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  1. McGubbins

    Sea Wolves: Forward!

    This looks like fun. Thanks WG EU. 4 weeks ago, I didn't think I'd ever say that.
  2. McGubbins

    Merry Shipmas Captains!

    You know, it's funny that other servers have a special event named Merry Shipsmas, with multiple discounts and rewards. WG EU decided not to celebrate Christmas this year, it seems. Shame. *rings bell* Shame. Shame. Shame.
  3. McGubbins


    Shippy-ki-yay, it's Christmas again. Amazing how it always seems to be a week before the New Year celebration, isn't it? Well, just in case anyone's lacking Christmas spirit, I thought I'd wish everyone a Merry Shipsmas. Hey, WG, don't you think that would be a great title for a special discount event?
  4. McGubbins

    Are you buying the Graf Spee?

    I would have bought it, then I'd have bought the Tirpitz so I could use the camouflage. I'd probably have bought a load of doubloons so I could get the Missouri earlier. Without the Santa's Christmas Convoy missions, I'm buying nothing.
  5. McGubbins

    What WoWS Community do you like more? Forum or Reddit?

    That thread appears not to exist. Seems to have been nuked by the admins for some reason. I can't fathom why.
  6. McGubbins

    What WoWS Community do you like more? Forum or Reddit?

    What convoy thread? I might as well ask, what convoy? Are convoys coming back?
  7. McGubbins


    1. DescriptionSanta's Christmas Convoy achievement is unobtainable on EU server. 2. Reproduction stepsIn the player's profile section, view the achievements. Santa's Christmas Convoy and Santa's Christmas Convoy with Honors appear to be attainable is you complete the campaign. Sadly the campaign will not be available on the EU server. 3. ResultGreat disappointment that other servers get these campaigns while EU does not. We can, apparently, buy one of the camouflage rewards (Tirpitz) for 3000 doubloons, but other servers can work towards these for free. 4. Expected resultIf an achievement is visible, it should be possible to attain it. 5. Technical details n/a
  8. McGubbins

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    I ran pingplotter last night and it was highlighting a node in Germany that was causing problems. It seems fine this morning, so no need to include the report.
  9. McGubbins

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    I've seen 300ms on lag spikes tonight. At 60ms in the mornings the lag isn't too bad but this evening it's utterly unplayable. So bad I've dug out these forums and made my first 2 posts. I'm UK based, on Virgin (since everyone else seems to be BT or PlusNet (now owned by BT).
  10. McGubbins

    micro lags

    In the mornings it only lags to around 60ms for me (normal is 35ms). I just tried 2 games and it was lagging to over 300ms rendering the game utterly unplayable.