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  1. Suggestions thread

    Would quite like to see personalized ship names. one of the few things left that i miss about navyfield
  2. Personalized ship names

    ahh the possibilities
  3. Personalized ship names

    One thing I really missed from another game i used to play a really long time ago was the ability for players to name their own ships upon purchasing... and could rename them whenever too.. I was wondering if this is possible or even planned. I get it is open to abuse and with the current mental age of our player base probably risky. but On NF there was never really a problem and people came up with some right corkers sometimes
  4. Server problems?

    sacrifice the appropriate small animal to RNGesus
  5. Server problems?

    if i hadnt got 2 screens i woulda though my pc was about to blow lucky it was just the game going derp
  6. Server problems?

    yeh got dropped and it is like the game i got kicked from never happens at all... double shame cus i was having a really good one.. and a pretty decent close game too.. one of those rare no lemming train and everyone putting up a fight games :( ill not see one of them for another few months i guess
  7. maybe another system message owning up to the screw up would be better.. not so many of us bother with forums
  8. torp detection range

    just a rant at this point but its starting to ruin thing for me the more i see it
  9. torp detection range

    ok i dont mind some destroyers having sneakier torps than others.. but some just take the piss.. i cant be the only one to think that torps that dont show up until they basically hit you are a little stupid AF? just started encountering this little gem and i dont much care for it... things are already bad enough torp wise without the added threat of torps appearing in my bulge out of nowhere

    ok i know ive been away from the game for a while.. but i think am starting to remember why... has the downgrade from going up a tier always been do bad.. genuinely not sure i can be arsed to grind out the xp to get the upgrades to bring me better than my last ship
  11. So the game is "Ready" for release

    truer words have never been spoken. get this man a cookie
  12. So the game is "Ready" for release

    and here is the point I was skirting around... they are Russian and had to get themselves in there.. and id bet my left testicle the lines will get the same love the Russian tanks got in wot.. which I why ill consider it but I just love the British and German ships
  13. So the game is "Ready" for release

    ........... u may have forgotten 2 but never mind.. so people are honestly telling me they would pick up a WW2 Naval game and not expect it to have British and German ship trees. because I sure as hell would expect them to be there.. especially If I just stumbled across it some day no knowledge of how war gaming operate.
  14. So the game is "Ready" for release

    and I never said naything about expecting all ships to be ready.. just a "taste" of at least the major navies you know so at least the navies people expect to be able to play are there then the niche BS later
  15. So the game is "Ready" for release

    this I get just think the choice is wrong. or it be better to have a taste of the major lines already in.. having to wait for British and German seems a bit insane.. and if I wasn't already into the game/series I probably would put it off or this reason alone. Given the role both played in ww2 and they would be the more thought of choice when people consider ww2 don't understand why ijn and Russian are sat there first (other than the devs are Russian) though IJN is a navy I like so meh