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  1. Jibumba

    New SN DD's: something realy wrong here?

    crap! Finally got spotted! LOL
  2. Jibumba

    New SN DD's: something realy wrong here?

    I´m certainly not the best aimer in the game, but yet there is something fishy with it ..
  3. You can disable the glare effects.. I believe Aslain as a mod to disable it ..
  4. First of all, i have to agree with previous posters.. CLs were never meant to fight against BBs but yes against DDs or other CLs, CAs .. What the game need.. Is a matter of hardcapping the number of DDs and BBs, on each side.. So that the Cruisers can get their popularity back on .. But dont ask me any numbers.. It is a lot easier to say than do ..
  5. Jibumba

    New SN DD's: something realy wrong here?

    Well.. I decided to show some screenshots in order to back my input.. Zoomed pic ->> https://postimg.org/image/op28dahv1/ Zoomed pic ->> https://postimg.org/image/xld0h88h9/ Zoomed pic ->> https://postimg.org/image/6ot18wpnx/
  6. Jibumba

    New SN DD's: something realy wrong here?

    I do agree with OP. I used to play the OG a lot before this patch.. And it does feel different.. Its fire chance is a joke nowadays, and indeed it seems it is a bit easier to get shot at when compared with pre-patch version.. Some games are ok and i can get closer to the old scores, but they are not as granted as before.. It requires a bit of rng too.. Not only relying on skills..
  7. Jibumba

    the RPF whine

    Perphaps u meant "players in game" instead of only forum users..?
  8. Jibumba

    The game promised me an unique ship...but where is it?

    Surprise.. You have earned yourself a gold tinted bucket full of crap:\
  9. I, like pretty much the other players,dislike this perk and its effects.. but it will ease a russian dd when spotted by another murican or jap dd while challenging a cap.. But please.. lets all test it and give our negative feedback on it ..
  10. Jibumba

    Karma #2

    Maybe but, decreasing others guys chances wont increase their own ..
  11. Jibumba

    Karma #2

    Well just like the topic says it regards to karma points. I had the feel that, just getting a positive score in Karma, doesnt mean a damn thing.. Doesn´t really matter for the playerbase to have a positive or a negative.. But in return , why couldnt it be used to increase the chance of getting a supercontainer? Even if its just for a smaller percentage.. I mean, it will reward better prizes for good players, or even poor players with a good game result , will eventually get compliments and get their chances increased too .. And in the other hand, it can "punish" all those people who couldnt care any less for teamplay , those who like to camp at the border of the map , those who do teamkill or even insults in the chat .. Don´t know its just a thought that i decided to share with you and i would like to hear what you guys have to say about it ... Of course that all of those parameters can be modified according to the rate of complains / compliments.. Feel free to drop your comments..
  12. Jibumba

    Most Powerful Division Combos

    Shima F3s Gearing Kebab After firing the torps,the shima can just spot as they come as the others can pop smoke in turns..
  13. Jibumba

    Games since the past 2 weeks ..

    It is a good tutorial, but indeed that doesnt make it up for a one man army.. Sometimes or most of the time, we just have to rely on all other types of ships and their roles.. Thats why people still have nice average damage , but the winrate can still drop ..
  14. Jibumba


    Honestly.. I´d prefer anything over bastion..
  15. Jibumba

    no hud in port please help

    Btw there are videos on youtube , which can explain you what you need to do if you choose not just to buy a new mouse ..