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  1. Crosser

    Why WG Why

    WG i really dont understand you at all.. just have to let some steam out ... you are trashing players, implementing things which all ready now broke - Subs... [edited]it. you have still an issue with the CV which is not cleared. Then you have all those box's to open... jesus... why why why? i will now go to E-bay and sell my account or just give it free - i have stopped spending any cent on your game...
  2. WG... were can i go and throw up? Have now made the decision... no more cent spent on this game.. So sad.. you dont understand anything - you dont listen... okay, you dont get a cent more
  3. Crosser

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    i am so close to quite this game... apparently, WOW, don't care about their existing players - those who have been for so long, and spent money on it - got friends to play it also. this update - I have learned, if you dont have any nice or good thing to say about, be silent - so i am silent. But i really dont understand, how those developers, thought - This is great Idea - lets make it, because it is going to be so much fun to play - guess what - you are ruin the game - and the only way, we as users (customer) can reject it - is stop playing, and spend money on it.... so lets see.
  4. Crosser

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    Sorry to say.. WG - Commander Skills - the game is broken...there are so many things - which has nothing to do with ship sailing - Dazzel, for instance - to prevent for 15 secs a hit on a target - or dead eye... thanks for that.. i will give the game a chance, to see what fix'es you will make, otherwise.. just stop playing, stop spending my money on this
  5. Crosser

    General CV related discussions.

    just had a fight with 2 CV's - i am sailing in a Massachuset - pushing towards there cap zone -full speed ahead - completely open - in that match, i shoot 107 planes down - something broke?? this is not normal... the 2 CV's was - Have removed the names