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  1. No such official "functionality". However, you can write to Support as they are the only ones who may help you.
  2. I understand that, but personally I like to give "the benefit of the doubt" to new fellow captains & forumites with low battle and post count Speaking of WoWs mechanics, I can understand how daunting, confusing and unfair can it seem for some players (especially new ones as well as noobs). Compared to beta, there is so much more depth mechanics wise - some good and some bad though. And the forthcoming "smoke nerf" will in fact be a "noob nerf" Another dimension of complexity will be added that only good players will be able to use properly - new or bad players will just find it confusing
  3. Come on guys... Our fellow captain @deBanfield is still inexperienced as you can see from the battle count. Furthermore, he states his observations in a nice manner - quite different from the usual BBaby He is not raging, or whining or sounding like an expert in the matter, but just notes things that are at this point for him "strange things" (to quote him). Hence there is no need of treating this thread as the BBaby thread. Support with sound advice for him is more than welcome though Edit: I also found many "strange things" when I was at his level of experience
  4. What exactly? Unless you are referring to more teamwork needed and new tactical opportunities - which is a good thing imho
  5. I think you are onto something there definitely! However you seem to have mixed up a few things. It's not that the game is rigged against you, but in fact you are rigging the game against your teammates. How you might ask? Simply put, when you play high tier ships for which you are clearly not ready, you are the one rigging the game against your teammates. Please drop down to low and mid tiers until you get sufficiently experienced to play the high tier ones.
  6. WG MultiPack beta for is available at: http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/projects/mods/mods_pack/Release/WOWS_MultiPack_beta_0.6.10.1.exe
  7. To note, I fully feel your pain since I am also here since beta. In beta, the mechanics and balance were much crappier imho than now, however it was compensated by the playerbase who for the most part wanted to learn and understand the game. Those times are long gone and never to return.
  8. Yeah I guess its way too difficult to go to the: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/guides/ Or visit the forums Or watch a few tutorials on YT Or to, God forbid, stick to lower tiers until getting the basics down IMHO, as there are already plenty of easily available information and guides, you are shifting the blame to WG who in reality cannot force the playerbase to learn the basics or to apply them ingame. So OP please answer me this: If a player refuses to learn the basics no matter what or invest some time in learning how would you solve that? If a player knows the basics but refuses to use them ingame (because its less "fun" for him), what can be done about that?
  9. The fact that you have "similar performance" at about 7 avg tier and 6 avg tier clearly shows imho that you have improved over the last 1k battles. It is much easier to have a higher winrate and WTR in lower tiers than when playing T7-T10.
  10. Imho you are doing extremely well after only 1.2k battles The higher the tiers, less room is there for CAs and DDs to decide the match (compared to lower tiers). What I am 100% certain is that YOU WILL GET BETTER with more experience as long as you try to improve. You need at least a few thousands of additional matches before hitting the ceiling
  11. Looks like it. Especially when we see the increase of AP damage received in T1&2 cruisers. For sure BBs play a role more prominently in higher tiers as RN cruisers are not that popular (compared to some other nations). It should be noted that about a year and a half ago the common wisdom was that BBs should swap to HE when fighting DDs which is almost never seen now taking into account how AP is effective against DDs
  12. Not necessarily mutually exclusive. I believe the main point is that ships tend to be very situational, i.e. OP in some situations and UP in others. Hence the constant source of rather opposite opinions about almost every and any ship, frustrations & joys.
  13. As I said you can still play them aggressively & close range as long as you focus a bit more to follow enemy ships getting close to your detection range in smoke. Small adjustment in playstyle is required, no need to go into "full camping" mode. That being said, I do expect a certain drop in RN cruisers performance, but for me they will still be the strongest cruiser line - i.e. very far from dead
  14. Wow nitpicking about naming conventions... Even though you know quite well that "CA" is used here on forums to describe cruiser lines irrespective if specific cruisers are light or heavy. Should I now nitpick about how to use " 's " correctly?