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  1. Guys...discussing borderline mods with MTM79 is like banging your head against a brick wall. He will always defend them, since THE RULES say its allowed. And almost every cheat was legal, before they got banned. These players just dont have the moral backbone to understand themself why it is wrong to use them, and will always keep doing it telling themself its ok because THE RULES say so.
  2. You also used the aim assist as i remember correctly. It makes me a bit sad to read this, makes your stats kinda pointless now. Well, good to know the aim assist crap is back, time for a break again until it gets banned. Cya all.
  3. Actualy, upto to T9 you dont get armor at all, the Moskva is a big change to the previous tiers. Also, imo the Dimitri Donskoi should be the T10.
  4. Well, the Moskva has more consistent damage output, it is not rng dependant. It has radar, only the Missouri has that, with a lower range. I find the Moskva also highly effective against other cruisers.
  5. Try to protect your broadside with an island, the Moskva is realy good at bowtanking. Survive the first 10min like this, and then the Moskva realy starts to shine. It is imune to T8 BB bow on, and it kills realy fast. Edit: and be prepared to get sunk.....alot.
  6. If you get a lemmingtrain to that awfull cap, often it is better to join them and make sure they take that cap fast. Then pray they wont stop and try to lead them onwards
  7. Most of your wishes are already granted.......its called GERMAN BATTLESHIP!! Cannot be hit by torpedoes, stronk armor so almost no citadels, stronk secondaries
  8. With a max of 5 BB per battle, in a game of 12 ships per side, it makes 41,6%. With a CV the max is 4 (not sure about this), so how can you ever get 50%?
  9. Im am also a bit worried that these DW torps will punish all non-German BB. Those are the biggest problem atm, they are very hard to hit with torps thanks to their sonar. The ones without will be sitting ducks for these new torps, and maybe pushing more BB players to the KM?
  10. Isn't it easier to just nerf planes so they wont spot torpedoes anymore? That would be a buff to torpedoes and a nerf to BB, since they use fighter planes to spot for them. In my opinion this is the biggest problem for DD these day, everyone and their mothers see your torpedoes coming from far.
  11. I can beat that, and this one loves CV play: *Edited
  12. Ow Darky, if only you allowed us to see your smell alot like an average damage, high survival rate, low win rate damage leech.
  13. Im gonna steal this one for signature, with your permission off course
  14. Trust me its easier to dodge a radar than an AP salvo. But im seriously thinking we should report you for trolling, as you totaly derailed this topic over and over again
  15. Afaik friendly fire is switched off, i tested it with clanmates