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  1. Seeigel

    Aircraft issues that have not yet been discussed

    Another thing that botters me (could be my graphic settings, but I think I have everything on max so it shouldnt be the problem) is that those damage effects (the ship burning) does start rendering at around 8km. So, if I want to see if the enemy uses his DCP I have to circle at 8km to see if the fire goes out. So you cant even surprise attack your target. If its your own DOT you at least the the damage counter go up and know when you can make your second strike. Problem is: surface ships dont have the same problem, there I always see those damage effects.
  2. Good idea. Sadly it doesnt work for those planes that just dropped their bombs. Those fly away in a straight line and got shot down. Thats what he has shown. Not the magical F-button. Only solution avoiding it is not making an attack. Defeats the purpose of an attack plane I guess.
  3. Seeigel

    New CVs

    With and the new "evac time" a CV is missing the feedback how many planes are lost during this process. Would be good if we had some kind of information how many aircraft were shot down while reaching retourning.
  4. Seeigel

    UK CVs which update?

    My guess is 0.8.1 pre release, so you can get the CVs via containers or the arsenal (with a special currency) and then 0.8.2 the full release, just like with the RN DDs.
  5. Maybe its even a buff for DDs (and CVs) At the moment, everyone hits repair as soon as he gets flooded because of the huge damage. With the change it may be the same as with a fire, just let it flood/burn, I am not going to die from it. If you flood someone, he´s either new or had bad luck with his repair party and used it in the wrong moment.
  6. Seeigel

    Spotting aircraft after 0.8.0

    Hello, quick question: during the test of the cv rework, the skill "direction center for catapult aircraft" got changed so it doesnt work anymore for spotting aircraft. BUT commanders that have that skill dont get reset when the patch goes live? Some ships/playstyles rely on those double spotters, for example the Perth. Just an oversight or does that skill not change?
  7. Seeigel

    [cv rework POLL] just disable AA temporarily ?

    I am not saying it cant be changed, but sometimes if you fix one thing you break the another.
  8. Seeigel

    [cv rework POLL] just disable AA temporarily ?

    Dont forget some side effects of those changes: for missions that require you to destroy modules AA mounts count to. If you cant destroy them anymore (or not as easiliy as now) alot of those missions wont be doable anymore or require a lifetime of playing just knocking out engines and mainguns.
  9. Seeigel

    do we need roket fighters?

    Not 100%. A skilled CV can hit a DD with divebombers. He is with the rework much more skill dependend than rng. IJN Cvs arent that much of a threat because of their AP bombs, but US ones are. But instead of every nation getting rockets, I wished they had choosen other weapons. For example some small bombs dropped in level flight (so just rockets with more damage but shorter "range") or anti-tank weapons (Ju-87 Stuka with 37mm cannons). I know, not realistic but come on, who cares? Would give every nation a unique flavour.
  10. Seeigel

    IJN Tone and the carrier rework?

    Hello, so now with the upcoming rework and totally new mechanics, any chance we will see the IJN Tone as a new (premium) ship? Could either be a CV in disguise or something like the Atlanta, with some special (unlimited?) floatplane consumable. Ideas? Infos? Greetings, Seeigel
  11. Seeigel

    Prem CV Rework??

    Aircraft types seem to be a complet mess, not only on the premium CVs. Last time I checked the D3A Val was the stock DB on the tier6 IJN CV (I cant spell it...), the D4Y the elite config. Now, on the tier8 Kaga we get the D1A? I am a bit disappointed that all those iconic aircrafts are put into the lowest tiers. Putting them on the higher tiers for example the D3A on tier8 and the D4Y on tier 10 could solve the "problem" of aircrafts being too fast.
  12. From the facebook development blog: So I dont know if you didnt performed your attack run always the exact same way (for example dropping with 3 sec left) that the results are somewhat reliable. I could imagine that for some ships its better to drop from high, for others to drop from low (and from the side?)
  13. I would rather play with bots than fighting a battle with 3players each side, as it happend to me with Armored Warfare. Far too frustrating. One wrong move with such an setup (and the map sized is of course not changed for such a low player number) and you end up 1 vs 3, best with those spotting mechanics which means you got shot to pices without seeing your enemy. Then I rather play with bots and have fun.
  14. Question is: are those 3 points worth that tiny bit of DPM or wouldnt they better invested in something else? SE gives you 3500 more HP at tier10, that 1-2 salvos from a DD you can survive more. Superintendend gives you one extra of every consumable. For example for the Grozovoi thats 1 extra healing and 1 extra smoke, well, plus all those others, but those two can indirectly buff the damage you do by keeping you alive.
  15. Because of the no-premiums (Abruzzi) it is the Yamato. Just for the sound of the guns.