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  1. Submarines ingame?

    Navyfield had them. The first tier of them was not that fun to play. Because they were so slow and had a small air supply you more or less crawled towards the enemy, submerged and hoped that someone literally drove over you fo fire your few torpedos, then you had to dive up (out of air) and get killed. Of course, the more modern ones went into the direction of being overpowered. As much as I like having more different classes, I fear that you cant balance them right. (just look at CVs)
  2. T-61 - Goodbye balance in T6

    She may be an OP ship, but she is surely not a idiot-proof ship. (same as Cesare)
  3. I think i got 400 coal from a normal signal container. Maybe was just luck.
  4. ST - T10 Ship Specific Upgrades

    That renders the flight control modification 2 (+5% speed) absolutly useless. Sounds more like a typo? The Midway counterpart is at least some sort of a trade. Either take the normal +15%HP or take the +30% HP but loose 5% speed.
  5. PSA: Duca degli Abruzzi in shop

    And which tier 7 ship/cruiser does handle it well? She is far from being OP, with the right skills and a good player she can perform good, but thats goes for every ship.
  6. PSA: Duca degli Abruzzi in shop

    You can always do better. Third game with her. Sadly her turret angles favour running instead of pushing.
  7. Interesting Graf Zeppelin thread at Reddit...

    While you can more or less only citadel german BBs with the US AP bombs, the Graf Zeppelin are much different, not only can you pen every BB but also cruisers. If I remember they arm at 50mm? (another source says 35mm and 69mm for the US ones) Its sad that you have to search for something like this.
  8. Udaloi can into space?

    I thought I could only get it while playing space battles? Stronk russian ship design I guess.
  9. Graf Zep Counter Advice

    Or all his AA got destroyed by some HE salvos (from those nasty BBs) (just played a space battle as Minotaur, i got stripped of all but my mainguns as AA, just as example)
  10. Yamato Build

    Eurobeat style I for myself dont like static gameplay (bowtanking), I find me a too easy target for HE spammer, at least I try to make it a bit harder for them. Just keep in mind that you can be cita´d easily from the side and below your front turret, you dont want expose those too much.
  11. Reporting for team killing

    Hello, I know players get a penalty if they do too much team damage or kills (pink status) and that I can report them ingame. So far, so good. No problem if it happens by accident. However, I assume I got killed because someone didnt want me to cap and/or to get all the cap points for himself. These shots were clearly aimed at me. (there was only 1 enemy alive at cap C, we were next to B) Sadly no chat. So, can I send in the screenshots and replay? How do I do that? (a step by step explanation would be cool) And is that ticket of any use?
  12. Whats going on with the salem

    There was once an event (still in beta times?) where you could win something if you sunk the enemy Salem, must been around Halloween? (salem witch?)
  13. No need for damage farming

    Hello fellow captains, with the recent discussion how important damage is and that its the only thing that gets you rewarded, lets show that you can do (very) good without it. It didnt helped that Flamus video showed a 200k damage game with full HP left... So show me your screens: - that gave you good reward OR brought you to one of the top position on the score board - dealt only a minimum of damage - alot of tanking/capping etc I will start with this one: Please stay friendly and focus on the screenshots, there are already some discussions about this topic, we dont need another one.
  14. Best tier8 DD stealth-capping.
  15. Et tu, Brute?

    As long as there are no torpedo ships in your team, I guess yes.