Iowa, King George V (or pick any other famous BB) from the game. Alot of people just want to have one.
  5. My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    Please, not again a mixed setup. While they are effective, 90% of CVs have them, only Saipan left out. (and air superiority US ones... but they have the option) Btw, you can also detonate BBs with those AP bombs But really, how often do you oneshot t10 ships with her? I am no potato in CVs but often my targets (lets say t8/9) BBs survive my attack, even if heavily damaged. Would be the same with every other CV. Or should I bring up the argument a t8 BB can oneshot any t10 cruiser? Ofc I do that in every game, same with my Zeppelin, I just oneshot every ship I see cause it happend once. Some people just overreact when it comes to the Graf Zeppelin (or... any other ship). Yesterday I had a BBcaptain complaining that I hit him for 30k and that its absolutly OP. Really? For any other CV that would have only be the first wave, with DoT and the second bomber type still incoming.
  6. My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    If a BB got hit by a few HE salvos the nation really doesnt matter alot anymore. Mabye the germans are the worst choice cause alot of people run secondary builds that buff the HP of their AA guns too. (for example: the tier7 BB I fear the most as CV is... the Gneisenau. Too many DP guns on her)
  7. My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    German AP bombs are not US AP bombs. The german AP bombs arm at 35mm (max 245mm) while US ones arm at 70mm(max 250mm) (maybe someone has to correct me here, but thats what I found in a hurry, should be on facebook in the blog). That means while the Enterprise can only attack BBs, the Zeppelin can attack anything that isnt a DD. Guess thats one reason she doesnt have torpedobombers also. There is also an angle where those bombs ricochet.
  8. Source? Cause I checked ingame, both have 1580HP. (and there was nothign mentioned in the "patch notes") Maybe you have your captain with skills on your ship while comparing? Enterprise can have the fastest fighters of her tier, making her hard to fight with every other CV cause you cant outrun them and choose where to fight. Without her module the Zeppelin gets that advantage. Also, I had those two games. Conclusion? I was already asked if her fighters got better (was playing GZ2)... it depends alot on the player behind it.
  9. Suggestions thread

    General Sugestion: Container Experience I guess it happend to everyone. You need like 1 exp for your next container but there is just no more time, not even for a COOP game. What if you could use some other exp to unlock that container? Here comes the container exp. You get it from the exp that is left after you get a container (and is added after each day) For example: - you got your 2nd container, have 13000 exp in the pool and stop playing for that day. The 500 exp you didnt needed to unlock it goes into your container exp pool - or you after got your 3rd container, every exp you get after those 37500 exp goes into the pool The container exp pool is capped at 25000 and you can only use it once a day. That prevents that players can farm container exp in a 200% special and use it later to farm container. But if its full it is enough to jump from your 2nd to your 3rd container. Or to use some of it to unlock just any container if you know that you stop playing for that day.
  10. And nobody cries how freaking OP german DDs are with a hydro lasting 2 minutes, spotting torpedos too? It may be helpful, but its nothing gamebreaking.
  11. A New Idea About CVs and AA

    I wonder how those devasting strikes I saw or did myself happened then. I don't say it's easy to use. But you get a weapon that lets you hit with a very high accuracy of you know how. Sounds like it is skill based.
  12. A New Idea About CVs and AA

    The Graf Zeppelin as they sold it was exactly that. A skill based divebomber CV. And people cried about how bad she is. You people confuse me.
  13. A New Idea About CVs and AA

    Problem is: if its too accurate, skilled players will devestate every ship. (and less skilled may miss completly) Guess why the Zeppelin has such a high delay with her AP bombs? You can achieve 100% hit rate with those. If you bomb a standing target you may even land a good portion of your bombs on a DD sized target. With Kaga is not a so big problem because she has rather small bombs. Torpedos are slow, visible, do need time to arm and there are gaps in their drop pattern that allow you to dodge them (even with big ships with some luck/skill) You can dodge bombs with a DD. But you cant to so with a bigger ship. All you can do is try to make a good drop harder. But with more accurate bombs that gets hard very fast.
  14. Premium ships V's Silver ships, P2W?

    One big advantage of a premium ship is you can put every captain of that nation on it. Dont underestimate the value of a high point captain. No retraining, no new leveling.
  15. Graf Zeppelin - SOLUTION

    A plus/point for her: she has the fastest fighters (you can choose where to fight) Only played 1 game, used mainly auto-drop cause I didnt know the flight time yet, was quite good. She feels like a CV with a very high skill ceiling. I dont want to know what a skilled player can do with those AP bombs. Time will tell me how I do with her. To buff her, you could give her a fighter setup (maybe with 1 TB and 1 DB?) or/and reduce the flight time of the AP bombs a little bit. Otherwise I want to wait with my opinion, its to early to say. edit: or to give her a little gimmick and something real special: keep those fighters, but split the divebomber (modules) to two, with 2 squadrons with 3 planes each (maybe buff their HP a little bit) To explain it a little bit: you have 2 different dive bomber modules to chose. You could equip now: 2*3 planes with HE bombs and 2*3 with AP, 4*3 with HE or 4*3 with AP (with the level 4 skill you get 16 bombers, 1 more than now) With that kind of setup you could choose how you want to play and dont limit you to one bomb type.