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  1. seiseki

    Capturing mechanics

    Also, even if you don't cap it ends in a draw eventually.. I often hear someone ask if it's ok to cap when we're in the lead.. Most people will want to go after whatever targets are left.
  2. seiseki

    Hate and other stuff...

    Yeah, the community is turning awful quite quickly.. All it takes is one jerk to say something bad in one game to ruin the mood.. Just remember to speak up against haters, or they might think their behavior is justified.. Because people that are really competitive can be huge emotional and egotistical drama queens..
  3. seiseki

    Cruiser gamplay need some Tips

    Don't go up against battleships in a cruiser.. Stick to your team mates, don't make yourself a target, if you do go up against a battleship. Have a plan or backup, maybe even both!.. Don't assume that it's balanced for 1v1, because it really isn't. Whenever I go up against a battleship in anything other than a battleship I know that it's a really risky move.. Battleships do have weaknesses though, their big size and bad manueverability makes them easy targets in narrow straits. You can also launch torps when they appear from behind an island, which gives them little to no chance to react. At long range it's quite easy to dodge their shells too.
  4. seiseki

    Too much TK'ing ingame report system needed

    Just got a team kill from my torps without even noticing until the guy started yelling in the chat.. :/ I'm not even sure if I was at fault or if he was.. Ultimately it was my torpedoes yes, but others have to be careful as well..
  5. seiseki

    HE or AP vs light armor?

    I've heard arguments from both sides. Personally I've found that AP can be way more devastating, but maybe I'm just aiming better now. HE seems to be better for disabling a ship.. So I want to hear the arguments from some of the old alpha players.
  6. seiseki

    Thoughts on looks and sounds

    Yeah, a lot of effects seem kinda underwhelming at the moment, but it's beta so.. I'd love to see way more smoke and fire from damaged ships.
  7. seiseki

    The islands in WoWs

    There could be several maps.. Variation is the key to keeping players interesting. Night map, Bad weather map, Calm open seas map. Different weather and time of day for the same maps would be even better, but also require more work. And some maps might be really difficult with bad weather or night time.
  8. seiseki

    Capturing mechanics

    As I'm starting this topic, you might have guessed that I'm not much fond of the capturing mechanics as they conflict too much with my playstyle and I've heard others complain about it as well. I like the long drawn out battles that don't focus on a specific spot, but rather could happen anywhere. Usually in a DD I go hunting for CVs towards the end of the game, but I'm often interrupted by capturing, mostly by my own team. Coupled with the fact that you get more exp and money from sinking ships compared to capturing, it's a bit frustrating when you are interrupted... When there are only a few ships left on the opposite team, it makes no sense not to finish them all off.. Especially since it's a lot more satisfying to see ships sink than the more arbitrary capturing of a zone. Sure, capture mechanics has a purpose, that is to guide the opposite teams to one spot where they can fight. Also to keep people from camping, splitting the fleet up in smaller chunks. Last but not least, it makes sure that the games don't go on for too long where there are only two cruisers left, at the opposite ends on a large map. But the negatives are that they put a lot of focus on zone control, which doesn't make much sense for naval battles. It encourage fast ships to rush to the capture points. It ends battles prematurely. It limits the spots where engagement takes place and makes it more predictable, less variation. I do think the gameplay problems that the capture mechanics try to solve can be solved in other ways. It would take some effort, but I think it would be far more rewarding to focus more on the fights between ships rather than capturing.
  9. seiseki

    Maps need more open space

    DDs and CAs die because they just rush in without a plan instead of sticking to the rest of the fleet. A lot of them also open fire against larger ships, revealing their position from far away.. The current capture mechanics also encourage this kind of rush to the capture points gameplay.
  10. seiseki

    The islands in WoWs

    This would be amazing.. Heavy rain and large waves could hinder both vision and movement. Not to mention your accuracy. Seeing the silhouettes of a large fleet of battleships appearing out of the fog would be really epic. I'd also love to see night battles with reduced vision ranges, when you fire you'll be visible so you'd have to be really careful whether to fire the first salvo or not.