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  1. malvagos

    A "Want" Feature in WoWS : Country's Flag on the ships

    Yes!!! This would be an awesome feature to have ... cant wait to see customization options too ( Flags , Names , etc) ,(besides modules customization)
  2. HELLENIC NAVY !!!!!!

  3. malvagos

    Greek Christmas Warships Event [MUST_WATCH]

    i can translate your favorite part if u want
  4. malvagos

    Greek Christmas Warships Event [MUST_WATCH]

    Its one of MANY others ;) thx btw
  5. I'm from Chios a very beautifull island in Greece and EVERY year we have an event which is very popular worldwide!!! I think you guys will love it .... Every neibourhood build ships a whole year and at the new Years eve we show it to the people of chios and they decde which is the best ... !!! I will leave u a link of how awesome is it and how proud am i that i ve been born in an island with sooo many Sailors, Captains !!! This video is in greek language ... u can watch additional videos if u search this : " αγιοβασιλιατικα καραβακια χιου " u wont regret it
  6. malvagos

    A "Want" Feature in WoWS : Country's Flag on the ships

    Geia sou patrioth xaxa ... nep this will be AWESOME
  7. malvagos

    A "Want" Feature in WoWS : Country's Flag on the ships

    whenever it comes it will be awesome !!!!!!
  8. It would be great if players could set their country's flag on their ship and then they would sail with it with more pride and valiancy !!! For example : I'm from Greece and i would LOVE to play with my flag behind me .... there would be so emotionally "charged" moments that i personally like to have, in this type of games!!!! But of course this type of item would be not free-of-charge..... pretty much the same feature as WoT has . I believe this is a MUST feature for the players !!!!!!! What do you think about it ?
  9. German has good battleships xD ... but pocket .... wtf xDD ... IT has a lot of infos ... great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!