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    Alpha Tester Reward

    you needed to play a fair few alpha tests to qualify, if you aint got it now you aint getting it sadly.
  2. STARSBarry

    If you want a laugh go read US forum :)

    I am actually disgusted by this thread on so many levels, mainly about the negative comments made to the USA playerbase but also the outright and plain ignorance in the posts saying "well they paid 1$ and do not deserve a ship". That last point is a main issue and an issue that people do not understand the importance of and that is consumer rights, rights that people believe it or not are entitled to and is the reason that capitalism as a whole works, the 3rd post in the linked american thread should be evidence enough, a promise was made, multiple times at multiple points and then the company decided UH OH nope we will backtrack on this and if you disagree well suck it up. Should anyone have to put up with that? No, does it matter if they are American? No, does the value of the item change this? now this last point is especially important because the item that wargaming where attempting to remove is digital, meaning that once it is made they can clone and sell this an infinite number of times for NO COST WHAT SO EVER! The only possible cost is the loss in "potential" sales of this ship to the people who bought the bundle, this is not only stupid but the attempt to take this away shows an utter contempt and disregard for there customers on a whole, the only good thing they did is cave in but only after the gaming media snagged on the story. this is not the first time wargaming has been mean spirited and it will not be the last, people advocating that wargaming are in the right on this and that the Americans are mouth breathing morons who deserve nothing need to sit down and think about this hard, I applaud wargaming for finally seeing sense and giving the humble bundle buyers the product AS ADVERTISED now they just need to give them the port slots and gold and it will actually be ok. however I am still disappointed that they even attempted this move in the first place but not surprised, and that is something the company needs to sit down and think about fixing very soon as more and more rivals pop up in there genre.
  3. STARSBarry

    Battling frustration as a CV player!.

    the problem is.... win or lose you will get far far more EXP if you land hits, why protect a carrier when you could be shelling some ship and getting far more EXP on a loss than just shooting down a few planes and winning the match, unless your playing in a group and your communicating with people you know I don't think you will naturally find the general public wanting to play baby sitter.
  4. I KNEW IT there was something that felt off, I just thought I was doing something wrong and was getting punished for it despite doing what I had been doing all along, I just assumed I was coming up against better opponents more regularly as there was no longer a trickle since the flood gates had opened. Turns out there has been some major changes under the hood, that while the game is still fun, I am 100% sure I am having less fun ALL THE TIME! perhaps they should revert the changes and see what people comment about it. Also no more than 1 carrier per group? I have never played a carrier, but I never had problems with full carrier groups, if I was in my cruiser I was like (woot free exp) I guess this was a BB player problem...
  5. STARSBarry

    high tier destroyers: USN vs IJN - am I missing something?

    have played bother american and Japanese destroyers to tier 8, and yes at that tier I would say the Americans are vastly superior, yes they get one less torp spread on tier 8 and 10 but they get more torps over all in those tiers bar 10 where Japanese get 15 and yanks get 10, however there gun utility more than makes up for it imagine you do a perfect torp spread on a Japanese battleship, its left with 500 health, Americans can easily finish it off without any help at all using there superior guns, Japanese its almost impossible, most the time your speed outruns your turret traverse your guns are always playing catch up and never firing, and the reload is awful when they do. the other thing as well is US destroyers are good destroyer hunters themselves, you know what to look for when you play a destoyer so most the time you will dodge enemy torp spreads, this brings it down to guns... and america wins this war with amazing ease, the lowest tier destroyers are more fun on the Japanese tree, but if you want to play it high tier... USA all the way.
  6. STARSBarry

    German technology tree

    wait what.... Russia before Germany? Damn I was hoping to have some good old Hood vs Bismarck battles. Oh well...