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  1. Lieut_Gruber

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    I think he enjoyed taking a full specced AA cruiser into battle, and then murder planes with it. Now that doesn't work anymore, so he is sad.
  2. Lieut_Gruber

    Alsace is just BAD...

    Normandy: hit rate 25% Lyon: hit rate 25% Richelieu: hit rate 26% Alsace: hit rate 25%, so this one is bad?
  3. Lieut_Gruber

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    I am sorry, your English is hard to read sometimes, what did i understand wrong?
  4. Lieut_Gruber

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    You forgot about the RTS time, where there was a fighter sqrn circling both caps, and if you had the bad cv player in your team, they never left? And they spotted your DD from outside their AA range? Then there came 3 torp sqrn that cross dropped your DD, and back to port. Ye fun times indeed, so exiting..... And btw: you tried in coop?1 game.... T4......
  5. Lieut_Gruber

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    But looking at your stats, you haven't played a single game in the reworked cv's. And only up to T7 before rework. How do you know?
  6. Nvm, @Uglesett already said it better than me :)
  7. Lieut_Gruber

    Game crashs after 2-3 m in battle

    Tried reinstalling the game?
  8. I am replaying the IJN BB line now, at the Amagi now, not rushing it. I did it because this was the first BB line i completed, was curious how they played being more experienced. Im not realy after a RB ship, Colbert looks boring, maybe Ohio.
  9. Lieut_Gruber

    What am I doing wrong ?

    Yes he looks like a new player who gets some guidance, but our friend TS is a reroll. They often are ashamed to admit it, no idea why.
  10. Lieut_Gruber

    What am I doing wrong ?

    Well he is pretty rare then. Kawachi he does 45k average, ship average is 19k... Myogi, 76k average, ship average is 25k... Kongo 60k average, ship average is 33k... He beats the best players on those ships, i find it hard to believe he is new to the game. And then starting a topic like this....
  11. Lieut_Gruber

    What am I doing wrong ?

    I smell a troll, this looks like a reroll, or he had incredible luck from start.
  12. Lieut_Gruber

    AFK people in start of a match

    So you also leave match if you face T6 while you have a T8 right? Because it is realy unfair for those T6 right?
  13. Lieut_Gruber

    Is Yamato still good?

    Private profile , that says it al.
  14. Lieut_Gruber

    Over 7000 matches and still substandard

    My 2 cents: with some ships you can not do much to influence a battle. I, for example, are very fond of my Wooster atm, it brings alot of utility to a battle. Its also great at killing DD, and often winning the DD battle = winning battle.
  15. Yes that's the price you have to pay, nothing comes for free in this game