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  1. would say its working as intended, the citadel on most ships sits below the water line, very few ships have it above the waterline so needs a slightly downward angle or all shells hitting the water line to get a citadel, at close range the shells have a flater arc so getting them to hit/ pen below the water line after penetrating the armor is a little bit more problematic.
  2. BigDov

    All the new cruiser nerfs

    in effect the haven't really effected the stats of the stats of the Murmansk, as the base values are still the same, ok the skills don't effect it any but the ship is still the same ship you bought. and at 15km its more than enough range at t5 tbh and the AFT i had on the captain didn;t make that much of a difference unless it swas early game and got a few lucky salvos in ot a spotted BB away in the distance.
  3. BigDov

    Necessary Atlanta upgrades

    Point 3 would prob be the more realistic as buffing the reward gain from AA kills will give carriers with a fighter load out something to actually reward them from protecting the fleet from bombers where as atm the fighter heavy carriers of the US may shoot down all the bombers/ T-bombers from an IJN carrier but gets nothing in return for it all because they did no damage to enemy ships, all the while if there IJN gets one lucky strike against the opposing team they get a decent - may not be much - reward so will be kinda killing 2 birds with one stone, or even give out a spotting bonus for spotting enemy ships like they do in WoT for the lights where if you are spotting an enemy ship for the team you get a % in reward for the damage that the team does to the target so long as you are the one doing the spotting?
  4. The above was the game =play in the video below, where you can kinda see the issues I have with HE( shooting the atago at the start), pretty sure most of the HE damage in the results screen came from firing blind at that destroyer, but after switching to AP which while is only 152mm still seems to work well even when hitting t8/9 BB's. Know its not the best gameplay, and did have a few derp moments but should give an idea of what the MK is like as there does seem to be a lack of MK gameplay videos about.
  5. BigDov

    Money maker?

    best bang for buck is the Murmansk hands down, may not make the high credit games of the t8 Atatgo/ MK or Tirpitz but its costs much much less to repair and rearm. As above stay away from the atlanta, its a cursed ship, its strength of its fast firing guns is also its weakness with them having a high arc and extremely slow shell velocity which is more frustrating than fun.
  6. BigDov

    Necessary Atlanta upgrades

    really its the shell arc/ speed that kills the Atlanta, as others have said you can't fight at range as even BB have enough time to evade your shells, and at close range your just a citadel away from death due to having no armor. To put it inot persepctive for those that may not have driven the atlanta or havn't relised, at max range( 13.4 with eft) the shells take near enough 14 seconds to travel that distance, not at the same time a salvo from say a fuso or new mexico at that distance takes only about 5-6 seconds to hit you, and i know which have a much easier time evading the shells.
  7. I would choose the atago atm, the MK isn't a bad ship, but it just doesn't have the versatility of the atago as the 155mm guns tends to be hit an miss yes they are accurate but dealign HE damage to large ships tends to be little lack luster, not sure if its a bug within the game as it doesn't just effect the MK but also other cruisers that fire HE around the 150-155mm caliber when firing on BB they can land a full salvo of 8+ shells and deal no damage where as the 200mm+ shells don't suffer from that and can reliably deal damage to all ships, and i've found just firign AP at ships tends to yield better results in the MK for some strange reason. Ok not the most accurate of games but gives you an idea of the damage of the guns vs ammo type, most of the damage from the ap was shooting at at the iowa's super structure, but even then was still avg more damage that i was firing HE previously.
  8. BigDov

    Warspite is the worst premium I have purchased from WG

    Isn't the Secondary type 1 and 2 HE and AP, since the Warspite has secondaries that fire exclusively fire HE where as ships like the Kongo/ Fuso only fire HE from the 127mm the 152mm secondaries fire AP.
  9. BigDov

    I'd like to see "Station Keeping" made an option

    could be a good idea when in divisions( may be better than when relying on the public) for escort cruisers, but instead of giving control to another player have it on some sort of autopilot where it will try and keep a set distance between the ship that you are escorting and try and mimic its movements to keep it in formation?
  10. BigDov

