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  1. So I made a support ticket......

    Even better: strafing your own locked planes counts as team damage, increasing the duration of the pinkness (I read somewhere )
  2. Kronshtadt in very Early Preview

    Well, i always say that CA are not meant to fight BB one on one. But the whole idea of a Battlecruiser is that it owns cruisers, and that is what this one does I believe.
  3. Extra consumable for Yamato, and maybe Montana

    Yamato used to have a superheal like conq has, but they removed it because it was too op. Now on Conq, with its underwater citadel, its balanced.
  4. Kronshtadt in very Early Preview

    Or a cruiser with t11 guns, and t11 armour?
  5. Surface Radar

    Can't be that hard. Check if in radar range, then check if in line of sight from the radar ship. If both yes, spotted.
  6. No need for damage farming

    Because a lot of people don't know that reward from damage is based on % of ship damaged. So 100% damage on a 20k DD is same as 100% to a 100k BB.
  7. Conqueror is IMPOSSIBLE to citadel!!1!!!1!

    DD's are getting murdered by AP bug for God knows how long now, no rush. OMG our BBabies take more damage, HOTFIX!!!
  8. Flamu's Discussion - WoWS: The Focus On Damage

    Totaly support Flamu's suggestions. How often are you fighting desperately for caps, only to die and see how you bought the leechers more time to leech. Then as final insult, you get the scorelist, they get more xp......
  9. Remove it NOW

  10. where do i dl the smoke hack from please

    I think the answer has been given already, most likely it is X marks the spot (unless it has been banned already)
  11. Mission impossible ... aka "having fun"

    It's more simple actually: learn players that they lose the same amount of silver, sunk or undamaged. But also gain a lot more if they fight and take damage. And WG needs to stop reward the backline leechers.
  12. A solution to passive/poor gameplay?

    Another common misconception in this game: killing a DD gives about the same xp as killing a BB. Only the healing from some ships increases it. So in your example, the BB that killed the CA and DD (same tier I presume) will get alot more xp than the 50k fire dmg. So 20k damage on a Shima is about the same as 90k on a Yamato.
  13. So other players have a hard time seeing stuff because of the sun in game, and you don't. Sounds like an unfair advantage you gained there with that mod, so cheating?
  14. Moskva is strong, but a bit of a one trick pony: you park it next to a big island and bowtank BB while denying a cap with radar. It is very strong in that role, but once you go sailing around, you will find out it has a big citadel. I have the Hindenburg for a short while now, and it feels much more forgiving to errors, as it isn't that easy to citadel. Also 12 guns which u can use because you can give some broadside. Most relaxing CA for me is Zao, just go hide when things get scary
  15. How do I counter a Saipan ? [Solved]

    What i usualy do: present him 1 fighter squadron, wait until he attacks it with all 3, then strafe the whole bunch. If you meet a smarter one, remember he has only 1 somber sqr, so you don't need that much damage done to outbalance him.