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  1. Dyzasta

    EU Weekend Server Issues - Compensation

    Belle Espork containers ? Great more duplicate collection items I can't do anything with GG
  2. I don't think they care much about christmas spirit mate, just money
  3. Just my opinion but i think it would have been better if all boxes had a fixed chance of winning - say 10% and then justify the price difference by win rewards from small box = t1-5 premium ship, big crate = t6-7 premium ship and mega crate t8 and over premium ship .
  4. WOW ! Hell no, not when the majority of containers i open contain free xp... no thanks :)
  5. Dyzasta

    Spelling Mistake

    'Black Friday Chest' is not how you spell 'Free XP Crate'
  6. Dyzasta

    Game & Balance Improvements

    BB vs DD 1, As i do play DD i do like the idea of not being able to be instantly deleted. 2, From BB perspective, i don't like the change as it is, the reload to HE is a bit of an issue alot can happen in 30 seconds, the dispersion doesn't help either wait your 30 seconds for HE then fire a full salvo and completely surround the DD without a hit, this happens too often, but i think my main gripe is when you do get lucky and stuff a massive BB HE shell into a DD and save yourself... 780dmg :( do you really expect to live for another 30 seconds to get another salvo in ? BB HE needs to have its minimum dmg per shell buffed substantially for the current system to work imho.
  7. Is there a way to turn off the weather crap ? or a mod or something ? Just played a game on Islands of Ice with that much fog i could just see some dark grey silhouettes against a mid grey fog background - couldn't see where the enemy guns were pointing or anything useful like that. I know its a 'Feature' but to be honest i can achieve the same thing by removing my glasses.
  8. Dyzasta

    Twilight Battle.

    Dunno if i am missing something or not, i hope so... The idea is to play this map/game mode over an over until you win 50 times, then as a reward they give you a 19pt captain and a sweet lookin ship, but you can only use them to play in this map/game mode, and in the near future they will take them off you anyway ??? Is that right or have i misread something somewhere ? I mean I'm just too busy bustin' my butt doing the daily grind to collect multiple micro currencies to do that
  9. According to the event post all prizes will be credited by end of 24th November
  10. Well that my 55 done, and it says im participating... now we wait and see i guess
  11. Dyzasta

    British cruiser question.

    I have all the digits thankfully, i took some crush injuries in a vehicle wreck and now have no feeling in my hands and somewhat restricted movement, thru gaming muscle memory i guess when my fingers are rested on WASD keys R,T & F are an instinctive movement, whereas sliding my finger to Y, U etc is awkward on the basis i can't feel the keys and don't have the range to reach them so i have to watch myself move my arm across, put the finger on the button and move it back to WASD. It wasn't too much bother at lower tiers but now i'm at T8 on a few ships by the time i've looked down, moved, pressed and moved back i've taken substantial damage or dead. Hope that make is easier to understand :) MMO mouse sounds like a good idea without breaking the bank :)
  12. Dyzasta

    British cruiser question.

    Thanks all for the suggestions and advice, it is appreciated I will crack on see if i can get something more comfortable until WG get re-mapping consumables a valid thing - its only 2018 after all Thanks for the reply - i'm humbled, and totally agree that you need to sort the urgent stuff out first (more premium ships)
  13. Dyzasta

    British cruiser question.

    Sry for not being clear im disabled, and hitting the T key is just doable, U is a stop what im doing look away from the screen move arm to press U - move arm back to normal position by which time im either dead or approaching it.
  14. Dyzasta

    British cruiser question.

    Thanks for the reply :) I will sack off the british then :(