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  1. Great addition indeed! To add, by far the most fun mode IMHO since game launch - I even made this my first post on forum after a few years break from it
  2. daki

    Error ??

    After reading this topic I had to try logging in - and it's up and running right now with 3.8k players
  3. daki

    Those Udaloi captains...

    Some epic WoWs sailing style
  4. daki

    EU server down?

    It's up for me
  5. daki

    EU server down?

    Logged in, 6k players online :)
  6. daki

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    inb4 the official post by the WG staff WG MultiPack beta for (v.11) is available at: http://dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/projects/mods/mods_pack/Release/WOWS_MultiPack_beta_0.7.2.2.exe
  7. daki

    Sims and XP

    All ships have specific base XP modifiers, so for the same actions you will get more or less XP depending on ships. Sims indeed has an above average base XP modifier. What they are is not known or published officially as far as I know, however there is an official confirmation that they exist: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Update_0.5.3 As you can see in the "Economy Changes" part some ships were getting in that patch either reduced or increased XP earnings.
  8. So now other servers will get harder and fewer missions like the EU server?
  9. daki

    Patchnotes 0.6.12 from SEA

    This is nice: Want to change up your fleet? Get a -100% discount to respec your Commanders and demount upgrades from October 19, 08:00 CEST through October 24, 08:00 CEST. 5 days to test some new builds on the live server
  10. daki

    1st nerf of Conqueror and Lion published

    You are right. Fires subjectively seem much nastier than they actually are. Not because of the total damage but rather the duration of loss of HP. When you eat a citadel or two you in fact lose more health compared to a fire, but you "forget" it in a few seconds since it happened "suddenly". In case of fires, you get reminded of the continual HP reduction for like a minute creating thus the unpleasant feeling that you are getting much more damaged than you actually are. All in all its mostly a psychological thing. However, imho the main reason why we do not see much discussion about the OP stats is due to: - Very few people being able to grasp the "effective damage" concept. What I mean by it is that its quite different when you get 10k AP damage of which few can be healed and 10K HE damage from fire which can be fully healed in most cases. This is especially important for top tier ships where most have the heal ability (excluding DDs of course). As an example from the OP, Conqueror has about 11k more average damage than Montana, however due to reliance on HE I would guess that the "effective damage" of Montana is similar or even a bit higher than the Conqueror. - People tend to ignore on purpose some aspects which would otherwise weaken their narrative. I do not have the Conqueror, so my only experience with it is being on the receiving end. For me its OP not because of the damage output but because of the heal ability which is way too strong. Hence the announced nerf is a step in a good direction, however I am not sure if it will be enough.
  11. daki

    Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    Still have no clue what you are trying to claim with that. Once again, when SF was available, most of the players in such ships were further away from the front-line and hence spotting way less. So if they were spotting less, how was it more useful and more integral to the game??? Sorry but that does not compute...
  12. daki

    These 2 Called MM's Mother Something Awful

    At least you were on the winning side unlike me.... If anything, this match clearly showed that the tier of the ship is much less important compared to the players sailing them. And it clearly showed that having clueless DDs in most cases leads to a roflstomp in high tier matches...
  13. daki

    Bring back Stealth Firing

    You should avoid assuming that most players did not abuse SF only because you did not do it. Having played quite regularly since beta, I am quite confident in the accuracy of my statement The BB overpopulation existed well before the SF removal. As I wrote several times in the past, the easiest solutions imho would be: - Introduce non-linear increase in dispersion depending on range, i.e. to make BBs for example much less accurate than now at 18+km and more accurate at close ranges (e.g. 10km or less) - Reduce the size of the team to say 9v9 while introducing a cap of say max 3 BBs which should avoid any queue issues thanks to larger number of matches created by MM. Also, less "BB friendly" maps in the rotation would be welcome. Speaking of status-quo, I for one always "accepted" it, if anything by still playing the game. Of course, I do not agree with some changes/mechanics/WG decisions, however the minute I find the status quo "unfun" or "unacceptable" I will just stop playing the game. What people tend to forget is that the game evolution is neither linear nor solely dependent on the dev decisions. What I want to say is that we will always have a few steps forward and a few steps backward. Objectively speaking, imho the mechanics & balance are much better now than during beta, so for me the improvement is clear despite some bad decisions by WG. If we could somehow have that beta population being the majority of playerbase now, I am quite confident that the matches would be much more fun and of greater quality than now. In other words, I am sure that the game would feel quite different if we had a different player population than it is the case now. All in all, lets see where this title will sail