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  1. Sooooo here's my story, I was 50k free xp away from finally getting the Alaska, so in anticipation of that I open up the armoury to buy a radar range mod for coal and notice some new stuff in the featured tab. I see they're advertising that ship with all the negative reviews, California bleh, also new bundles for 1,500 gold... I thought to myself geez what a rip off, 500 gold was bad enough before for the Soviet and EU bundles. I open it up anyways to see what they're offering. They're.... "offering" an Alaska for 1,500 gold................ uhhhh... what?... this has to be a bug right? seriously weird but holy hell in a hand basket I'm snapping that up before they change their minds. I read up on Reddit later on all about it and quickly learned it wasn't a mistake, i was just very very lucky. Talk about good timing though. Very weird how things turn out, months of playing the game and always having an eye on the free xp counter, ever so slowly rising up, looking forward to that day when I could get the Alaska, then WG just offers it up to me on a silver platter practically right there when I was about to unlock it anyway. I guess that just means I'm now half way to unlocking the Småland! :D
  2. _Saracen_

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    I'm having a problem getting this loot, I've always had twitch linked to wargaming for the great drops and also for twitch prime rewards for world of tanks, yet I'm getting nothing so far for this Warships loot. One thing I've noticed, I'm linking Twitch fine but when linking your Amazon account, it redirects you to amazon.com yet I personally use Amazon.co.uk for my shopping and it's also where I have prime. I don't have prime on amazon.com so I'm wondering is this where the issue is? edit: ok it came through eventually, despite the disconcerting na.amazon link you hag to go through to link up amazon with wargaming, problem solved.
  3. _Saracen_


    I just got my bonus code there now in my email (only having to wait 2 days), came from the latter giftageddon email address so I'd definitely use that.
  4. _Saracen_


    gift.pcgamer@futurenet.com < this is the email listed in the magazine itself but this: pcgamer.giftageddon@futurenet.com is one posted in another thread here that I got a automated response from saying please expect up to 5 days until we get back to you kinda thing.
  5. _Saracen_


    FYI It's now €1.99 in the Google Play store.
  6. _Saracen_


    I just got the Benson and I'm also having a lot of trouble with it. I don't have the 3rd hull or the extended torps yet, just the 6.4km ones so I can't make a proper opinion of it yet. So far though I actually miss the Mahan which is strange to say. At the very least the Mahan was really good at one thing, kamikaze torpedo runs due to its short torpedo range combined with the very high damage torpedoes. I can't even do that with the Benson yet, since the stock torps have much lower damage. I can't play like a traditional dd yet as the stock torps range don't exceed my concealment range so my games have now ended up being all down to luck now, whether I can get the jump on someone alone or not. I can still kill enemy dd's pretty well thank god so theres that advantage at least, but you know how it goes, that usually means you get a lot of third party attention as well and come out of the battle too low hp to be relevant anymore.
  7. _Saracen_

    Expert Rear Gunner

    Curious what people know about this captain skill, the description says: "+10% to efficiency of self defense armament for aircraft with rear gunners" I've seen some of my torp bombers take off health from enemy fighters targeting them so I assume they have rear gunners but I'm wondering is there any way to know exactly which planes have rear gunners? There is no indication when you hover your mouse over your planes in port. Does it affect all torp bombers or just certain types? Hard to tell if its worth a skill point if I don't know exactly which planes it affects.
  8. _Saracen_

    CV's targetting DD's all match.......

    As a carrier player I prioritise destroyers simply because I consider them the most dangerous ship in the game after opposing carriers. It's not because of XP gain or whatever, as it's they're not exactly the easiest ship to kill. It's actually probably more cost effective to torp battleships. None of this is set in stone either, if enemy carrier is using his fighters well then i wont be able to afford to perma spot destroyers, also if some ships are sailing in a straight line and destroyer players actually have any brains then I doubt i'll go near them for long.
  9. _Saracen_


    Domination is the only mode I actually enjoy, can't stand the "standard" battles.
  10. _Saracen_


    I haven't had the same experience personally, still find it hard to get a citadel on clevelands. Plus they have a massive AA advantage, both the AA range and general effectiveness is pretty insane, sending any planes near one and you're guaranteed losing at least half of your planes. So if you combine that HP + number of guns + rate of fire + trajectory arc + AA range/effectiveness, I find it really strange to see people complain about it.
  11. _Saracen_

    Launch Date

    I don't remember ever seeing official comments saying there won't be a wipe, if anyone can provide links/source as reassurance that would be great. The argument that you can purchase items already doesn't really hold up, they could simply wipe and restore your purchased items easily, just like they did after CBT. Edit: Found a source, I can relax now.
  12. _Saracen_

    Launch Date

    How can you be sure? would seem strange to launch the game out of beta without a wipe and everyone starting fresh.
  13. _Saracen_

    Launch Date

    Anyone have any idea's? The grind gets crazy tedious when it gets to 100k exp points for the next unlock, finding it harder and harder to login. Wondering if there's any point in grinding if theres a wipe around the corner.
  14. _Saracen_


    I think you're doing something completely wrong if you are either playing badly with the cleveland or hate playing it in general, its the one ship i really hate going up against. Not only does it have great hp compared to the same tier IJN Aoba but it's a HE machine with that rate of fire. The trajectory is an advantage in that situation when it comes to lighting fires from distance.
  15. _Saracen_

    Don't you just hate it when.....

    haha, yeah nightmare stuff right there.