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  1. ravenblight

    Ciekawe alternatywy ?

    Cześć Jeśli pamiętasz harpoon, to przypadło by Ci do gustu CMANO (Command Modern Air / Naval Operations) to chyba najlepsza forma odtworzenia tamtej genialnej gry. Niestety Jest bardzo droga(ale uważam że warta ceny). Pozdrawiam Ravenblight
  2. ravenblight

    Straszne lagi

    Cześć Pytanie dla kapitanów z Warszawy, czy ktoś kto korzysta z UPC odczuwa jakieś problemy z grą? W moim przypadku mam ponad 100 fps i ciągłą dyskotekę pingu od 30 do 250 co powoduje, że cała gra laguje co sekundę, problem występuje na wszystkich trybach gry, łącznie z treningiem(on też jest tworzony na serwerze co by to wyjaśniało) Z góry dziękuję Ravenblight
  3. ravenblight

    Unlimited range of torpedos

    Guys He is speaking about those [edited], who shoot 4,5 km range torps to 15 km target. Sorry OP but they will appear in matches, sometimes they will tk You because they just can.
  4. ravenblight

    Massive frame rate issue - desync?

    Hello So I'm not alone with this problem. For me problem occurs on Islands Map. Its independent from game settings (low, high) same result. Sometimes it helps to change texture quality, but the problem returns. Sometimes the full computer restart is required. Before patch 4.0 there were no such problems at all I've got steady 50-70 fps. I suspect that there is problem with compatibility with AMD cards.
  5. ravenblight

    Patchnotes for

    Stop playing CV then.
  6. ravenblight

    Do Torp Bombers Launch a Bit Too Close?

    Stop starting [edited] about early turning, and saying that cv are hard to hit. Yesterday guy dropped on me 3 spreads of torps from almost 0 distance. Literary bombed by torps, and they were armed. For now is almost impassible to avoid torps when You are attacked by more than one TB squadron. And we get Hakuryu abomination with it zerg swarm.
  7. ravenblight

    Worst ship in the game?

    New Orleans Worst ship for me, total crap. Slow, fragile, slowly turning crap.
  8. Dziękuję i sorry za oftop, Tomanek1 dałem plusik
  9. Cześć Może to głupie pytanie i gdzieś zostało wyjaśnione, mam pytanie odnośnie trybu training. Czy trzeba go gdzieś odblokować w konfiguracji, czy kręciłeś filmik na jakimś serwerze testowym ? Z góry dziękuję
  10. ravenblight

    Atlanta Class Premium Cruiser

    Hello Her short range can be problematic, but she is perfect dd's killer, also if You catch unaware/ocupied bb and flank it You could even kill 80% Nagato. And once rng was so big I'd even soloed full Nagato, but this is not usual. But this ship is perfect fun toy, even when everyting goes wrong it could provide lot more fun than any ship in a game.
  11. ravenblight

    Please let somebody change something with Nagato

    What anglnig this turns slower than earth. With this disaster im happy when i have 10 hits on battle. Fuso is superb ship in comparison to that. And even if im hitting the rng does the over-pen and 306 dm on aoba, cleveland and so on. This ship is wrong, maybe it should be on tier 6, for now I propably stopping this line, when i started to like fuso this is to much.
  12. Please let somebody check random modificators of this "Ship" because in this form is one if not the worst ship in the game. If it sometimes hits something and this is not glorious 300 dmg it could be good but those moments looks for now like exeptions in bad pattern of utter disaster.
  13. ravenblight

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    Hello, my greatest issue is strange FPS lock/drop. Game on clear start works perfect with 71 fps on high details, and sometimes(my try is when I use 'z' key to look after shells or simply look through binos on smoke screen) the framerate drops instantly to 15-20 FPS and only restart of whole system helps. My specs are double AMD 7970 M (only one works in WoWs). Im on latest AMD drivers 14.12.