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    I'm a freelance 3D modeller working in the film industry as well as some game-mods at the moment.
    In my spare time I enjoy playing games, not only WoT but also Rise of Flight, War Thunder, Skyrim etc.

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  1. Oh nice this thread is still going strong, well done guys :) Cobra 6
  2. The fact that carriers can send 2-3 squads to one target at once guaranteeing a massive amount of damage makes them OP. AA should be a lot more accurate, especially in lower tiers. Cobra 6
  3. I have no trouble hitting any ship when driving a Cruiser or Destroyer at any range. My lead is very solid and I usually hit with the second ranging shot. My aiming is not the problem. However, the guns of my battleship (Japanese T5-) fly all over the place even when at close range, literally conical flight directions compared to the point of aim. It's completely effed up and one of the reasons why I dislike driving battleships. You already have a very long reload and if the guns then also decide to not hit at close range, because reasons, then I just don't know. Edit: Look what I found in the 0.4.1. patchnotes: The precision of Battleship’s primary guns has been considerably increased at a range of up to three kilometres. Clearly it's not my aiming that is the problem with BB guns beeing idiotically inaccurate at closer ranges. Cobra 6
  4. Cobra6

    The tirpitz iz beautifull.... Ja wohl!

    Yes and no, also because we've proven to be reliable testers.
  5. Cobra6

    Get rid of doubloons, give us gold

    Very simple: Wargaming still has the *MASSIVE FAIL* in mind that was World of Warplanes. In that game gold was linked to WoT and this the income for that specific game was next to nothing. It sucked so incredibly hard it's a miracle that the earth didn't implode when it was launched. Now with WoWS they want to be sure that people spend money on this game specifically first before linking up the gold. They could have linked it up long ago but they deliberately didn't. This means they want to make sure their product earns them money first. Can't really blame them, it's an effective tactic albeit a very cheap trick. Just wait 2-6 months and it will be linked. Cobra 6
  6. If you're lucky enough that the game decides that your BB guns actually hit the target, even at closer ranges. Pretty common that even at 2-4km your guns will shoot all over the place and not where your actual aiming reticle is. Cobra 6
  7. Cobra6

    The tirpitz iz beautifull.... Ja wohl!

    Why don't they just give all Alpha testers access to these ships to test them? The more info they get on it in regular gameplay, the easier it becomes to tweak and balance. Cobra 6
  8. Cobra6

    Serial (Team) Killer

    Glorious effective admins at work. You'd guess that somewhere along the line it would be picked up that this prune only shoots team mates all the time. Surely someone would just use their brains and ban him...... Or did he buy a premium ship? In that case all that will happen is that in the worst case scenario his account will be wiped because you don't get a perma-ban if you pay enough money. Cobra 6
  9. Quake_EU if I remember the spelling correctly, he said hi to me and we had a nice little chat. Then someone in our team told us to STFU because this was no "X-chat", whatever that may be.... Such friendly, much wow! Cobra 6
  10. Cobra6

    doubloons = gold?

    As far away as possible so that people have to buy gold for this game separately if they want to spend any. Guess it's a safety mechanic because they still have the massive steaming pile of mud in mind that was World of Warplanes. Cobra 6
  11. Cobra6

    What is clan wars going look like ?

    I don't think it will be as big as in WoT, the game is too slow paced for that and the matches take too long. Clans would be cool though, just link the WoT clans to WoWs. Cobra 6
  12. Cobra6

    Aoba...A Giant, Slow, Flammable, Fragile [edited]?

    Yeah can't say I liked it much when I played it, it seems to suffer from the "Zero" complex indeed that it catches fire as soon as it's hit. Maybe it also has no self sealing fuel tanks? xD Cobra 6
  13. The only problem with the matchmaker now is that it's still struggling to balance out the tiers correctly in a sense of ship balance. Having one team that has BB's 1 tier higher than the others is a massive advantage, especially in lower tier battles. Cobra 6
  14. That is why I've spent quite a lot of money on WoT, sure it's a game but it's been providing me with fun for the last 5 years. Can't say many other games do that. Cobra 6
  15. Cobra6

    [Basics] AA mechanics

    Good read