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  1. FeelMyGunNow

    DETONATION on German cruisers is tooo dam High

    Just want to warn all...dont go for German Cruiser line... engine dies just by spotting enemies and then ur a sitting duck or magazines blows up...completely waist of time until WG balance this line of criusers... atleast up to tier 6...havnt gone higher...otherwise the game is pretty good so far...
  2. FeelMyGunNow

    This MM is fail

    doesnt matter if I play good when 9 of 10 games opponents have a cv more or better and if its opposite the opponents have much better and more battleships...in wot u have a balance that gives u 50 % chance of winning...but here its more down to 40 % or less.... seen bbs hit dds at 15 km range whilst dds are turning like made.... and sunk them...been in situations where tier V cruiser killed a tier VII bb easy...lots can be blamed on players capability but the bad mm plays a great part... in wot arty havent sucha big part to play as cvs in wows...so wg should really ballance that part up...its boring to loose all the time because the enemies have the cv advantage....
  3. FeelMyGunNow

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    I agree with SHEPBUR...Better that things occure now so WG can prevent sucha things at game release..WoWs is just in test phase still ... thou some ppl seem to forget and scream obscenities to others ...guess we will never get rid of these type of ppl... Good Battles to You all...
  4. FeelMyGunNow

    Trouble with windowed mode play

    Hey major_stuen#8 Its really not my bussines...just curious...how do you manage playing and watching movies at the same time?
  5. FeelMyGunNow

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    We already have built in mods like better aiming...isnt that enough? Ban all external mods...if there should be mods WG should make them themselves...
  6. FeelMyGunNow

    Queue times, lag and packet loss

    Bananas it a very kind word
  7. FeelMyGunNow

    Iwaki Alpha

    Ahh good...its a bloody nice little ship
  8. FeelMyGunNow

    Iwaki Alpha

    Just a question...havnt found it in the forum...Are the Alpha testers due to keep this ship in obt ? And after Game release? Just curious... Thanks for a very good game...
  9. FeelMyGunNow

    Happy birthday!

    Respectable age I must say....