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  1. Dagon_NOR

    WoWs over WoT. Why, for you?

    It's north of where i live at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trondenes_Fort
  2. Dagon_NOR

    firing accuracy

    It gets easier to eyeball shots at rapid moving targets the more often you do it and the longer you drive the same ship with the same gun performance. I even quite often manage to hit a fast moving DD at 10-15km range with 1 or 2 BB shells. I never assume that others are cheating. I would always assume that they are good, i am bad or it is luck related and mostly it comes to bad decisionmaking on my behalf.
  3. Dagon_NOR

    RN CLs With New AP

    Well, i get the feeling, that they are trying to go for a HE spam ship but without the fire. If it works it will be fine with me, but if the surviveability is low they should have kept the smoke. I don't mind smoke, it gives the players a reason to rush. Sure it can lead to more camping, but my guess would be that the people would start rushing smoke if they experience that it helps to win and get more xp.
  4. Dagon_NOR

    Alternative to smoke - smoke curtain

    One would think that those that are quite vocal on the forum would have read about this future change.
  5. Dagon_NOR

    Alternative to smoke - smoke curtain

    Isn't there going to be spotting xp soon? When the spotting xp is a thing, this idea would actually be even more viable.
  6. Dagon_NOR

    Wg already have an integraded Aim assist?

    Sure it can be bothersome, but i get hit a lot allready, so i am not sure if it will get worse or if the people i meet are good enough without it. I guess only time will show if people are getting better at aiming after this becomes more widely known.
  7. Dagon_NOR

    Monthly Subscription

    Well, i wouldn't mind a subscription model if it would bypass more things than just buying premium time. I am one of the few that would rather pay 20€ a month and get all the stuff (premium ships, flags, converted xp and so on) instead of the free 2 play model that is more costly in the long run. Too bad (well, for me) that the internet decided against subscriber based games without micro transactions a couple of years ago.
  8. Dagon_NOR

    Wg already have an integraded Aim assist?

    Yeah, it's what Smeggo said. I'm not sure if it is a big deal.
  9. Dagon_NOR

    Culture of communication. Thanks and complaints

    Is it that difficult to hire someone for the EU branch that is fluent in russian, english and german? Such a person would at least be able to do the initial translation work when a new info shows up. There should be a couple of university graduates all over Europe with a major in russian that are looking for a job if its paid good enough.
  10. I wouldnt use the word stealing, but i have the feeling that one should be able to save more time if one pays good money. I do have enough time to play, but if i would be among those that can play 4-8 rounds a day max i would be annoyed by the pacing of the game despite paying for both premium and xp flags. The game progression is maybe too quick for people who play a lot, but even the fastest possible progression is way to slow for people that play a little and pay a lot. The game should never become pay2win, but the pay2progress factor could be increased by a lot to make the game more accessible for people with little sparetime.
  11. Dagon_NOR

    Why are CVs overperforming on EU only?

    Someone mentioned earlier the RNG for BB and how the CV have none. The best solution to increase the RNG for CV would be a stronger BB AA at tier 9 and 10. I just started playing the Essex and have played the Iowa and Montana (both with all AA upgrades and skills) and can tell you that even the Essex (and off course the Midway) will always be able to do a good torp-run on a lonely (or just lightly escorted) BB no matter what. If we assume that a good BB captain will do 1-2 cit hits per good salvo on a BB and that he has 30 sec reload, that would mean that (including time for refuel and flight time) a CV should probably do 6 - 8 torphits per run. Now we have to factor in that the CV can aproach all targets (more or less), while the BB might not be in a good spot for shooting at anything, so lets shave off some torp hits. So how about average 4-6 torp hits for a run with two US torp bomber squads? This could only be achieved generally if the single BB AA would get a serious buff. But that would mean that ships driving together would be untouchable for CV. You can see the dilemma that derives from that. Another solution would be a wider spread. But that would destroy a big part of the difference between the US and IJN CV line. Im not sure how to solve the issue without upsetting anybody, but if i had to do something i would start by increasing tier 9 and 10 BB AA with about 20% dmg for now and see how that would turn out. btw. i just recently started playing CV properly, but playing the Essex is realy putting the fun back in the game. The only thing that is somewhat annoying is to fend off the enemy CV. Would be much easier if the CV wouldn't attack each other all the time.
  12. Dagon_NOR

    The ideal fleet composition

  13. Dagon_NOR

    Did all the good players stop playing and why all the AFK players?

    That happens to me quite regularly. At least once a week the game crashes and takes too long to start again to join the battle. I rarely see "afk ships" I just assume they have the same issue as me.
  14. Dagon_NOR

    Stars only for average Exp and above in Ranked Battles

    well, that is true ;)
  15. Dagon_NOR

    Stars only for average Exp and above in Ranked Battles

    sure, that would be the case for some. But there are actually people out there teaming up with equaly good players.