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  1. Stick

    Navygaming Magazine, 02/2013

    Sweet. Thank you for providing this in pdf. We're still waiting for the 1st issue in pdf. Many of your fans may want to read it on an android tablet and it's kinda difficult (read impossible) to execute an .exe file on android.
  2. Stick

    Yugoslavian River Monitor Drava

    I have to agree with this. A triple turret with 4.7 inch guns would certainly take up a lot of room (we can compare it with the double turret from the pics). What I'm thinking though, the 3 turrets on the aft section of the ship - looks like machine gun turrets, but may be housing 120mm short barreled howitzers. I doubt that this is the case and probably the ship description is just wrong. I also don't see the need of 5x4.7" guns on a river monitor.
  3. Stick

    Yugoslavian River Monitor Drava

    S[edited]evac, can you help me locate which turret is this? I only noticed double and single gun turrets in the pictures. Great stuff as always btw.
  4. Stick

    Awarding Program for WoWS Players

    You need service ribbons too to go with the medals. :medal:
  5. Stick


    BigBadVuk, on 12 November 2013 - 02:11 PM, said: You may, but: I dont see the point It was a hint to at least change the title and the OP to include the proper name of the ship.
  6. Stick


    BigBadVuk, on 12 November 2013 - 01:12 PM, said: not about poster`s issues with grammar. Can we pick on the name of the ship then? Also: http://forum.worldof...__fromsearch__1 http://forum.worldof...__fromsearch__1
  7. Stick

    Russian Cruiser Aurora

    Should be in WW1 ships.
  8. Stick


    What does this have to do with WW1 Warships? Also, stop posting just a link without adding at least a comment with the description.
  9. Stick

    Why cant I download this game?

    alfatank3102, on 24 August 2013 - 02:04 PM, said: How much it took to make the world of warplanes? I guess if it took more or less the same, in that game I can get into the closed beta because I had an account on world of tanks .... Could enter in closed Alpha? CB in WoWp was based on invite. You didn't just get in cause you had a WoT account. Also you won't get into WoWs alpha just because you have a WoT or WoWp account.
  10. Stick

    The first vapor warship

    Don't just link to wiki, post some researched info. Also your link is wrong.
  11. Stick

    Romanian Submarine - Delfinul

    Wrong info in the first post. The picture is of the NMS Delfinul submarine which was launched in 1930 and decomisioned in 1970. The text description is about the Kilo class piece of junk which is rusting in Constanta because we can't get enough money to do it's general maintenance. Btw, currently there is a government tender going on for the purchase of 15 torpedoes for the sub.
  12. Stick

    Submarine question

    Yeah, tail is a problem. Late WW2 and early cold war subs still had the vertical control surfaces located after the propeller, because sound signature wasn't a very big deal then. When they realized that in order to keep subs stealthy they also need to reduce the noise a sub makes, several design changes were made: rounded hulls and propellers at the very aft of the sub. The problem with your kit is that these changes were incorporated by using round hulls first, then adding the propellers at the very aft. So even if you pick a design with similar propellers, you'll have an issue with the way the bow of the sub looks like.
  13. Stick

    Submarine question

    If you leave the bow plane and remove the other one, it kinda looks like a Golf or Whisky class soviet sub or Seawolf class US or even modernized Balao class US. If you leave the fairwater planes it doesn't look like anything I know. The shape of your model resembles the shape of the subs built between the end of WW2 and the 1960s, so early cold war. The fairwater planes appeared on the US subs first, but by that time the shape of the bow was rounded and not like the one you have.
  14. Stick

    Submarine question

    ktistai228, on 15 August 2013 - 04:42 PM, said: Okay, considering I could cut off one of the planes and make it a stern plane. Which should I? What would it look like? Can you please rephrase? I don't really understand the question.
  15. Stick

    Regele Ferdinand class Destroyer

    You might want to change the topic title a bit: (schimba titlul topicului - ro translation) Regele Ferdinand battleship class destroyer