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  1. Lieut_Gruber

    ???? che succede?

    fps4 ping 345 jerks the game until last week it was fine to do something thanks a lot
  2. Lieut_Gruber


    OP, mount spotter plane and fire from max range. You live entire game and make mucho damage and credits.
  3. Lieut_Gruber

    Sailing straight into cap in the first minute...

    The whole "support" arguement is a bit nonsense. Mostly DD die before they kill the attacking CA, and CA die faster than you van sink the enemy BB.
  4. Lieut_Gruber


    I am still waiting for a topic like: "what is happening to player base, i win alot more games than usual". As always, if they lose it has an external reason, if they win its their skill.
  5. Lieut_Gruber

    Sailing straight into cap in the first minute...

    Does the fact you get screamed at you alot not ring a bell for you? I rarely get screamed at. Since the gloves are coming off, here we go: you are the classic wallet warrior, you bought almost every single ship in game, and jumped straight into high tiers, with disastrous results. THAT is the reason people, who invested time in getting some skill, shout at you ruining their fun. And all you want is to mute them so you can enjoy, while ruining theirs.
  6. Lieut_Gruber

    Sailing straight into cap in the first minute...

    There is a difference between actually sitting in the circle, and being usefull around the cap. Entering the cap early is almost certain death, while spotting around the cap is useful. Sailing map edge spamming torps is not (unless you have ijn torp boat)
  7. Lieut_Gruber

    It might be a conspiricy theory, ...but

    I guess the Missouri has been power crept? Its an old ship, if you want to climb in wr, use strongest ships possible.
  8. Lieut_Gruber

    Is this some kind of joke

    What did i read wrong then?
  9. Lieut_Gruber

    Is this some kind of joke

    If you know where to aim, AP always gives better damage, and it is harder to repair. Use only HE if you have no chance to pen.
  10. Lieut_Gruber

    Is this some kind of joke

  11. Lieut_Gruber

    Is this some kind of joke

    Another brilliant playtip from Blub, shoot HE at broadside cruisers.
  12. Lieut_Gruber

    Opinions on an accidental friendly torp

    Well, since we all torped a friendly once (or more), i would like a vote system: the player that gets hit by friendly fire, gets the choice (after battle maybe) to punish or forgive the culprit. If the offender is truly sorry, why not forgive and get over it? If he starts like "noob, learn to check your surroundings" -> Punish.
  13. Lieut_Gruber

    CV top emblem-- be fair

    What I meant is that top player performance hasn't changed. Ow come on, show us the mystery data!! Im curious!!
  14. Lieut_Gruber

    Abusive message when I log in after 10 days away...

    Bullying? Fact is, i (and i guess you also) rarely get text messages in port telling me about my sexual preferences. But nowadays it seems no one can take any form of criticism anymore, they immediately feel attacked and offended. Ow and OP, it is possible that he send that message right after you logged off for 10 days, and he never closed the chat window. Then it will still appear in your port if you log on. Since your name is kinda unique, i highly doubt he picked the wrong player.
  15. Lieut_Gruber

    Steering mod 2.....

    Aim assist?