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  1. And its spinning forever... Cant even close the game the normal way (even with alt+F4 "yes" for exit your game is greyed out). And of course after restart the skills are not resetted.
  2. Why not add SAP rockets so CVs can go against everything? (even better...)
  3. Seeigel

    Will removing slingshot actually do anything?

    If the DDs would just turn off their AA half of the problem would be solved. DDs spotting range is already fairly low, problem is if they have their 5km AA enabled it doesnt help alot.
  4. Seeigel

    Will removing slingshot actually do anything?

    I started to only use it with Indomitable which wont be affected. Makes me wonder if they do admit that the Indomitable needs some game mechanic gimmick to be on the same level as the other CVs?
  5. Seeigel

    Give planes of CVs a range limit

    Planes range is already ingame, you just need to zoom way out of map.
  6. Seeigel

    It might be a conspiricy theory, ...but

    Wrong tactic. You choose the weakest ship. If you master her, be afraid of what you can do with the strongest ship ;-)
  7. "Funny" thing about the hotfix is: if you didnt pick SE nothing changed for you.
  8. Seeigel

    Kii Secondaries Inconsistency

    Duke of York has slowed loading guns but has a hydro and maybe one less repair party? Amagi is faster than Kii, but has slightly worse aa and no torpedo. And you don't want to use them as secondary brawlers, they have insane accurate main guns with a lot of penetration. No need to get that close. But please, don't snipe also
  9. Seeigel

    Graf Zeppelin in 0.8.4

    The biggest problem is the drop pattern, so that the AP bombs behave like HE bombs and go more for the outlines than the centre of the drop. Could really be a bug. I guess if they would go where we aimed them the complaints wouldn't be that much.
  10. Seeigel

    Rentals in ranked - discussion thread

    Worst thing about rentals is you cant get achievments and the flaggs For me they were a nice addition and a little motivation to finally get those BB10 I didnt cared before. But even if there werent rentals, there are still your free exp´ing captains, sailing a Kremlin firing HE.
  11. Seeigel

    Graf Zeppelin in 0.8.4

    From the NA forum, someone did some testing: link
  12. Seeigel

    Graf Zeppelin in 0.8.4

    Took her to the training room, some observations: - dropping bombs from max. altitude: because you are not totally aimed, they are going all over the place. Really poor hit chance. - dropping from the lowest altitude from the side resulted in hitting the upper structure (Aufbauten in german, whats the translation?) Would be a strategy if they went for the waterline so you could hit the citas. - dropping from the front/behind with the lowest altitude resultet most of the time that the bomb from the right aircraft went left and from the left aircraft right. With a Bismarck as target most of the time that was 1 cita, with an Edinburgh as target I managed to miss BOTH bombs completly with the highest chance to hit (lowest altitude and fully aimed). And now tell me how I should hit targets under combat conditions.
  13. Seeigel


    On the very first day even Indomitable was able to do the mission.
  14. You dont want to have the old RTS cvs back, then they midway may have oneshotted you with her 4 squadrons.
  15. Seeigel


    Maybe has something to do with the mapborder? You can use the border to instantly turn around 180°. So if you are close enough to the border your planes turning speed gets increased alot thus leading to those strange manouvers?