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  1. There's always a known time frame and a priority in development. Is the unification process actually even on a list at all? It is very easy to pin point how long something should take when it is actually planed to be worked on. From your comment I sense that it isn't even on above Low priority and wont come within 12 months (if we're lucky).
  2. How is that our problem? Based by the information given to us by Wargaming Free XP and Gold should be shared between titles. If they are trying to avoid making their players happy and squeezing the absolute maximum amount of money from us they should have made it perfectly clear from the beginning instead of lying.
  3. There was many players me included that fully expected it to be unified when the game is released. Not having it shared in the Beta when it wasn't for the other titles I totally understand.
  4. Do you hear that knocking? Thats WG wanting more money from you!
  5. So over on the NA forums theres something called a "Community Manager"(yeah never heard of it before) who confirmed that our Free XP and Doubloons wont be shared across the existing titles and WoWS. As a heavily invested WoT player I'm honestly pissed off that Wargaming isn't doing their all to fully unify WoWS with their existing titles. Why do they have to force existing players AWAY from their new game, it worked out great with it being shared between WoT and WoWP. I wouldn't have downloaded the game and tried it out for a couple of days if it wasn't for my Gold being shared between games. What's you guys opinions on the matter?
  6. Tobblish

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    I think the aiming mod is great because now you don't have to blame luck/rng when someone hits your citadel 15km+ away from you but the mod.
  7. Tobblish

    Have you enjoyed the Space battles?

    Been enjoying it a lot especially to have a nice set of ships to pick from. The map isn't garbage either so it have had a lot to do with it.
  8. Tobblish

    World of Warships - Space Editions

    Damn should have emptied up some slots, I only got the Cruiser as well. edit: relogging fixed it, got everyone added now.
  9. Tobblish

    Amagi reps cost to much

    As already stated this is normal WG tactic, everything above T7 will hit you hard in repair cost to force you to pay for premium. Fully agree that it should be tweaked so it doesn't hit you as hard but they will never change it.
  10. Tobblish

    What are your biggest issues with the game at the moment?

    Would love if it was possible to play T8 without premium a premium account... WoT all over again.
  11. Tobblish

    Would it be possible to get some piasters/slots?

    Would have liked it to be like the WoT one that you got some every day to spend, maybe an admin can add so if you ask nice enough.
  12. Tobblish

    Destroyers and Cruisers

    Heh I very much doubt we are going to see a lot of Battleships when every CV player learns to drop their torpedoes 150m next to you. Literally impossible to dodge. It isn't unreasonable that a BB should be able to drop you will a full salvo when you can drop the same ship by hitting your Torpedoes. Play to your strength boy!
  13. Tobblish

    Torpedos over powered?

    Never played in a Tier5+ BB against a above bad CV player I see. The better CV players let them even circle above you before dropping, completely countering the evasive action you took when spotting them...
  14. Tobblish

    Capturing mechanics

    I would rather have the option to end the game 10min early by capping than hunting the enemy team out thats hiding in a corner of the map. That being said the maps with 3 and even 4 capture points are straight out awful. Unless your whole team is the 0.000000001% of players that understand that you HAVE to steer your ships into a rough position to help capture a point(LOOKING AT YOU BB's!) the whole game revolves around your DD's getting to the Capture points and capping. Everything after that is BB's doing their normal thing circling around 15km out of the capture point regions. The best fun I've had is the map with a single capture point. It focuses the battle to surround a point creating GREAT action and fun. Team and enemy bases/capture point maps are ok. Please WG remove 3/4 point domination maps.
  15. Tobblish

    long range shooting advice

    Your guns aren't dead on 100% accurate at long distance, just keep on shooting until you hit.