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  1. Lieut_Gruber

    my luck

    Maybe he was burning from other players fires? Then you can’t start one either. Also, don’t always target centre, that’s the spot usually on fire. Try to hit front and back.
  2. Lieut_Gruber

    Why so Big?

    I’m sorry, but I have to say: “that’s what she said”
  3. Lieut_Gruber

    Map Edges

    Flat earth, make em fall over the edge. That would be epic
  4. Lieut_Gruber

    Am I the only one who does this?

    I highly doubt he does ‘protest’ if he gets top tier, to sympathise with the low tiers in his team. Me thinks he really enjoys blowing up low tier ships, makes him feel good, it’s fun!
  5. Lieut_Gruber

    DD evolution in WOWS

    A DD with only smoke sounds nice. A permanent smoke generator for 20 min.
  6. Also, they not only get more firepower, armour and HP, but on top of that the special gimmick. Do lower tiers also get those? edit: and also a good point mentioned above, giving them to inexperienced players hurts the game.
  7. Lieut_Gruber

    Wrong balance

    Hilarious, a re-roller who keeps getting 53% WR and blames MM maybe the problem sits between the chair and keyboard?
  8. Lieut_Gruber

    CVs are Overdue an Overhaul…

    Nice cherry picking, taking these 2 as example. some other (solo) winrates from you: Shokaku old 87,94% rework 78,39% -9,55% Saipan old 90% rework 79,63% -10,37% Enterprise old 84,58% rework 81,66% -2,92% Seems the rework worked out just fine.
  9. Lieut_Gruber

    Sevastopol Slapped

    I think removing the speed boost helps avg and below players more, since most use it to speed into their death, then complain in chat “why no support bad team”
  10. Lieut_Gruber

    Divisionless Random Matches - Daily

    How often do you run into a superunicum division? Only a small % of the player base is purple, and the chance of meeting a purple division is even smaller. Take the opportunity to watch and learn?
  11. Lieut_Gruber

    Buff for the IJN DDs T9/10(and maybe ZAO)

    The IJN torpedo boats are a bit All or Nothing, you can get +100k damage games in them, or 5k damage. Depends a lot on the amount of hydro in the enemy team. Lately there is a lot thanks to KM battle cruiser line.
  12. Lieut_Gruber

    What's the best looking ship in your opinion?

    Easy, Venezia with premium cammo
  13. Lieut_Gruber

    Enough is enough !!

    Go play randoms, 75% there is slightly better than a bot
  14. Lieut_Gruber

    World or Warsh..planes?

    Double CV’s with TX?? That is pretty rare right?