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  1. P4nther

    Turret Bug

    Ok, you was better getting both turrets shoot in own [edited]. So its rare and different kind, becouse i got only third turret. And didn't get eny damage for a while when it happened. Random traverse chances, while zoom and looking around? Have to look up if its gona happen again.
  2. P4nther

    Turret Bug

    Hey Today New Mexico's third turret had enough from turning all around and started taking shortcut. Eny known bug, on other ship's or just New Mexicos problem? Really don't know what started it, was normally zooming in and out, looking around and then it gone wild.
  3. P4nther

    Fighters gone wild bug

    Not sure if this is known bug, but didn't find eny topics of it so few times have seen that when fighters attack enemy and then start going weird pleaces while combat. Like under surface.. got video from last time
  4. Ok it's nice idea to try make ppl spread to different tiers, and if u fail, it cost you some.. but if make average game, win but still destroyed, you still lose.. What is point of all gaming? have fun? This only makes sad and forces ppl to camp and runaway, and THEN team just hates your playstyle what is forced to do. Made me so sad to see what was the point of getting tier 10. I wanted to test and play top tier for most, and now its totally impossible. I made good profit up till tier 8 but tier 10 is insane.
  5. P4nther

    Few suggestion

    Ofc controlling every single turret is impossible, and waist of time ingame. Point was to make them in 2 sections. its a bit disspoint for me if its stays like that
  6. P4nther

    Few suggestion

    I know that 1 by 1 shooting, but i meaned more like fire all fornt gun at same time at first target, then rear guns to other at same time. and it stars shooting from front guns, some cases u are just about to go behind island, and u need just to shoot rear guns, becouse front ones are just hitting innocent island
  7. P4nther

    Few suggestion

    Here are some suggestions after week of testing. First is that there is no chance zoom to look other targets, when u are holding your guns at other target/spot. I mostly like to watch is there better target comming behind islands, or they are spotted somewere else, but can't zoom and look how far they are. Will there be option to choose between main batteries which ones shoot and not? ( not every gun ofc, but like from middle to cut it to make 2 batteries section to choose, Front and rear) I don't like to waist full salvo to target, which could be destoyed by front turrets, when theres other targest to shoot rest of your batteries. Few bugs, if some others can confirm, that moustly sound missing bug came, when i was on desktop and it was looking for battle at sametime. It started the game while still minimized, and when i pop it up again, some sounds were missing. Few times there was some random graphic bugs too. And that when shooting in zoomed mode, After u zoom back to around ship, the gunfire smokes will came that moment when u zoom out. Not when u shoot. Thats priceless
  8. P4nther

    Do too many games end in Draws ?

    Yes, Would be good. But not too small, becouse Battleships needs some space to turn when capping.
  9. P4nther

    Do too many games end in Draws ?

    I agree. More match time is needed, like 25-30 mins depends on mission. And Capping should take way more time when both teams have own base to def, and that 1 point missions too.