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  1. How to reduce toxic behaviour

    Thats easy: it's people getting frustrated by being forced to play with, and against players of different skill levels. I'm sometimes pulling my hair out while watching my team throw away a certain win.
  2. OP, try aiming for citadels below the gunturrets instead of the boilers, it is much more reliable at closer range than the mostly underwater boiler rooms.
  3. Try your luck Supercontainers

    Maybe your clanmates are screwing with you, and might be lying?
  4. Kidd or Lo Yang

    Seeing all those Kidd owners, I just got one from the bonus code, what captain build you guys advice?
  5. Got Kidd from it, nice
  6. What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Said ok to my wife when she asked me if i wanted to do a little job........clean the electric frying pan
  7. A noob's rant on low-tier CVs gameplay.

    Maybe just learn to dodge strafe's? Do you think your planes will be immune to strafing from T6?
  8. If he is new, he could bother to try to learn and ask the forum nicely about what happend, instead of making a big post about some bug he found.
  9. auto-blow-up

    The classic "I am the only good player in my team" crybaby, because they leech in the back entire battle. Then go to forum to complain.
  10. 'playerbase *Edited & balancing?

    If you join a team in a soccer match, that team will expect you to play soccer with them, not basketball.
  11. I agree with OP on this matter. Being an average CV player, I know it can be challenging to face a good one, it gets a nightmare if he brings AA friends. This aplies for any division, but only because of the single CV rule, the synergy is 100%, because the AA ships will meet a CV. There is no other example where you can meet your counter 100% sure, so I agree that it is a little abuse of MM mechanics.
  12. The true power of divisions

    Having 2 less idiots in your team is indeed an advantage, that's for sure. I only hope it's also fun for them, to be mmicromanaged by you
  13. Every game i faced a Stalingrad it was a loss due to that Stalingrad. Why do supertesters always start testing the ship too strong and then later tuning it down? Same crap happend to me when Conq was in ST, i met 2 who had super stealth and radar......
  14. In the name of Pink Science

    You might go pink from strafing own planes, I see it apear as team damage