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  1. Pan Asian Destroyers - They're a bit rubbish

    Because that only works against nobs who go to cap, smoke up and wait for the other DD to leave?
  2. Heavy cruisers, useless in this meta

    I said it many times, so once more: cruisers aren't meant to be killing battleships. If you have no targets, it's fine to sting them and try to get some fires going, but your main task is support, so finish off low hp targets, shoot planes, and kill destroyers. Only the Moskva is heavy enough to fight battleships, but can only do that from cover and bow on.
  3. Proposal about hard carry.

    Or a flag with a bloodsucker on it, for being the biggest leech of the team
  4. Must Add sailors and soldiers

    Missouri has a cook walking around sometimes
  5. The fun and engaging game mechanic

    The Hood might agree with you guys, but it did happen for real, and it has a place in the game. As said before, if you don't have flags there is a nice module for it, even I dont use it. I find it funny to detonate others, and if I get detonated I hope the other guy has fun, I got flags!
  6. Bots - there is a plague of them

    Bots are pretty rare imo, what you guys see are slow loaders or disconnected players. Easy to see because the guns stay in neutral position.
  7. Public Test 0.6.13 regarding carriers

    Your are having this discussion as a T8 CV player who just has left the T7-8 AA hell, and enters T9 as a stock CV. I am in the same position at, uptill now I was doing OK as CV player, but from T9 I recently get my [edited]kicked by MUCH better players. Just face it, we are average CV players, and we are part of the problem what is: high skilled CV players winning battles on their own, because enemy CV is weak. Nothing else than the other CV can shut down a CV. And also the mentioned AA ships, there are few, and the AA consumable can be easily avoided. Even the entire ship can be avoided until it is sunk by other ships.
  8. Public Test 0.6.13 regarding carriers

    OK, from now on you shall not be taken serious anymore, you just have disqualified yourself from the CV discussion.
  9. So WG. Still no fix for BB AP against DDs.

    Isn't it the shell entering the ship one side, and leaving through the other side? Since it doesn't detonate, the shell keeps traveling.
  10. Halloween salt

    2 DD'a can easily kill Gorgon in the filth, they just have to take it easy on the first part.
  11. The limitation of modding

    Guys...discussing borderline mods with MTM79 is like banging your head against a brick wall. He will always defend them, since THE RULES say its allowed. And almost every cheat was legal, before they got banned. These players just dont have the moral backbone to understand themself why it is wrong to use them, and will always keep doing it telling themself its ok because THE RULES say so.
  12. Why allow mods the show speed and direction?

    You also used the aim assist as i remember correctly. It makes me a bit sad to read this, makes your stats kinda pointless now. Well, good to know the aim assist crap is back, time for a break again until it gets banned. Cya all.
  13. Do T10 Heavy Cruisers still have a point?

    Actualy, upto to T9 you dont get armor at all, the Moskva is a big change to the previous tiers. Also, imo the Dimitri Donskoi should be the T10.
  14. Do T10 Heavy Cruisers still have a point?

    Well, the Moskva has more consistent damage output, it is not rng dependant. It has radar, only the Missouri has that, with a lower range. I find the Moskva also highly effective against other cruisers.
  15. Do T10 Heavy Cruisers still have a point?

    Try to protect your broadside with an island, the Moskva is realy good at bowtanking. Survive the first 10min like this, and then the Moskva realy starts to shine. It is imune to T8 BB bow on, and it kills realy fast. Edit: and be prepared to get sunk.....alot.