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  1. yes, its new standard now...the deal is still good tho
  2. von_chom

    Birthday Gifts

    and get bugged out by wg, i would give it few weeks ;)
  3. von_chom

    Important message for the community

    and Khabarovsk is still crying in corner somewhere :/
  4. von_chom

    Italian battleships worth the grind?

    tier 8 ... the worst t8 ingame for me tier 9 ... starts to work tier 10 ... worth just for the look ! Its actually quite good
  5. it seems to be standard in wows legends....shame on you wg
  6. von_chom

    Missouri event and economics

    should here, should there, should everywhere... Do you really thing that somebody here believes for a second that WG will adjust it further if necessary ? Not to mention that it was nerfed before, and I do not care if directly or indirectly. It was nerfed, and 3% increase is a joke Bunch of liars, btw, where is unified WG account ? Are you keeping a close eye on this as well ?
  7. von_chom

    What we want from Wargaming

    that I surely agree with. But 20% would be more realistically
  8. von_chom

    What we want from Wargaming

    - 50% off ,you are joking, right ? - dockyards are ok now, look at it as a kind of season pass, pay or dont pay, both ways you will get something out of it
  9. von_chom

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    ST still nothing ?
  10. von_chom

    Diskuze k "Otázkám pro WG"

    aneb oboje naprosti nezvladnute ... schvalne jak dopadnou ponorky Presunuté z Otázok pre WG
  11. von_chom

    Otázky pro WG

    No prave, bohuzel si myslim, ze na to tvoji kolegove ale nemaji .... Pevnosti ? Year of CV ? atd atd
  12. no, ono je to klasiky ala WG : During the event, IX Missouri will appear in random bundles that can be obtained in exchange for Doubloons.
  13. von_chom

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    so no more occasional ranked for me, not bad after all