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  1. Rey_Plebatine

    Impossible to enter the game

    I am having the same problem with infinite logging in, and i did twice the repair client
  2. Rey_Plebatine

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    Would like to get involved in this lottery
  3. Rey_Plebatine

    moar clan brawls plz

    Yes please this was alot of fun in a long time.
  4. Rey_Plebatine

    Bring Back Chickor..

    Chikor is the greatest guy please keep him banned for the sake of his mental health
  5. Rey_Plebatine


    When you are in hard and unpleasant time, may the force be with you WoWs_chikor
  6. Rey_Plebatine

    Wait, I'm a supertester now?

    Reported, ships will be removed soon o7
  7. Hey guys FTD and Zgicc I am looking for a clan and ill try to give it a shot with OMNI if is possible stats if needed :http://warshipstats.com/eu/player/Blitzzz