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  1. Selous

    Double CV games

    seriously play my svielana t4 7 ships per side 2CV 1 BS 2 CRUISERS 2 DD you expect me to pay for this crap ??????
  2. Up until now if you popped smoke or entered someone else`s smoke there would be a timer sayin how long the s moke will last not now working as intended or wg screwup ?
  3. Selous

    What about Tier 2 & Tier 4 Submarines?

    I tink we need tier 15 submarines that can play in t1 + battles , come on we need WG to be able to sells wins , Like they do now but boosted , tjhis game is crap already just destroy it
  4. My greatest achievement was playing a match with 3 cv 4 bs 2 cruiser per side and not paying WG anything we lost due to WGng ( computers dont do random.
  5. Selous

    wows survey

    So I login , up comes a window asking me to participate in a survey about how my experience has been for the last month ( pretty crap really been choked down to about 30 % win rate ) anyway I think I will play a few games then see how I will respond . So after 3 losses and a 4th heading that way I decide to to partake in the survey ( not a happy bunny ) anyway I click on the survey , to get this " This survey is not accepting additional responses at this time. Thank You! " my question is , are you only allowed to partake in the survey if you are on a winning streak and likely to give a positive answer to the survey ? , because honestly my replies to survey would really be negative , reflecting my game experience for the last month in wows . On that note goodnight I am off to ESO