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  1. Foka

    Cleveland class bug

    During countdown on Cleveland I can't zoom in or out camera. On the every other ship I played it wasn't (and sin't a problem), only this one.
  2. Foka

    Battles resulting a draw

    10% draws IMO is too much, it should be less then 5.
  3. Foka

    Battles resulting a draw

    Can you reveal how many battles result in a draw? I have feeling it's much higher procentage then in tanks. Despite a bit longer battles ships are so slower and maps so much bigger that often on last 5 mins of the battle there are 1-2 ships on each side, usually some slow BBs and there is no way to win this. Adding 5 mins to battle time would help.
  4. Foka

    Friendly torpedo fire penalty

    I know FF is part of the game I don't want it to be removed. Artillery FF is rare event and it really can be honest mistake because "danger close" shot. But really annoying and often occuring is torpedo FF. Idiots in DDs just shoot torps to targets 10-15 km away, because they're to afraid to come closer and they don't check thier surroundings. Several times while playing BB I received more damage from friendly torps then from enemy fire. There should be strict system of penalties for such actions, starting from losing all XP for a battle and finishing with ban.