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  1. Psst... Captains! Check this clan out!
  2. Seriouslly, these guys are awesome to play with. If you're new they will help you grind and teach you. If you're experienced then enjoying playing at top tier with them as well. There is really no limits. Get signing up!!!!
  3. Bones2337

    Progress wipe?

    Yeah as the others stated there should be the main wipe at the Closed to Open beta and then a wipe at launch but in-between it's up to the dev's i'm guessing.
  4. Bones2337

    Shipwreck Ark Royal

    Sweet Vid :)
  5. Bones2337

    Sinking Canadian Navy Warship

    Haha Navy Wins....
  6. Bones2337

    The IOWA Class Battleships

    Now This is a ship!
  7. Bones2337

    World of Warships Table

    Jann336, on 20 January 2013 - 02:49 PM, said: A problem is, however, that on the table stands World of Battleships and not World of Warships. :Smile-_tongue: It makes it unique!
  8. Bones2337

    What is your favourite warship you want in the game???

    HMS Illustrious (87) HMS Illustrious, the fourth Illustrious of the Royal Navy, was an aircraft carrier which saw service in World War II, the lead ship of the Illustrious-class of carriers which also included Victorious, Formidable, and Indomitable.
  9. Bones2337

    HMS Dreadnought

    jeffw, on 03 February 2013 - 05:30 PM, said: A lot of the Battleship names have been re-used for nuclear submarines (hunter killer and ICBM). Renown, Revenge, Resolution & Repulse where the Polaris ICBMs as a for instance. HMS illustrious One of the more famous names...
  10. Bones2337

    Battleship wrecks

    Wow! Nice videos there!
  11. Bones2337

    Bizzare USN Battlecruiser From 1912

    Falathi, on 24 January 2013 - 05:54 PM, said: Actually one thing makes this design totally impossible: the armor belt is described as very thick. Given size of the vessel its actual weight would be insane. And that's just the hull!
  12. Bones2337


    Hells yeah to the RN!
  13. Bones2337

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Falathi, on 26 October 2012 - 06:18 PM, said: @Bones2337 this is actually quite likely. The ship saw service in both World Wars, was a fairly good design of a big country and honestly I see no reason why it shouldn`t make it into game. Ohh yeah. That's what i'm thinking about :)
  14. Bones2337

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    We Shall hopefully see the importance, imported into the game :D