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  1. rowns

    Looking for an tier 10 cruiser

    Hi all, I am looking for an ship that can do a lot of dmg with a single salvo when played right. I have the Molotov, which is one of my most liked ships in the game and I am looking for a ship like that. I do understand that those 4 tiers difference might be a huge different type of gameplay and that there might not be an ship like that. I looked at a few ships in the tech tree, and maybe the Moskva would be an good choice?
  2. rowns

    Questions and Answers with MrConway and Tuccy


    That is great, thank you very much.
  3. rowns

    The SIMS is awful now :(

    I really like the Sims, I probably play it wrong, the torps range aren't good. But I love to see that I have hit with more then 100 shells. Btw. if we could change the speed of torps we could get a range of 13km.
  4. rowns

    Question open beta.

    Hi all, I have a question right now, I have a few premium ships and I know that when the Open beta I will get them back now my question is. I bought the kitakami with gold, will I get the Kitakami back or am I going to get the gold back?
  5. rowns

    Battleship Repair thing

    Hi, I have a request. for a few days ago I pressed be accident the repair button instead of the scout button wasting my repair. T and Y are close to each other, so my idea is that when you aren't damaged you can't repair or if you want to repair you need to press Y 2 times. I think that this will solve the problem that you waste a repair on a undamaged ship.
  6. rowns

    OOh no

    Oke well I don't know I just hope that I can join the closed beta fast, really liked the game.
  7. rowns

    OOh no

    Really you guys couldn't wait a few weeks? My PC did break a week ago now I am waiting for it to be fixed, I hope that I can play it soon. Well have great battles you all.
  8. rowns

    General Cool Pictures - WWII

    I have a book about that mission and that those midget submarines got towed be bigger submarines, it also happend that the ropes?(not sure if it where rope), did break and the midget submarine where floating on the sea. at the end a few succeeded in placing bombs under the hull of the tirpitz. but the germans did succeed in moving the ship enought from the explosived, so that damadge was less then it should be. I am sorry for my bad english. btw
  9. rowns

    HMS Rodney

    Thank you very much.
  10. rowns

    HMS Rodney

    Just a question, I have on wikipedia it says, that Rodney had to stop firing on the bismarck because she damaged her self when firing her 16 inch guns. Is that true?