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  1. JFCFuller

    Bug Reports

    Parts 1 and 2 of the Royal Navy missions require Tier 5+ ships, but parts 3 and 4 only require Tier 3+. Surely this is a mistake as access to the higher tier Halloween missions will only be available after the current set of Royal Navy missions have finished.
  2. JFCFuller

    If anyone deserves a permaban.....

    Thanks all o7 I have sent a ticket with the original replay file, however in my experience WG have a reputation for not being overly active with these situations. So i posted here as well to gain support from others who have seen this player in action, and a couple have posted to confirm this is the usual behaviour of the player. Also, all your replies will hopefully increase the chances of the problem being looked at on a larger scale. So thank you.
  3. JFCFuller

    If anyone deserves a permaban.....

    Thx, name removed, but isn't the replay kinda the only evidence of the griefing??
  4. JFCFuller

    If anyone deserves a permaban.....

    If i have broken naming and shaming rules i apologise. I thought that was 'stat shaming'. I only mentioned the players PR as supporting evidence. Isn't it in everyones interest to get players like this out of the game we enjoy? But in that case could everyone who has experience of this player please put in a ticket about them. Then, just maybe, they won't grief hundreds of other players.
  5. JFCFuller

    If anyone deserves a permaban.....

    *edited* From the replay description- The pink Cleveland on my team seems to be very angry or bored, and decided to vent his fustration by spaming chat and the map the ENTIRE battle, whilst sailing off into a corner of the map. This doesn't seem to be an isoloted case, if you look up his stats he has 467 games in the new Cleveland, which hasn't been out that long, and has a personal rating of zero. I kind of feel sorry for him, but his behaviour affects every team he plays with and the community as a whole. Wargaming, this player is obviously only in your game to grief, a permaban please.
  6. I had the same for two missions, one for a camo and one for a days premium. Closed the game down and restarted and they are gone. It shows that I have received the camo. but no idea about the days premium. :/
  7. JFCFuller

    Game not loading

    Same here. Verified install, no mods, loading just hangs. EDIT: I did a full reinstall and now it loads ok, with just a slight pause on the loading bar where it previously hung at. Pain in the arse, but it solved it. EDIT2: Whilst setting up the new install I notice I can no longer map the controls the way I had them. I had Positive, Negative, That was a great Battle etc mapped to PageUp, PageDown, End and this no longer seems to be an option with the new comms interface. It now seems impossible to map commands to PageUp, PageDown etc maybe this is causing a problem???
  8. JFCFuller

    Are SUPERcontainers really super?

    WG seem to have made them more common, I've had 3 in the last month, but with weaker rewards. Upgrades are a HUGE disappointment when you open a super container, go back to the old big bundle of flags or camos, doubloons, credits, free xp and if you're very lucky a ship. I would MUCH rather have fewer super containers with better contents.