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  1. JFCFuller


    I was just short of top 5%, no French Tokens. Relogged, nothing. Come on WG, sort it out.
  2. JFCFuller

    Bug with Victory Competition

    Well that all sounds very plausable, and it's ten times clearer than anything i have gotten from customer support. So thank you for that. My next question is where is all this explained? Because i have looked and not found anything. I didn't notice an earlier popup, but could easily have missed it.
  3. JFCFuller

    Bug with Victory Competition

    Sorry, my bad. Didn't realise you couldn't see them. Looking at points scoring countdown and the time in bottom right =03:00 finish.
  4. JFCFuller

    Bug with Victory Competition

    Could you please explain these then? shot-19.05.0... .jpg 1.1 MB shot-19.05.0... .jpg 1 MB The ingame popups say you can.
  5. JFCFuller

    Bug with Victory Competition

    I was up late finishing the daily target on Thursday night/Friday morning. I needed 74 points to reach the final daily target, but despite having 3 battles all of which should have given me more than 74 points, i did not get the final reward. I raised a ticket and provided a screenshot. Thinking i may have found a bug, i stayed up until the early hours again last night, and deliberatly left myself just short of the final daily target until 2am. I then played 2 games which should have given me points and yet i recieved no points. I screenshotted the entire process and added these to my ticket. Definite proof that games played in the final hour before the daily reset where not crediting me, and possible anyone else playing at this time with the points they should have given.... or so i thought. Today i get an update to my ticket saying they have checked and i have recieved all the points i should have. Having provided 8 timestamped screenshots and a detailed description of the test i carried out (i used to work in QA), how anyone can look at that and say everything is fine is beyond me. I have asked for my ticket to be passed to a manger, but thought i'd raise it here to warn players and see if anyone else wants to do a similar test. Below is the update to my ticket detailing my experiment. Hi Richard, It seems my hunch was correct. Here are screen shots of my Current Progress (2782) at 02:08 today, a victory with a kill (both of which should give me points) starting at 02:19, and my Current Progress screen at 02:36, showing that no points had been added. After that there is a screenshot at 02:36 with an announcement that 'Points-scoring ends in: 24 minutes'. I then had another battle, sadly a loss, but with a kill which again should have given me points, but did not. The last 2 screenshots show the points scoring period was still active and that i still had not recieved any points. It seems that with the multitude of time zones and variances in local time a mismatch has occured in the system. A UK player such as myself, should be able to earn points up until 3am BST, before the total resets for a new day. However, no points earned after 2am are being recorded. I'm happy to help you debug your system free of charge, but i would like the 65 Allowance Tokens i'm now owed, (i would easily have achieved todays target if i had not delayed my games in order to carry out this test for you). But if you are feeling generous, a Lazo would be lovely. :D I look forward to hearing from you. All the best, Michael shot-19.05.0... .jpg 1.4 MB shot-19.05.0... .jpg 445.3 KB shot-19.05.0... .jpg 1.4 MB shot-19.05.0... .jpg 1.1 MB shot-19.05.0... .jpg 642 KB shot-19.05.0... .jpg 436.5 KB shot-19.05.0... .jpg 1 MB shot-19.05.0... .jpg 1.4 MB