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  1. With a max of 5 BB per battle, in a game of 12 ships per side, it makes 41,6%. With a CV the max is 4 (not sure about this), so how can you ever get 50%?
  2. Im am also a bit worried that these DW torps will punish all non-German BB. Those are the biggest problem atm, they are very hard to hit with torps thanks to their sonar. The ones without will be sitting ducks for these new torps, and maybe pushing more BB players to the KM?
  3. Isn't it easier to just nerf planes so they wont spot torpedoes anymore? That would be a buff to torpedoes and a nerf to BB, since they use fighter planes to spot for them. In my opinion this is the biggest problem for DD these day, everyone and their mothers see your torpedoes coming from far.
  4. I can beat that, and this one loves CV play: *Edited
  5. Ow Darky, if only you allowed us to see your smell alot like an average damage, high survival rate, low win rate damage leech.
  6. Im gonna steal this one for signature, with your permission off course
  7. Trust me its easier to dodge a radar than an AP salvo. But im seriously thinking we should report you for trolling, as you totaly derailed this topic over and over again
  8. Afaik friendly fire is switched off, i tested it with clanmates
  9. God you have a thick skull, and a huge concrete plate in front of that also..... WE are saying: HIGH TIER DD TAKE TOO MUCH DAMAGE FROM BB AP. YOU keep saying: GET MORE SKILLZ SO YOU WONT GET HIT Its not how the ships handle, its the fact the bigger DD take too much damage from BB AP. So question: have you ever received BB AP its while sailing in a Gearing?
  10. So you are saying, you never ever get spotted, or once you get spotted, you never receive hits from BB AP? Impressive.....
  11. Most smoke screens are dropped pretty close to caps, so if this will cause Yama players to enter caps its a good thing!
  12. So division gameplay is also a broken game mechanic? But i say again, this topic is about (offensive) use of smoke, and i just pointed out why the topic starter is complaining in my opinion.
  13. Wow strong argument there, well done. Did i hit the soft spot?
  14. So how exactly does the smoke nerf affect the Yamato, Moskva and Saipan? This topic is mostly about the offensive use of smoke, by Cruisers. Destroyers (torpedo ones) often use it defensive.
  15. You are not giving them money, you are buying their product. To me this whole topic of yours sounds like a baby who's favorite toy will be taken away. Most of your gameplay heavily depends on smoke mechanics, so you wont be able to hold that 60% wr anymore I'm afraid if it gets nerfed. Always funny to see those 'unicums', who's only achievement is to milk some broken gamemechanic, cry when it gets repaired.