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    I'm a freelance 3D modeller working in the film industry as well as some game-mods at the moment.
    In my spare time I enjoy playing games, not only WoT but also Rise of Flight, War Thunder, Skyrim etc.

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  1. Since this thread is so popular on the WoT EU forums and there are more and more testers joining who are not actively on the forums it might be time to start this one up here as well. I'll start off: Was in a battle with Jingles (the one and only) tonight, he was in his Kuma and I was in my Phoenix. We had a pretty intense engagement with the enemy on the right flank after which I was severely crippled and Jingles unfortunately sunk. One enemy was raging in the chat and got reported to support by Jingles with screenshots which kicked off a nice discussion (truly) between both teams in the chat. Unfortunately the match ended pretty quickly. Haven't seen Jingles in WoT in all the time that I've been playing so it was nice running into him. Cobra 6