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  1. A BB can repair the damage what he get from 2+ manually air dropped Torpedo Salvo? Am i totally noob then, cannot be other answer for this... Oh yes, yesterday i just killed this way. I cannot repair back from dead... Oh, the ANSWER, what i seek about the CV's! In real life the CV's rule the sea. That's why we don't see BB's, CA's, not even CL's in sea-battles.
  2. Your problem based about the tier difference, like it or not (you not like it, i understand, but the fact do not change because of that). That's an another thing, and yes, i think think the 2 Tier difference is way too much, yet we seen even 4 tier difference, imagine that... What we are discussing, is the difference between the way of the play against battery-based ships and aeroplane-carrier ships.
  3. Heee?!?!? You simple have no choice, but accept the fact, you have to endure a huge amount of damage from a player, who is probably sitting the other edge of the map, and the maximum what you can do is pray for your AAA to at least get 1 or 2 planes before they drop their torpedo's? If a CA, like a Cleveland shoot at you, he need to get inside your fire range, so you can counter with your battery. If you say basically the two is the same thing, perhaps one of us have wrong idea about the equality. In English: the CV's must have guaranteed damage, just because... just because... because they deserve it! The CV's a long range not-line-of-sight support class, if I'm not mistaken. This means they have to be got the lowest damage / battle. Yet, as i see, we are endure exactly the opposite...
  4. Perhaps you can enlighten us, how would you dodge 2+ manually dropped aerial torpedo salvos in a BB. The CV players have more XP, more kill and more damage in most statistic, than a BB, CL/CA or DD player. Coincidence?
  5. Personally i believe the WoT biggest mistake is putting the Arty into a "Counter-Strike game with Tanks" (that's how the WoT beginned). Without them the game still have a million broken part (balance, MM, you name it), but the game loose perhaps the most frustrating element. Actually for some reason WG love to put insanely overpowered vehicles into the game, for no real reason (like the Type-59, or the superhigh-Alfa TD's with autoloader, high-Tier Arty's), so perhaps they never learn... I believe the same error to put CV's into the same kind of "Counter-Strike game with Battleships/Cruisers/Destroyers". The Devs choose to not put the Submarines into the game, because they broke the game mechanism and hurt the game experience. What i do not know how they come out the idea, when in one side the SS hurt the game experience, then in the other side the CV do not. Why??? I cut my vein well before i install that game. Seen the pictures and videos, and just asking myself: why this game can be popular? Yet, i love the better part of Anime (GitS: SAC, above all), but it seems to be I'm immune this type of games...
  6. My bad. Yet, it's still a 'First blood', from a CV, against a DD... The main problem i believe is simple: the enemy do not had a Tier X. BB, not even a Tier VIII... We are awaiting for this... And again: i believe probably the best nerf is dismissing the manual torpedo release. If the torpedos dropped from longer range, the target have more time to react, and get more chance. I have different feelings about it. We seen the players attitude toward the "Super OP" classes / types. Most of them hate it, but many of them use it, because it's... OP, and give more chance to win. We seen it the WoT, we seen it the WoWp, se seen it the WT...
  7. Perhaps I'm too new in the WoWs, but in my limited experience the range of detection shows someone need to scout those smaller enemy (BB -> CA, CA -> DD), to this scenario begin to working. Even if the CA has longer range than the DD, the DD only show up ~6km (or so), so the CA inside the DD range too. Same on the BB -> CA, because the CA only show up around 12km, so the BB longer range cannot be utilized in this way (with spotting plane, it's a different story, i know)....
  8. Yepp, it's the other players error, what makes yourself in a carrier a much better win ratio? Deja Vu. In the WoT OBT, the arty players says their good stats not represent the OP arty's, it's represent the fact the new players do not know how to hide and take cover from arty. Simply: you cannot do those things without you are in the range of the enemy. But you can do it in a CV. I believe that's a very clear difference... The fact is in the "averages" a Tier IX. CV can be put into a battle against two tier lower enemy ships, and can do a massacre. Even one-hit-kill to a DD...
  9. The question is: and do we need to applaud this "best of best" scenario can occur? I have to point out Aerroon start this topic in the way he saying: The MM is absolutely okay, because he can turn the battle from a 'definitely losed one' to a 'decisive victory'. Oh, and he can do it with CV only. Perhaps i seen a different video, but in my view, i see a battle, where an very overpowered CV humiliate the lower tiered enemy. And that's exactly what the MM supposed to can't be let happen... Umm... nice, so a DD can be insta-killed with one torpedo by a TB (by a CV) at less than 2 minutes after the start of the battle? And that's okay for you?
  10. Yet the game balance is really a joke. There is no way to place a Tier IX. CV in one side, and absolutely no CV in the other side, especially, when the other side have only Tier VII. This is a very bad MM, none the less. Nice lie. You actually using an overpowered CV, against relatively weak AA capable enemy. You can never been surprised the fact that you got 10 kills, in such setup. The exact problem is how the heck can a guy score 10 kills?!? If all the other players are morons, perhaps, that's what you try to suggest. I visualize a different problem: there is cannot be a match, where someone can score 10 kill. Either from OP skill, or OP ship, doesn't matter. Exactly what is the real point of the video...
  11. Absolutely. Need some way of communication, and yea, the WoT have such things from the beginning. And need different type of chats. For example, there is NO division chat!!! I'm suprised, why this basic thing missing from the game. Seriously, the WoT have this well before the Open Beta Test. Actually the main problem is sooo many game modes can be placed inside the WoWs. Like defend the highes tier ship, for 15 minutes (like the Escort VIP in the good old Counter-Strike), or there is an attack and defending team, where the attack team need to reach for example a Port in the other end of the map. So on. But the domination mode (and actually most of the game modes) is simply circling around the "king of the hill" game mode. I know this is the WoT way, and if there are working, why not use in the WoWs too?