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  1. requiems

    Server down

    seriously ppl need to calm down
  2. requiems

    Server down

    still down
  3. requiems

    Would like to see the space battles again.

    thats a negative
  4. requiems

    Server down / problems?

    yarrr ye server is down who can post the longest wait
  5. requiems

    Stuck in harbour

    Hey deleting the preferences.xml fix it. Im now able to start games thanks for the info!
  6. requiems

    Stuck in harbour

    i dont have any mods installed. boring i know i will look at the xlm file. thanks
  7. requiems

    Stuck in harbour

    also i have the following message in my CV "IDS_READY_TO_BATTLE_IN_DISABLED"
  8. requiems

    Stuck in harbour

    Hello I have updated and i can log into the game however i am stuck there. I cannot exit ranked battles/ select a random game I can move between ships but i cannot start a game I have the ship anchor rotating constantly in the centre screen. I cannot exit the game without using task manager to kill the app anyone else have this?
  9. Dude I used to be on virgin and i left. Long story short they over subscribe their local loops and this causes bottle necks. I worked this out be doing a trace route to say google. I then did a ping -t to each hop and the first 3 hops into virgins network were clean but then on the 4th hop i was losing 4 pings out of 10. This was their hayes router. So do the same and you may find it to be virgin network dropping packets. i will go into more detail if you need but any ways i proved to virgin it was their infrastructure and not mu local equipment and they let me leave the contract ealry because i kicked up a fuss and proved the fault to be theirs. I then move to bt infinity and its been a whole lot better.
  10. requiems

    Tirpitz is up!

    its beautiful. i love it
  11. requiems

    What happened to my kita?

    ah ok. tnx
  12. requiems

    What happened to my kita?

    i bought a kita but since the reset it has gone. Anyone know why?
  13. requiems

    "Server busy - please try again later"?