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  1. Klickear

    Free codes from Razer

    I am glad you appreciate me taking the time to share free stuff with you I did not any posts about this Of the 30 topics on the first page of General Discussions forum none of them are about this
  2. Klickear

    Question about the Razer Comms referral program...

    You give someone your URL Another person uses your URL to get to the Razer competition page If they do at least one thing listed under the competition then you get a +1 for your chances to win the competition
  3. Klickear

    Free codes from Razer

    Razer are giving away free codes and there is a competition with Razer and Gleam.io as well New Account If you dont have a World of Warship account yet you can create a new account and use code GHK594V5G9 while doing that to get yourself: 1x Diana Ship 500 Doubloons 1x Port Slot 3 Days of Premium Competition I found it easier to enter the competition first as I it disappeared after I had logged in with my Razer account. Chance to win: 7 days of Premium500 DoubloonsMarblehead Premium Ship1x Port Slot The more things you complete on their list the more chances you have of winning. Free Stuff for All 1x Port slot 1 day of Premium Download their Razer Comms software, looks clever and useful. Sign up for a Razer ID account if you don't have one already. Run the Razer Comms software Join channel World of Warships Community Copy out the URL posted when you join the channel, mine was in light blue text Go to that page and login with your Razer ID account You should see you code, it's long with dashes Claim your codes Go to the World of Warships premium page Make sure you are logged in with your World of Warships account On the left you will see the Bonus Code button Paste the long code in and claim your prizes I would appreciate if you used my link to the Razer site[edited] I know not everyone will want to so here is an alternative http://www.razerzone.com/world-of-warships-comms Enjoy
  4. Klickear

    In-game Music

    I really like the music and the graphics seems very scaleable
  5. Klickear


    Try running the game in both fullscreen and windowed modes and see if you notice a difference with the lag spikes.
  6. Klickear

    So much more fun since the patch

    I am the worst player in the game. That seems to be a common thing in the replies so far. Okay I agree. Now back to the topic, before the patch "most" of the enemy players in Random Battles had really high accuracy from max ship ranges and now after the patch no where near as accurate even at closer ranges.
  7. Klickear

    So much more fun since the patch

    I really hope you are right, what I experienced before the patch was more like 60% using an aim assistance mod.
  8. Klickear

    So much more fun since the patch

    Sorry to hear that, all I can hope is that most of the aim mods stop working and that Wargaming continue to try and stop this kind of mod.
  9. Klickear

    So much more fun since the patch

    So you turned my comments on having fun playing since the patch into an opportunity to deflame my ability to play, weird. I stopped playing Random Battles very quickly as they were not fun, too many players were far too accurate. I normally play Co-op battles and have a blast. Sometimes I do well, sometimes I don't, I enjoying playing and having fun nothing more.
  10. Klickear

    So much more fun since the patch

    Aim assist mod is not part of Aslain's modpack
  11. Klickear

    So much more fun since the patch

    Patch version 5.0.1 has just gone in and I am really enjoying the Random Battles. This is not because the patch includes major changes to Random Battles, no! it is because the patch meant most mods no longer worked so the huge number of players using an aim assistance mod now have to rely on their shooting skill. The battles are longer and more fun to play. Long do I hope this continues.