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  1. Riithi

    The Germans ...........

    Of all AP hits, 33% penetrated.... Above is from a Konigsberg game.. wtf?!
  2. Riithi

    German Cruiser Feedback

    Never ever had such %@$%#^^%$ games as in german cruisers. (up to tier4 atm). I'd rather do taxes.
  3. Riithi

    PC Gamer: WoWs is 'expensive and exploitative'

    The economy is harsher compared tot WoT, and personally I think this will hurt the game in the long run. Personally I hope they get more reviews like this and make it more alike WoT. (Was able to play tier9 without premium, without playing well in WoT) When I played a lot of WoT, I would get a premium account. During slow periods I would play with a standard account. Copy this to wows, so me playing hightier ships and losing credits each game.. So it would boil down to go premium or scrape some lower tier barrel... The barrier to continue just became a lot higher. To me the current economic model seems geared towards requiring a premium account when you want to play high tier games. That really feels quite crap.
  4. Riithi

    The single biggest problem with this game.

    For me that repair button is essential, I really like to play more aggressive with my battleship, so that the enemy team shoots at me instead of the cruisers, simply because I can repair the damage. Try playing games without the repair button... you will miss it dearly.
  5. Riithi

    Balancing XP vs Silver

    It is my personal impression that my silver income is dragging behind my XP income. This never happened in WoT, usually when I unlocked the next vehicle I had made the silver to buy it. It is just really demotivating to grind silver after I unlocked the XP for the next ship. All of the above is happening with a premium account, which I used during both WoT and WoWs. I wouldn't mind if it was for a tier 10, but this crap is starting (for me) around tier 8, and it just really annoys the crap out of me. Especially during later tiers you work towards your XP goal, but then to realize.. NOPE, still got to 'work' for that money is just really meh. Also my impression is that non-premium play is more impaired compared to WoT, which will hurt this game in the long run. Why.. because people hurt a premium wall 1-2 tiers lower compared to WoT. Oh and please some clanwars/team vs. team. pretty please
  6. Riithi

    Is Tirpitz the Type 59 of WOWS?

    A ship is out for 5 days and people are already drawing conclusions. It's really hard to really get a feel for the balance because the Tirpitz fights against other Tirpies. Tier8 Battleships and Carriers are the sealclubbing ships of choice for the coming month though. Also this thread is just clickbait crap.
  7. Kinda stupid engineering, and also an easily human mistake to make, we must make the most accurate FireControl.... But well is it still usable after 10 HE shells just landed near you? Although fatigue is a bit silly, if it's a really an issue, just rotate the operators, and in extreme cases just pump them full of drugs. Drugs we now call illegal were standard issue in WW2.
  8. Tirpitz already has a great many things going for it. It feels like a Battleship/Cruiser hybrid. So yes you lose out on pure battleship destruction, but you excell in wrecking cruisers, and are less vulnerable against destroyers. Giving the ship more penetration and accuracy will mean the only vulnerability will be airplanes.. If the ship would be slow this would be more of a problem, but due to it's speed keeping up with AA cruisers is easy. Also be glad in WoWs many premium ships are on par/better compared to the standard ships, especially compared to WoT..
  9. Riithi

    Are you a bit sick of this Tirpitz hype? I know I am

    The servicelife of the Tirpitz was rather boring yeah, people buy it for other reasons. A theory of mine is that postwar a lot of the media inflated the capabilities of the Germans, to make their own(USA/UK) victory seem more awesome. So when you see a documentary of the Bismarck it will be called a 'Super Battleship' yadda yadda etc etc. But with a more critical look, the Bismarck is not that different from the others made around that time. Personally I think the ships looks attractive.
  10. Riithi

    Can I get reported by players for falling back?

    You can report everyone for every misgiving you have, and so can everyone else. The reporting system is more in place for players to vent their anger, I don't think anything happens with them. With a points system like in domination it is sometimes a good idea to be a coward so your sides dont lose points.
  11. Riithi

    Guarding your CVs

    Enemy CVs can choose where and when to attack, so if you sit with your AA cruisers besides your own CV, expect a very boring and lonesome match, because the enemy carrier will just pick another juicier target. Your guns are needed at the frontline... This doesnt mean you should try to steer for an intercept on approaching enemy planes towards your CV... The best spot is between your and their CV.
  12. Riithi

    Navel Gun sizes in inches not mm

    NASA lost an unmanned mission owing to a mix-up between metric and imperial units. In September 1999, its $125 million Mars Climate Orbiter probe was destroyed because its attitude-control system used imperial units but its navigation software used metric units. As a result, it was 100 kilometres too close to Mars when it tried to enter orbit around the planet. Woops
  13. Riithi

    Navel Gun sizes in inches not mm

    Didn't know it either, but wiki to the rescue: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knot_(unit) The knot (/nɒt/) is a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile (1.852 km) per hour. Yes it's derived from the imperial system, but later adjusted to have a nice round 1.852km. Bonus edit from the wiki: So that's why it's handy to use these nautical miles when navigating at sea.
  14. Riithi

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Was playing domination and we were losing, behind on points, time running out. Killed their last two ships in the last 20 seconds, with the last ship dying when the clock ticked 00:00. Damn that felt good!
  15. Riithi

    Navel Gun sizes in inches not mm

    It's really funny that these discussions of metric vs imperial reminds me of religious or political discussions. It's not about the merit of A or B, it's all about the emotion, our system/religion/political belief is better than yours!