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  1. Hey there. Nice campaign, but there is one small problem. You can't like the videos. That option was deactivated. Update: It has been fixed now. :)
  2. A Happy New Year and Best Wishes to everyone! :)
  3. You have to copy the "Install_patch_fix_for_0.8.11" folder, not the first one that was unzipped. Also, turn off your game and Wargaming Game Center app then apply patch.
  4. Schultz

    The Captain's Logbook

    Yeah! The good ol' days. Now I'm having fun with Derzki, a tier 3 destroyer with 10 torpedoes and 22 seconds reload time. :))
  5. Schultz

    The Captain's Logbook

    Well, the Iwaki Alpha was given to Alpha Testers and Arkansas to Beta testers. On the other hand Kitakami was taken out of the game a while back because it was affecting the balance of a match. It was like a boatload of torpedo tubes strapped to a hull. :))
  6. Schultz

    The Captain's Logbook

    Nice idea with the trophy case way of displaying it and naming Captain's 🪓book.
  7. Schultz

    Art representations of warships

    I hereby reinstate this old veteran topic from the good times back in order. Start posting pictures or I'll make you walk the plank on the HMS TOG II.
  8. Well I'm not saying that dogs are running around with pretzels on their tails (Romanian saying), but as Blue_Bug put it, they have listened to us and implemented changes if it was the case.
  9. So, I was present at the Wargaming Grand Finals event (my first one) and you really have no idea how happy I was to hear that there will be some World of Warships eSports demo matches. I really didn't care who won or lost. I was proud of both of the teams that they were the first to introduce the game into the eSports scene. I was also proud of Oliver and Ryan! They did a good job, even with above the mentioned "impediments". While my feet were very sore for standing too much, I still stood in front of the stage and watched all the matches, clapped, took pictures and a small video. You know why I was so happy? Because I managed to see the results of years of contributions from testers, supertesters, normal users into that single game. This is a result of pure passion. I felt like a little bit of me was there in the game and on the stage. I think words aren't enough to describe passion and feelings. Also, we have to take into account that the WoWs dev + community team listened to us. Yeah, I know, not everything is perfect. Rome wasn't built in one day, but I strongly think that if we continue with the same passion we will have a nice "Rome". Pictures (they are halfway down): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1039031186167123.1073741955.183077721762478&type=3
  10. Everyone from Gamescom is like "Gib Torpitz now!!!"

    1. Deamon93


      Time to make a parody of Don't stop me now :D

  11. Schultz

    [Video Trailer] Update 0.4.1 - Coming Soon™

    Oh it seems somebody did really play SIlent Hunter 3 like me hehehehe.
  12. Schultz

    [Video Trailer] Update 0.4.1 - Coming Soon™

    I really like the cinematic camera when the torpedo is fired!
  13. Schultz

    [Video Trailer] Update 0.4.1 - Coming Soon™

    That's why I have emergency dive option and I can avoid shells and depth charges.
  14. Schultz

    [Video Trailer] Update 0.4.1 - Coming Soon™

    Well I have a snorkel. No need to surface.
  15. Schultz

    [Video Trailer] Update 0.4.1 - Coming Soon™

    Yeah it's really great! You're not the only one with a submarine! Type VIIC FTW!