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  1. Piratesque

    do jap torpedo boats do anything useful?

    As being mainly a jap DD cap I notice that not many players will actively support jap DDs, perhaps because of threads like this were everyone likes to bash this particular line of ships. I got hooked on the shima because its probably the hardest ship ingame to master. Turns like a school bus that only have one wheel left and is stuck in the mud. Accelerates like a snail frozen to the ground and has torpedoes decorated with disco balls announcing their launch through a gap in the time continuum several years prior. The guns fires pink fluffy dreams while the ship itself is being more squishy than a ripe pimple on some teenagers butt. Yet, its a fun ship if you like a challenge and as mentioned it usually gets near zero support because everyone is keeping their eyes, and probably misguided hopes, pinned on that Gearing buddy who eats the match first torpedo salvo from the enemy team. Meanwhile I lit up enemy DDs and NO ONE is firing at it ... because "its a worthless jap DD spotting the enemy". Not always but often!
  2. Piratesque

    Misbehavior in Chat.

    Some players just want to whine and blame their misfortune on others. Some wish they were admirals/commanders in real life and likes to act like it in chat declaring over and over how much they will report you for not following their wonky whims.
  3. Piratesque

    What about a concede vote?

    Ive been in battles where it looked like a certain loss and those were turned around and won despite team mates calling for sucide runs so that they can use their ship asap in another battle. In other games where you got the concede vote option there is always a troll or two who will spam the hell out of it. If WG ever, hope not, would add such a button then I also hope they make it so that those who vote concede lose all their XP and Credits from that particular battle.
  4. Piratesque

    Reduce the amount of DD's per game

    Heh, Ive sunk many many a ship whos captain kept sailing straigth at a constant speed despite inbound torps.
  5. Piratesque

    Okhotnik in the premium shop

    Had to get this even if I wont be playing it immediatly since I enjoy my Akatsuki too much atm.
  6. Piratesque

    Reported for no reason

    Its situational ... suspected bots always get a report from me as I imagine others do report those as well racking up the level so that perhaps WG will investigate. I think I've only reported someone twice for disturbing the battle chat but those two dudes were acting completely nuts in the battle chat. One of those reports was actually submitted day before yesterday when an Atago charged the enemy straight on and died first ... he kept ranting for well over 5-6 minutes nonstop about no one following him and supporting him and how he would kill everyone if he ever met them in real life, how he was connected with WG and he would at least ban everyone present and then sue us bla bla. First couple minutes was hilarious (because it was so totally nuts, not because it was actull comic stuff) but then it just became tedious and at the end I were glad that we won the match rather quickly.
  7. Ive broadsided another DD with my torps cause I got tunnel vision and missed checking my SA. He came from the right and just as I released my torps he passed by just enough for the torps to arm themselves ... the punishment for my carelessness was a bit too lenient in my opinion. It should have cost me way more XP and cash than what it did cause I did ruin his gameplay and he ended up last while I continued playing racking up a lot more XP, imho.
  8. Piratesque


    Opened a total of 65 containers, 5 of those have been super containers: Flags Warspite + 10p Commander 3 various special modules
  9. Means you shouldnt be a stranger to testing things out.
  10. Piratesque

    Limited number of DD's in a battle

    When it gets troublesome is not the number of DDs but what type you face. Sometimes, maybe once every 10th battle, I am alone in my IJN DD against a US and Russian gunboat ... that is when the battle seem a bit skewed. Not if your side has 3 and the other 4 DDs as long as the mix between gun- and torp-boats is fairly even.
  11. Piratesque

    Limited number of DD's in a battle

    Asch, just sink the enemy DDs and problem is solved. We faced 5 of em lil buzzers and I managed to sink all in my Kamikaze, plus a Cruiser but he was collateral damage as they say.
  12. What kind of answer is this ... from a beta tester? If its broken either fix it or remove it, it just aggrevates players having to close the whole game. It also flashes with the WG symbol indicating new ingame features, it really wants to be clicked. To me it looks more like they missed this during their own testing.
  13. Nope Esc key doesnt work at all and the Ok button only gives me this: Clicking the Ok button again does nothing on this screen, all I can do is switch between this and the prior screen I posted. I tried all F-keys and combinations with Alt and Shift as in some games that is what is required.
  14. I have no back/return button nor any top menu after clicking 'My Teams'. Been clicking everywhere in case it would be a graphical glitch but nope, not able to get out of this screen without closing down the game completely.
  15. Piratesque

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    Likewise, trying old or updated new password with no success.