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  1. MinotaurBlack

    Just an average playere looking for a clan - EU

    Thank you all for taking your time, I found a clan so I am not looking anymore. Good luck and safe sailing :)
  2. Hello all, I am not so new player (but casual) looking for a clan. I am sick of playing solo and none of my friends play any WG titles. Top tier I have is T9 Izumo (a pain to grind) and can play only later afternoons/early evenings on EU server. Ping me here or ingame if you have a place for me :)
  3. MinotaurBlack

    ARP Kongo & Myoko

    i love the looks, the voice, and i hate the destroyer hunt mission. still got 5 DDs to catch and have no idea if i will have enought time for the rest....dont have that many t6+ ships
  4. MinotaurBlack

    Shimakaze Op

    my highest tier is a nagato, and i have a hatsuharu as well....with my nagato i end up sometimes in t9 battles with up to 4 ijn DDs on the enemy team....so, i get to see those torp walls from time to time....and to be honest most of the time they are not that bit of a problem as long as my team plays as a team....if we fall apart and dont do our jobs, then we deserve to be punished by those torp walls. problem is, CAs are holding back as they get wiped by BBs as soon as they get spotted if they try to screen for DDs and their torps, BBs are slower and also holding back....and your own DDs most of the time are holding back as well....noone is willing to risk a push....without risk there is no reward....and as said, CVs got nerfed so they cant help much either since there are most of the time none in the game. id say the mentality of the players is a bigger problem then the game mechanics themselfs most of the time. people think they need to have the same chances of winning in every class agains every class....and that would be ok in 1v1 game, but this is 12v12, and you should not win if there is no team coordination. most of the time i never see anyone trying to coordinate the team (and yes, myself included way to often).....all keep quiet and do their thing and then wonder why they lost.
  5. MinotaurBlack

    STOP f.....g Steal killing

    +1 nothing gets me more angry then to see an enemy cruiser i cripled with a citadel or two get away because my cruisers/DDs didnt finish him off. fast firing ships should finish off low HP targets.....long reload BBs should deal bulk dmg no high HP targets. sure, there are other factors like angling and range....
  6. yeah, in WW2 submarines played a big role as commerce and supply raiders, in the atlantic as well as pacific. and i am a bit sad there was no way for WG to implement the subs into current gameplay. but still, its a free game where i get to play some nice naval action (will try that game out as well one day ) and you dont see many of these game....so i am not complaining about historical inaccuracy
  7. MinotaurBlack

    0.5.3 - Goodbye Yubari.

    yeah, never like the yubari much myself. bad pick when i got her.....but cant allways make the best choice....and who knows, it might get a buff someday in the future......well, there is hoping
  8. MinotaurBlack

    All the new cruiser nerfs

    also, read the EULA, might be that there is written that they reserve the right to change the stats ingame as they see fit without your agreement, and you agreed to it
  9. MinotaurBlack

    CV fighter barrage abuse?

    why is this stupid? how can the wall of bullets ignore one target and hit another at will if they are all mixed together? without friendlyfire this ability would be way to OP....one simple bait and you lost all your fighters without enemy risking anything in return....
  10. MinotaurBlack

    Is this a joke?

    lots of ijn BB captains said the same to me....cant wait to get to it. justi unlocked the nagato and need the credits now to get it....its gonna take a while but i am gonna get her. and so beautiful as well
  11. MinotaurBlack

    Is this a joke?

    so many people play their BBs wrong and use it as a sniper, it not even funny anymore. last night i was in a t8 battle with my fuso and the 2 north carolinas kept at least 7km behind me all the time. we won in the end cos the enemy BBs were not much better and our cruisers did damn good job. as for the amagi, of all T8 BBs i fear the amagi most in my fuso. its as if my ship is made of paper when amagi is shooting at me. and range is the least important stat of a higher tier BB
  12. MinotaurBlack


    i love the fuso. and i dont think it lacks penetration. managed to citadel a north carolina at 7km range and sink her in the process (me and tirpiz agains the NC and nagato, we won, both survived) dont have problems against higher tier BBs if their captains dont know how to use armor
  13. MinotaurBlack

    Destroyer captains please read.

    yeah, ijn DDs are exellent at spotting while they themselfs are not spotted yet....and the torp range gives you some options to deny enemy advances if fired at the right time.... and agreed, DDs shouldnt be behind their own team.
  14. MinotaurBlack

    Armor Changes. What have you noticed?

    yeah, seems like it....here is one little situation i had today in my ijn DD....i think i was surprised just like the guy in his BB....
  15. MinotaurBlack

    AA on IJN dds

    every time i have to activate my AA i manage to get 1 plane....so id say its not useless ;)