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  1. Even after update, service unavailable... Edit: Just got in, a whopping 1k players already online
  2. Yeah, Farragut is known for its long range fast torps that can catch those ships sailing away at more than 5km To nitpick a bit, you should re-watch the replay if you failed to see him shooting the Fuso :) Not to mention that New Mexico kept the star in the end so your point is quite moot to start with. Lastly, to joke a bit, if anyone "colluded" with the enemy team to give them an easy win, it was your fellow DDs and you dying quite needlessly. Big potato play by more than half of your team so its kinda sad that you are trying to shift the blame...
  3. Damn mate, you are way too salty. Is it because he wrote to you l2p 22cm? Though I hope you admit that it was quite a weak match from your side. I actually watched the replay and did not see the "farming" you mention. The DD did evade, use smoke... If he actually wanted his mate to farm him, he would just stop and let him sink it. I have seen plenty of such end games, i.e. DDs actually farming damage and having some fun from a lone remaining BB without caring if he dies or not. I have done it a few times myself. Does it mean that I am also "rigging" the match with some random opponent?
  4. TBH I would rather pick BFT for faster ROF and PM for a bit more durability. Imho that is more handy in knife fights with DDs than RPF.
  5. You can always try to unistall and then do a full clean install. It helped me on a few occasions with performance. Patch over patch tends to screw up performance after a few patches. If that does not help, then it has probably nothing to do with the game.
  6. Came back late from work... Just WOW(s)! This thread keeps going and going and delivering fun&entertainment... No funny memes from me, but plenty of likes to spend on this epic thread! Keep up the good work
  7. Damn you all! I only saw the thread this morning. I had to go through it, and now I will be late for work...
  8. MM just tells you its time to take a short break from Ranked
  9. In a sense they should be. DDs are the best equipped for initial rush and retreating if odds turn out bad.
  10. Indeed. Not to mention that even the best players sometimes play like potatoes. Somehow people tend to forget that.
  11. You completely missed my point. Of course that no one likes loosing all DDs in the first few minutes. However, for me the much bigger issue with DDs are those who do not go for caps the entire game, support or no support available. With such DDs the loss is much more likely than with "yolo" DDs. Yolo DD might get blasted in one match but he might succeed the next one. Camping DDs are a much bigger burden for the team.
  12. What is surprising is that you did not have it before, taking into account your battle count. I had it so far about 3 times. Since it happens to me once every few thousand battles, I could not care less. You should not care either since if you will get so upset by such rare occurrences, you are making the game much more frustrating for yourself.
  13. So you have issues with DD players going for objectives but you do not have issues with the growing number of DDs who could not care less about caps?? When going for objectives in a DD, sometimes you succeed and sometimes you don't. Even if you fail, in most cases you at least delay the enemy taking a cap, which means that you prevented a potentially significant number of points going to the enemy. If I had to choose, I would always prefer having on my team those "cap yolo rusher" DDs than those "flankers" operating around the borders and avoiding caps at all costs.
  14. WG MultiPack beta for is available at: http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/projects/mods/mods_pack/WOWS_MultiPack_beta_0.6.7.0.exe