    Necessary Atlanta upgrades

    I would go with this, the Atlanta is an AA escort with rapid fire guns for dealing with destroyers up close that threaten the BB's, but as of late its rare to see 1 letalone any CV's in any games t5 and up, lower tiers you tend to see the langly and the IJN carrier a bit, but again its still rare, so the one thing that the atlanta is good at and excels at it can't do, the shell arc is an issue i will admit as leadign targets any any range above 7-8k tends to be a tad problematic, the guns however are accurate and tend to have a tight dispersion spread, so when up close they mostly all hit their targets, but its Achilles heel is just how long the shells stay in teh air making long range shooting an issue as more often than not you can have the 3 salvo;s in the air and the enemy ship has enough time to evade all shots hell they could possibly make a cup of coffee while the shells are in the air, the Cleveland kinda falls into the same issue as the atlanta with its slow shell velocity and long hang time just at a longer engagement range. The guns on the atlanta do tend to get knocked out quite frequently tho which is an other issue down to its lack of armor for a ship as big as the Atlanta, but get a DD close enough to the atlanta and it will chew it up with the rain of HE fire, but again at that tier unless you get the jump on the DD( unlikely) it just doesn't happen and your back in the port before you can say " oh crap a DD" as you've been spotted by the DD and the BB has just went right through your armor and got a few nice citadels, all the while you can't shoot back with your 11km range( 13.5 with AFT).
  11. YEah a DD that can't fire its torps unless its perfectly broadside with the ship its fighting against, GG WG GG. But in all seriousness what the hell is up with that torp arc? the launchers have nothing on the visual model that would physically stop a torp from being launched from there and its not exactly a wide ship( as wide as some DD with center mounded torp tubes) so in theory the arc should be a lot wider than it actually is.
  12. BigDov

    Where is the " Mikhail Kutuzov " Cruiser?

    played a few games with it, HE is next to useless with it, last game, will attach a screen grab of the screen was at T9 vs iowas and Baltimore and strangely enough near the end of the game when I switched to AP to take out a low health new Orleans cruiser i kept AP loaded when the iowa's came into view and actually did more consistent damage( 3-5k salvo's) with the AP compared to the 700-1500 salvo's from HE, need to play more games to see if its just a fluke but seems the AP has decent Pen for such a small caliber akin to the german AP survivablity seems to be on par with the other cruisers( well the atago at least( atago does have better guns when firing HE tho)
  13. BigDov

    Warspite is the worst premium I have purchased from WG

    can't say ive noticed any difference in taking damage, hull still seems to be able to bounce Fuso shells unless am being retarded and giving him full broadside. Going to need to grind the Warspite, dying to see what the long 7.2Km secondaries are like , needing the money to buy the New Mexico and Aoba anyways
  14. BigDov

    Warspite is the worst premium I have purchased from WG

    I'll give it a go with the rudder shift, kinda had to respec my captian(s) on most of the BB's due to the torp changes so that they could spot the torps sooner as had a few games where the trops were right on you before they even got spotted by that point it was too late, and seen a few BB's fall fowl while playing the Fujin of either not spotting the torps till it was too late or just having no peripheral vision. The rolls could just be a placebo effect of a new patch and what not, but do seem to get less over pen rolls on BB, but only time will tell. Burnign still feels the same in the warspite, some games you'll burn with every HE shell that hits the deck, others you'll just shrug them off.
  15. BigDov

    Warspite is the worst premium I have purchased from WG

    I gave the little set up a go for a few games( not got the higher rudder shift as went for the repair one might give it a try later tho), and got to say I see what you mean about the secondaries, those 102's are like little auto cannons going off, never seen the little grem sneak up on me( really didn't have to could have just fired the torps at range I would have been none the wiser to his presence), but he came into secondary range and well that was that, no more grem after a short while, did have the accuracy mod in there tobegin with as felt the guns were lacking sometimes especially with the horizontal spread, but think i'll have to stick with the above ofr the time being just need to get my capt level'd to get the advanced firing training Dunno if WG have secretly fiddle with the pen mechanics again but seem to be having more success at getting high damage rolls, besides the usial citadel pens, but ive not just noticed it on here but on most of the BB's and unless your angled in your BB you get punished a hell of a lot more than you did in 0.5.1 or maybe it just seems that way.