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  1. Messias

    Let iChase illustrate why I quit the game yesterday.

    It's the only Tier 8 ship I have, so I must stick with it, unfortunately. I can buy me the Charles Martel, but I don't have a good captain for that available. And when I play ranked I want to go prepared, so max flags, good captain and such.
  2. Messias

    Let iChase illustrate why I quit the game yesterday.

    Well, he is a good friend of my, but his skills are to say it nice less than mediocre. He played a lot with his Nurnberg resulting in a average dps of 10K with that ship. After playing this game for 2 years he still didn't know how the captain skill configuration worked. Trust me, this guy is just not good in this game, which is also not his intention, he plays this for fun. I don't want to insult him or say I am a very good player, just show that the RNG gods doesn't like me. But what ShinGetsu said make sense, the amount of battles played is too low to give a good insight. I will try my luck in ranked coming weekend then, than I can drink some beers while doing it. Makes the losses more bearable. :)
  3. Messias

    Let iChase illustrate why I quit the game yesterday.

    Hah, I feel your pain. This game has become a lottery where your winrate is determinated by the amount of potatoes in your team. And for some frigging reason they end most of the time in MY team. To add insult to injury, a good friend of my, who is below average at the best was playing ranked battles. He liked it and said he quickly gained ranks. So I checked his ranked stats: 64% winrate! Then I checked his Bismarck stats in ranked, and compared it to mine. He had 0,25 k/d ratio and 47K average dps. My ranked stats were 1.25 k/d ratio and 77 K average dps with the Bismarck(I am not claiming I'm good, but better than below average) , resulting in a winrate of 40%. Pfeww, that nailed the coffin for randoms and ranked battles for me. And the OP just want to vent of some steam, I can understand that.
  4. Messias

    What more can you do ?

    And the other lost battle. I had more xp than the number 1 on the winning team. That basically went on whole week. There is a limit to how much frustration I can get from a game. Especially if you than win a battle where the enemy team melts away and you can only do a little damage because either the enemy team is sunk or the timer reached 1000 points. RNG gods spit me each and every time in the face. I accept that 50% of the battles the majority of potatoes should end in your team, but for some reason it's more like 75% of the battles. Random and ranked became a lottery, where I'm not successful.
  5. Messias

    What more can you do ?

    Ok, as promised, here are two battles I played last week to get the advent missions. I will post them separate so it's easier to see which belongs together. Problem is that you can do only so much with a cruiser. With such a battles you can pat yourself on the back and know the battle is not lost due to you, but oh boy, this is frustrating. So Bouncer 8409, I feel your pain and you are not alone here. I deleted the BB with torps after he killed me. Other 2 kills where on DD.
  6. Messias

    The Absolute State of COOP

    I like Coop, and since a couple of months switched from Random to Coop. I only play Random when I have to do so, for the Christmas advent for example. Coop is just relaxing and so much less frustrating than losing over and over in Random. I would like to see more PvE than Operations or Coop. And more missions for Coop.
  7. Messias

    Bots and afks

    That much AFK players is one of the reasons why I now play most of the time Coop. I just don’t believe that all the AFK players just had an emergency. It’s that simple: Don’t queue up for a battle if you are not sure you can’t play uninterrupted. Don’t give me the BS your house is set on fire or a package delivered. Because I hardly see people going AFK during a battle which means all the fires and packages delivered happens right after the moment someone hit the Start Battle button and not 5 minutes into the game. The moment you know the battle is already lost if you see your CV don’t launching it planes, grrr. I have only been once AFK. Late in the night, like 4:00 I was still playing, rather drunk. I started a new battle with my Cleaver, and due to low activity it took quite some time to have enough players. When the battle finally started I was already asleep over my keyboard, hehe. So I can understand that there is an emergency that occurs right after you started a battle, but with this amount of players being AFK from start till end it’s just a matter of people leeching. It would not be hard to write a script to separate the accidental AFK from the AFK on purpose and ban the latter.
  8. Messias

    What more can you do ?

