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  1. Lieut_Gruber

    unnatural enemy aim

    Play a bit more than 200 battles maybe? Do you 'lock on' your targets? And look where your shells drop, so you can learn/adjust.
  2. Lieut_Gruber

    Italian cruiser line

    I get 10k+ salvos with it , Brindisi on broadside Georgia.
  3. Lieut_Gruber

    Italian cruiser line

    I started with Zara, and im at Brindisi now. Im loving them, they are my new favorite line . Average damage is also high, no problem here. And i love the "get out of jail for free button" smoke, you can make some realy agressive moves with it and get out unharmed. The problem is that most players got lazy with HE spam, now they have to think and aim again
  4. Lieut_Gruber

    Was Colorado nerfed recently? I can't hit a thing!

    Its just because you didnt play for a while, your feeling for aiming is gone. After a few days of playing it gets better.
  5. Lieut_Gruber

    Does the Smolensk need a nerf.

    I cant get the ship to work, maybe its because i despise it So what is the trick? 19km range?
  6. Lieut_Gruber

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    Funny how most complains about RM cruisers are the lack of fires vs BB's. Still a lot of cruiser players spam HE at BB all game long to get those impressive damage numbers. Then they post a screenshot on the forum, showing them best of the losing team, screaming how their team sucked. Fact is most dont shoot DD when spotted, because they dont want to risk a 0 dmg salvo since they cant hit a barn side standing next to it. I like what they did with the RM cruisers, altho a bit more protection would be nice. We already have enough toxic HE spammers in the game, like Smolensk.
  7. Lieut_Gruber

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    "We are both unicums" and "its 64%" is a bit pathetic imo, indeed a funny screenshot.
  8. Lieut_Gruber

    Is there XVM for WoWS?

    I always count the number of players who write their name without a capital, the side who has most in high tier ships loses.
  9. Lieut_Gruber

    Yugoslav ships in European Tech Tree

    I heared they are planned after the Swiss line
  10. Lieut_Gruber

    How to fix smolensk - an idea

    Sounds like fun, sitting at 17km and trying not to get spotted. I think you just proved the OP's point.
  11. Lieut_Gruber

    How to fix smolensk - an idea

    So enlighten us please, how do you deal with it?
  12. Lieut_Gruber

    This is not right.

    So popping smoke, hydro and then rain HE onto a slow BB is called skill? Wow.......
  13. Lieut_Gruber

    How to fix smolensk - an idea

    And what is left for Moskva and Stalingrad then? Sail off in open water, to get shot to pieces by 5 BB? Now we finally have CA/L going close to caps, and thanks to Smol that is impossible now. So back to long range HE spam again? The ship is toxic, OP is right that its bad for the game.
  14. Lieut_Gruber

    How to fix smolensk - an idea

    And rename it Khabarovsk
  15. Lieut_Gruber

    Why WoWS creates toxic players and fix

    May i ask under what name you played before this account?