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  1. why does it say i have collected 520 diamonds, but 0 available. I haven't opened a single treasure. Also it stopped registering kills and games played. SOLVED: Just had to log out and log right back in. Strange.
  2. I can't seem to join the event, all the "join" button does is reload the page for me it seems.
  3. HexenNOR

    Project R is up on EU

    Damn i'm gonna be 25 pearls short for kamikaze R. It will reach most likely reach 10M before next week. Daaaaayum!
  4. Get to Yorck and Nurnberg will be a dreamship ready to carry you to heaven. It's so awful i almost uninstalled the game. I've decided to free xp my way over it, i can barely stand looking at it before i throw up in my mouth.
  5. HexenNOR

    Achilles Heel

    yeah but the citadel hit haven't bothered me all that much, it's not gamebreaking. They got long range torpedoes. US don't have it, but they can take more of a beating. Neither have such a game breaking flaw like the germans. I'm not whining, i can still have fun in the german cruisers, but getting engine killed 5-6 times in one match is just gamebreaking.
  6. HexenNOR

    Achilles Heel

    I was just wondering what are the Achilles heel of the US and JP cruisers?
  7. HexenNOR

    The Germans ...........

    I wouldn't mind all the downsides on the german cruiser, if they fixed the rudder/engine module damage. spent more time standing still than the other nations combined, waiting for it to repair.
  8. HexenNOR

    Izumo- the joke at tier 9

    Had it in CBT, and while it was horrible in the start. I grew to like it, sure the yamato was better. But get all modules and few upgrades, get used to how it plays and it can be decent. It's a bit different playstyle than regular ships.
  9. HexenNOR

    Bismarck class ingame dispersion (Horrible!)

    I Find if kinda funny that you call bismarck's shot a one-in-a-million on hood, but a torpedo hitting the rudders not. That torpedo hit is a one-in-a-million hit also. The whole bismarck deal is one of the most nerve wrecking battles on the high seas. So many almost and lucky hits.
  10. HexenNOR

    [Gamescom 2015] Ask the Developers!

    1. Will tirpitz feature the torpedo tubes that was mounted on it? 2. With Norway aiding the allies with a merchant fleet strong at a 1000 ships, don't they deserve atleast 1 ship ingame? 3. When can we expect a sneak peek at the german tech tree? 4. Is it possible to get a map with stormy seas?
  11. HexenNOR

    My tiny collection of KM paperships

    What's the books name?
  12. HexenNOR

    Last battle of Bismarck

    I've read the War diary from prinz Eugen and nowhere are there claims that they sunk Hood. They started a fire but in the diary Bismarck is credited for the killing of Hood. 2 Minutes before Hood was struck with the fatal blow Prinz Eugen was ordered to change target to prince of wales.