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  1. Jiri_Starrider

    Nations lineup (Keep it clean)

    Biased poll is Biased. What about the Regia Marina? The Marine Nationale?
  2. Jiri_Starrider

    Why atleast a premium RN ship is vital to release

    You may, just saying, just may, want to revise that statement. Bismarck was so not a "pocket" battleship. Not a Kreigsmarine fanboi, but call a spade a spade, and that ain't no spade.
  3. Jiri_Starrider

    WoWS Raw Yamato Gameplay (WGNA approved)

    Um, no, not at all. Gunlion said it had to be reviewed by WG. I think there was weight given to those already with a youtube channel known for this kind of work, but nothing about an imaginary forum rank being a limiting factor.
  4. Jiri_Starrider

    Camo effects

    Also adding lights, when I was on board the USS Mt. Hood we would often add lights and block others to transform our night time "look" to that of a destroyer. What we looked like - What we thought we looked like - What we really looked like -
  5. Jiri_Starrider

    Camo effects

    Don't laugh, Dazzle and other confusion types of camo were not always in grayscale, They are just old enough that all we have left are BW photo's of the ships.