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  1. JeeWeeJ

    Supertest FAQ

    We have coordinated sessions every 2 to 3 weeks, which usually take about 1 to 2 hours. Then there is individual testing and live testing, which really depends on how much there is to test but for live testing one could say about 2 hours per ship. (but this differs per player) The amount of time needed to write feedback, bugs etc vary per person and per patch. No, the ST-EU clan is a pretty laidback clan, more intended to give STs the benefits of being in a clan. It's not mandatory to become a member and you can stay with your current clan. However, it is appreciated if you would prioritize ST activities above clan activities in the occasion when those two agenda's collide. (but that usually doesn't happen very often and there is no official rule that you have to)
  2. JeeWeeJ

    Supertest FAQ

    Pay? As in: "monetary compensation for work done" Last time I was told I should be glad to just get a friendly warning and not get deported to SUNNY SIBERIA™. (though the promises of snowy-white beaches and icecube-mining excursions do sound tempting) Seriously though, no, we do not get paid. It's all volunteer work.
  3. JeeWeeJ

    Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    It's the crew storage area for steam powered tube-shaped massage contraptions. Because being a sailor can be a hard life! Yes. Massages. Deffo needed. I'll see myself out now.
  4. JeeWeeJ

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    I tried to convince them that to include more CV players would only generate more unfair plane...but they didn't listen. Anyway, yes, as was already mentioned multiple times, we seek a very broad spectrum of players. Odd as it may sometimes sound, it can often be good to have scrubby players around! (and I'm the #1 scrublord of ST! )
  5. JeeWeeJ

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    Right...and now we shall prepare the transportation to the icecube mines of SUNNY SIBERIA™ Gratz to those chosen and better luck next time for the rest.
  6. JeeWeeJ

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    The reason is quite simple really: we wish to expand our number of testers. Yes, our number has decreased a bit since the last recruitment drive, so we wish to make up for those and get a good few extra. This is purely a practical reason (not all testers can make every session due to RL reasons) and new testing methods combined with bigger and more patches simply require more manpower. We do not have a set number of recruits we're looking for, best I can say is "quite a few".
  7. JeeWeeJ

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    Oh, I would also suggest that people who apply keep their firstborn ready. Our lord and saviour the server hamster (blessed be his name) regularly demands sacrifices to be made. Just saying...
  8. JeeWeeJ

    Scharnhorst Hype :D

    Well, scaring the population with made up "facts" and terrifying names is a good way to rally support for your war machine. And they did sink HMS Glorious (which was party because the Brits acted in a completely stupid way), so they should be terrifyingly ugly! Well, even at that tier the BBs have 300mm+ armor and 14" guns (or bigger), so she would be completely outclassed at that tier. :S
  9. JeeWeeJ

    Scharnhorst Hype :D

    Well, IMHO, the Deutschland class shouldn't be in the tree because...well...they are oddball ships! They are armored like a heavy cruiser, but can be penned by 6" shells (as happened on the battle of River Plate). They have BB size guns, but not a whole lot of them (only 6 280mm rifles) And to top it off they are relatively slow! So, their guns are too big and they're too slow to be a "proper" CA in game terms. But they are also too fragile and too lightly armed to be considered a BB! The only way I would see them implemented ingame is as a premium CA, but do not expect them to be OMGWTFPWN prems!
  10. JeeWeeJ

    Scharnhorst Hype :D

  11. JeeWeeJ

    Newest Official Cannon Fodder

    Welcome! May your insanity be limitless and Lord Hamsterius's blessings be upon you!
  12. JeeWeeJ

    Every week a patch...

    Agreed, I'm kinda happy that the devs are quite active with patching and (trying to) improving the game. I can understand and agree that it might be somewhat problematic if you don't have a very good internet connection though.
  13. JeeWeeJ

    Ok here we have the RN Cruisers

    Those topics were all in the Alpha and Beta sections of the forum, but those have been purged a while back. Perhaps you'll still be able to find some on the NA forums, I think they still have those sections up.
  14. JeeWeeJ

    Ok here we have the RN Cruisers

    See it like this: the longer the range, the easier the shells are to dodge. So at extreme and long range the lack of armor of the RU ship isn't much of an issue, since you can try and dodge the Cleve's shells while spamming him with shells of your own. The closer you get, the shallower the shell arcs will become and thus a bigger risk that they hit the vertical (= side) armor. This is where the Cleve will have the advantage since that ship has more-or-less the armor protection of a heavy cruiser, where the RU ship will have much MUCH less protection. So the shorter the range, the bigger the chance that the Cleveland will hit your citadel, while you'll have a harder time hitting his. Ofcourse: at point blank range AP shells will smash through any armor, but you still need to get there with a decent amount of hitpoints. ...and then I haven't even spoken of Clevelands secondary battery... (did I say it's a tier 8-ish ship yet?)