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  1. Kameho

    Alternative Music that suits a naval battle

    got any links?
  2. Kameho

    Alternative Music that suits a naval battle

    for some reason the second music fitted really well with your signature gif
  3. Ok, I am bored. And as most bored people do when they are bored. They do random crap. World of Warships has a Soundtrack that is in its top class. And half of the enjoyment I get from playing world of warships is from the soundtrack itself. It makes slow paces normally boring battles feel much more intense and actionspacked. And then it's that style of music. something that breathes Epicness into it. And mostly it takes form of orchestral music. But it dosnt have to be pure orchestral. But there is hard to come with such emotional impact that a really well made orchester manage to do. So I'm going through my massive music library of stuff trying to find suitors for such. But since going through my many of my external harddrives a pain in the [edited], I'm going through stockpiles of different Groups i know are capable of making good music that would be fitting in such a naval game like this. Here are so far my list of songs that I've dug up. There are many other good ones, but theese are my personal handpicked ones that I personally find perfectly fitting for a naval battle game. Now many people arent fan of anime and might be discourage seing bunch of random anime girls on the pictures, but if you can ignore those and just enjoy and evaluate the music by itself. And to be completely honest, I only like this specific Touhou series for its music in all honesty. I dunno, something about its music that makes it wide, diverse and very memmorable, and not to mention the endless amount of remixes of all music genres that its been spread into. Now there arent just Touhou orchestral music that i have in totality. But I gotta begin somewhere. I'll be throwing updates for every batch of 10 songs I can find that would fit World of Warships. Following list is sorted out by what i personally imagine type of ships the songs would fit by. So far, here is the first list: DD, CA, BB DD, CA CA BB, CV DD, CV CA, BB, CV (Personal favourite, especially starting at the 1 minute marker) IJN DD, IJN BB (Warning, this one is abit quiet in the beginning, but thats just a intro, so dont turn your volume up more than you normally have it) IJN CA, IJN CV CA, BB DD, CA CA, BB BB Tell me in the comments below if any of them fancied your taste. And do post your own songs that you think would fit straight into a Naval Battle Game.
  4. Kameho

    Takao mission - Q&A

    This is nothing new. You have to remember wargaming is purposly neglecting the EU community. Why? Because we have the largest player base that pays the most. Thus they can neglect resources to support European community, and instead focus on new markets like NA and Asia. Also due to the game is a Belarussian based game. Wich has very close ties to russia, and very isolated country against other EU nations. Most belarussian companies actually do purposly neglect European market as it gains them favor towards the Russian marked. They couldn't care less other than squeezing money out of us. And they dont really care if they loose the European playerbase as they can instead focus on more pressing matters like the North American marked. Wich makes sence, as its far easier to get money out of americans than it is europeans. + EU is high maintanance due to many many language barriers and legal rules around europe. while USA has only 1 legal rule to abide to, thus making much easier to do buisness there than in EU.
  5. Theese Doubloon have been taxed fully according to EU laws and regulation on online trade.So nothing to worry about there
  6. Well regardless of everything. I'd like to thank everyone for their concernes, and giving me heads up and a warning. Much appreciated. as it shows people who do care. But I am going to obtain the nachi before xmas one way or another.
  7. I want the voice actor for nachi, as she's my favourite Japanese Voice actor that is out there.
  8. Flaming WG wont get you anywhere. And random battles can't get ruined. If this was Ranked battle, it would be something else. But random battles are nothing more but RNG and MM who wins and looses. And whats 1 loss on both sides gonna effect the game? its gonna go from 15 vs 15 to 14 vs 14. The effect is the same. Noones gonna even feel any gameplay difference. So i don't see the game getting ruined. rather than fact, its gonna be less frustrating, than having your kill stolen right infront of you by me. My plan is simple, get the RU kills as fast as possible, finish the mission and be done with it, and everything will go back to normal like its always been. The impact on this game is but a mere grain of salt in the ocean.
  9. all i want is the nachi and myoko and nothing else tbh.
  10. Well I see no other option in how to finish this mission. I cant use IRL money to Buy off the missions and finish them off. And I have 10 days before I have to leave for Xmas. And ill be unable to play the game. So this is the only way to get this mission complete within 10 days. So im pretty much left with no other options,.
  11. I have my ways on doing this. It requires some organisation and preperations. And it will require some time. But it is fully possible, or i wouldn't have posted this. Details will be given to those interested in taking the job
  12. Kameho

    Brit CL - failed concept, failed execution

    Makes me wonder. Have anyone here played Steel Ocean? How does british ship there compare to here?
  13. Kameho

    Brit CL - failed concept, failed execution

    All i can say. What can you expect? This game has 4 classes. And it cant do the simple job of Balancing 4 different classes. 2 out 4 classes are pretty much completely broken. What other game manage to mess up half of the classes they set out?
  14. would be if it werent the fact that my Win ratio has increased by 3%