    Hah, welcome to my world. I had that this week many times,. Playing Random/Ranked is just a lottery, where RNG gods decide which side will win. Problem is that with a cruiser it's hard to carry a battle. I had such a battle with my Phoenix last week, I had more XP than the number 1 of the winning team, but if your team is rather clueless, it doesn't matter how good you perform, you will lose. I will post a screenshot once I am at home to show you that you are not alone. :) Also, if you are on the wrong side of a steamrolling battle, you have a target rich environment. Which allows you to dish out more damage.
  9. Messias

    Aftvent SC hype: what did you get?

    50K Free Xp and 100 Victor Lima. Not that bad, now I can get back to coop. Had to do the last one today and offcourse the other cv in my team (I was in my Langley) is a newbie, 147 battles in total of which 6 in his Hosho, completly clueless. But as said, the grind wasn't worth the reward. This whole friggin week I lost due to bad teams.
  10. Messias

    Three little wishes

    1 More PvE please. I stopped playing random/ranked a while ago because RNG god hate my guts and most of the time place me in a team full of potatoes. For the Advent thingie I had to play PvP again and boy, that sucked. I lost count how many times I lost due to crappy team. Today it was such a day again, had 3 battles with my beloved Phoenix, 2 of them great (65k+ dps, many kills) and still I lost all of them. Man, in one battle I had more XP than the number 1 on the winning team. That did it, I will now only do Coop or Operations, so I hope they will add some new PvE content.
  11. Messias

    North Cape Campaign, Mission 2, Task 1

    Does anyone knows until when I have the time to finish this campaign? I can't see an end date, and I am rather occupied with other things coming weeks.
  12. Messias

    US Cruiser Line announced to split up "soon tm"

    Anyone has an idea how it works with my special permanent Christmas camo I have on my Cleaver? It was an one time only offer. I bought it a couple of years ago, it's the green, white and red one, that then costed 1500 doubloons. That was 500 doubloons more than the normal permanent cammo, but it gave +50% XP instead of the normal + 30% XP bonus. Now the bonus is the same as other permanent camo, but I like the unique design. I don't want to have it replaced by an ordinary perma camo. -EDIT- Ignore this silly question, I found the answer on the forum. Christmas camo stays on Cleaver, and the Pepsi will likely receive a normal perma camo.
  13. Messias

    Why even bother?

    My solution for this was to play Tier 4. There you can make the difference. Besides that, I like to play coop, I do those everyday just to collect my first 2000 XP container. Coop makes me completely zen. :)
  14. Messias

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    This is sweet. I like to enter the raffle, thank you very much for this. Prize #1: Murmansk Prize #2 : any premium ship up to T6 Prize #2: Prinz Eugen Prize #1 : any premium ship Prize #3: Murmansk Prize #6 : donated by @Major_Damage225 (Premium ship up to T6 Prize #4: Personalized drawing: An owl, please. Prize #24-26 : donated by @dasCKD (1000 doubloons, Krasny Krym, personalized header/drawing on the forum -- see below)
  15. Messias

    Skill based teams now!

    I stopped quite some time with Randoms due to the RNG gods that hate my guts. I was placed in potato teams each and every time, and had lose streaks of 15 matches with my De Grasse. And not once but several times, I had such loose streaks, another 9 with de Grasse, 11 matches lose streak with Algerie. Due to idiots, AFK players and such. And mainly playing with cruisers I can't carry the whole team (I'm not that good either, but I can hold my own weight). Then I decided just to play Coop. Since then I don't have much frustration anymore. Problem solved. Only when I'm playing after I had some beer in the pub I do randoms, because I than just don't care about losses. I don't mind to lose, I rather lose after a tight game than win by steamrolling, but losing due to idiots or key ships being AFK is something I really dislike. Hence Coop, although I have lost some matches as well over there, due to idiots that are even worse than bots, hehe.